Mitch McConnell challenges Alison Lundergan Grimes to three debates

McConnellGrimesBy Sam Youngman

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, fresh off his primary win against challenger Matt Bevin, is challenging Democratic nominee Alison Lundergan Grimes to three debates.

In a letter signed by McConnell, which the Herald-Leader obtained Wednesday morning and the McConnell campaign confirmed would be sent to Grimes, Kentucky’s senior senator congratulated his Democratic opponent on winning her party’s nomination and challenged her to a series of debates.

“In order to present our views fairly and without interpretation by traditional media filters, I believe we should participate in three traditional Lincoln-Douglas style debates moderated only by a single timekeeper/moderator,” McConnell wrote. “By conducting these debates without an audience, without props and without notes, it will allow for an unvarnished exchange of views for Kentuckians to evaluate.”

Referencing a recent edition of the Herald-Leader, McConnell wrote that the newspaper’s editorial board suggested that “May 21 would not be too early for us to find time to debate, and I agree.”

“I believe that in order to present our views before Kentuckians are inundated with advertising, we should agree to hold the first of these three debates before the Fourth of July,” McConnell wrote. “This will allow for our first real exchange of ideas a full calendar year after you announced your candidacy.”

McConnell suggested a second debate before the annual Fancy Farm political picnic in early August and a third around Labor Day.

Grimes appeared willing, if not eager, to debate McConnell during an interview Monday on her campaign bus.

“When it comes to debating, it probably will be Mitch McConnell that will be the ‘empty dress’ and won’t show up on the other side,” she said.

Grimes, referencing a remark made about her by a National Republican Senatorial Committee staffer last year, kicked off the general election in her own way Wednesday, releasing a new ad.

The ad, entitled “A Moment,” features Grimes talking directly to voters. She hints at her campaign’s message strategy of painting McConnell as “Senator Gridlock,” along with the defense she will need to play to keep from being tied to President Barack Obama’s unpopularity.

“I’m running because I believe we need a senator who puts partisanship aside … and works with both Democrats and Republicans to do what’s right for Kentucky and for our country,” Grimes said. “And no matter who the president is, I won’t answer to them. I’ll only answer to you.”

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  1. CoolerKing says:

    So Mudslinging Mitch is calling for “a spirited and respectful contest.” Who does he think he’s kidding? Everyone knows that Mitch will be running a completely negative campaign. It’s all he knows how to do. Just ask Matt Bevin —

  2. ralph+emerson says:

    She is eager because she needs the credibility being on stage with McConnell will bring.

    She does not need the thrashing he is going to give her.

  3. Buck Feshear says:

    He will chew her up and spit her out. He will expose her as the intellectual lightweight empty skirt that she is.

  4. CoolerKing says:

    Mitch will distort, smear, lie, and throw mud. He’ll do everything but run an honest campaign. For crying out loud, Mitch’s lies have already begun:

  5. diesel saat says:

    Bu haber gerçekten çok başarılı gelişmeleri merakla yakından takip ediyorum.

  6. ralph+emerson says:

    Typical liberal response.

    Criticize but don’t commit.

    Or maybe she just doesn’t know anything about it.

    Either way, bad position for someone who wants to be a Senator.

  7. Darin Scherer says:

    Mitch votes against vets bills causing 22 a day to commit suicide and you still support him? That is called being a traitor. Either you support Mitch or the troops and veterans. You cannot do both.

  8. Buck Feshear says:

    OK, Darin, that might be true if there wasn’t some sort of Harry Reid-inserted poison pill in each of those bills. McConnell would vote for a clean bill. So Dirty Harry is your traitor. Go choke on that.

  9. Cindy Clark says:

    Ha! McConnell is so transparent and predictable. McConnell is scared to DEATH to face questions from actual voters so he hides behind a debate style (Lincoln Douglas) that prohibits voters from asking McConnell questions.
    Here’s a quick list of debate questions McConnell is scared to DEATH to answer:

    Mitch, Why did you vote AGAINST the Anti-Rape Amendment that protect female workers?

    Mitch, In December 2013, Why did YOU vote TO CUT Veteran’s Benefits?

    Mitch, Why did YOU vote AGAINST Expanded Veterans Federal Healthcare and Education programs?

    Mitch, Why did YOU vote AGAINST Wounded Veteran Job Security Act?

    Mitch, Why did YOU vote AGAINST Veterans Retraining Act?

    Mitch, Why did YOU vote AGAINST Veterans Business Center Act?

    Mitch, Why did YOU vote AGAINST Veterans Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship Act?

    Mitch, Why did YOU vote AGAINST Funding the VA which has led to Veteran’s dying?

    Mitch, Why did YOU vote AGAINST Equal Pay for Women?

    Mitch Why did YOU vote AGAINST “Anti-Outsourcing Bill” which would have brought Jobs BACK TO America?

    Mitch, your voting record shows you loathe Veterans and you loathe women … so WHY do you think Kentucky should give you the time of day … let alone give you another 6 long years in the US Senate?