Barr challenger runs radio ad praising health care law

April 14, 2014 | | Comments 1

Democrat Elisabeth Jensen of Lexington

Democrat Elisabeth Jensen of Lexington

By Sam Youngman

Democratic congressional candidate Elisabeth Jensen embraces the federal health care law pushed by President Barack Obama and Gov. Steve Beshear in her campaign’s first radio ad.

Jensen, who is the likely Democratic nominee to challenge Republican U.S. Rep. Andy Barr, released an ad Monday morning that praises Beshear for implementing a Kentucky version of the health care law and blasts Barr and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for threatening to repeal it.

“Thanks to Gov. Beshear, Kentucky Kynect provides health care to Kentuckians who had no insurance,” Jensen says in the ad. “But Barr, along with Mitch McConnell, voted to end Kynect and let insurance companies drop coverage, deny care and charge women more.”

The ad notes that Barr has voted to repeal the controversial health care law 19 times and charges that the congressman has taken $148,000 in contributions from insurance companies.

“I often say Kentucky moms like me get more done by noon than Congress gets done in a week,” Jensen says in the ad. “So when I learned Congressman Andy Barr voted 19 times to repeal health care reform, I was disappointed.”

Kentucky officials said last week that enrollment was surging in the state in the lead-up to the self-imposed sign-up deadline of Friday night.

As of Friday, officials said more than 400,000 people had signed up, with the majority of participants joining Medicaid as part of an expansion of the program ordered by Beshear.

Jensen’s campaign did not disclose how much money it was spending on the ad, which is scheduled to start running in Central Kentucky starting Tuesday.

In the Democratic primary, Jensen faces retired Lexington engineer Geoff Young, a former Green Party member. Young said earlier this month that he has loaned his campaign $50,000.

Click here to listen to the ad.

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  1. Geoff+Young says:

    As Andy Barr’s other Democratic opponent – the one who will crush him in November if 6th District Democrats choose me in the primary on May 20th – I would have said something very different than what Ms. Jensen said in her ad.

    1. Barr wasted no time in jumping right onto John Boehner’s House Republican clown bus that voted to repeal the ACA about 50 times. Even a small child would’ve realized after 4 or 5 attempts that maybe they ought to try some other strategy.

    2. Childish, time-wasting, partisan antics like that are the major reason Americans hold Congress in so much pure CONTEMPT.

    3. Here’s Boehner’s and Paul Ryan’s and Andy Barr’s vision for the future of health care in America: whole families waiting in corridors outside hospital emergency rooms, helplessly watching their loved ones bleed to death in front of their eyes because all the operating tables are in use. I’m not “disappointed,” as my Democratic colleague says in her ad – I’m filled with rage and actual physical disgust at the viciousness of today’s Republican Party. Barr, the clown, the guy acting as if he’s a responsible member of Congress, has got to go.