Obama says UK-Michigan ‘as good of a game as we’ve seen the entire season’

April 02, 2014 | | Comments 1

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

By Sam Youngman

President Barack Obama told an Ann Arbor, Michigan crowd Wednesday that the Kentucky Wildcats’ defeat of the Michigan Wolverines in the Elite Eight Sunday was “as good of a game as we’ve seen the entire season.”

Visiting Michigan to rally support for raising the minimum wage, Obama directed some of his opening remarks to the Wolverines, praising their season and the dramatic battle they lost to the Cats.

The president, who has long endured abysmal approval numbers in the Bluegrass, called out a number of Michigan players by name, but not surprisingly, did not mention any Kentucky players.

“You guys had a great run,” Obama said. “That last game was as good of a game as we’ve seen the entire season. I know you wish that that turned out a little bit later — if you’d had five more seconds, it would have been helpful. But I wanted to congratulate the coach, Coach Beilein, and the team for a great season.”

Obama predicted in his brackets that Wichita State would beat Kentucky. The Cats prevailed in that game 78-76.

Obama joked in his remarks that his “bracket is a mess.”

“I’ve learned my lesson — I will not pick against the Wolverines,” Obama said. “It’s not going to happen. This is the problem with doing these brackets — people just trash-talk you non-stop. It’s terrible.”

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  1. CoolerKing says:

    How come we never hear “Slanted Sam” Youngman criticize Mitch McConnell’s “abysmal approval numbers”? After all, fewer Kentuckians approve of Mitch’s job performance than of President Obama’s. (Source: )