Ashley Judd says she has no regrets about staying out of Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race

January 30, 2014 | | Comments 2
Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd

By Sam Youngman

Actress and Kentucky native Ashley Judd said Thursday she had no second thoughts about her decision against challenging Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race this year.

“At this time, absolutely not,” Judd told Politico Thursday. “And I’m grateful for that because life is not always so tidy. I didn’t understand why at first because it was a very below-the-neck experience, it was very guttural. I didn’t have an explanation at first but then my life became very clear in terms of my need and desire right now to spend a lot of time with family.”

Judd was in the crowd when President Barack Obama spoke in Nashville Thursday along with former Vice President Al Gore.

“I’m here because it is always a privilege to hear the president of the United States speak,” Judd said. “I came as an American and as a fan.”

The actress flirted with a Senate run but announced by Twitter in March that she had decided against it.

Judd said Thursday she did not regret the decision.

“I’m spared the second guessing,” Judd said. “It’s a family time right now.”

Judd met with the president before his remarks for a little “privileged chit-chat.”

“We talked about the first lady’s 50th birthday party, and how fantastic it is just to boogie,” Judd said. “And the tribute he made to his wife was incredibly loving as well as deeply touching.”

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  1. Hannah says:

    Ah, Ms. Judd with her big words that she doesn’t understand. Guttural doesn’t mean “from the gut” – it means “from the THROAT.” She should have said “visceral” – but she probably doesn’t know that word either.

  2. Buck+Feshear says:

    I have no regrets about this crackpot loony libtard moving back to Kentucky, where she hasn’t lived in years, to run for Senate. What is it that makes people like her and George Clooney abandon Kentucky values when they get rich and famous?

    Besides, if she moved back to Kentucky, she’d have to pay state income tax. She doesn’t have to do that in Tennessee.