Kentucky Republicans react to Andy Barr’s win

November 06, 2012 | | Comments 1

Here are some reactions to Andy Barr’s win in the 6th District congressional race over incumbent Ben Chandler.

State Rep. Stan Lee, 45th Dist.

“I’m excited for this district. I’m excited for Andy. He’s worked hard for four years. Representative Chandler has served long enough, and the people made a clear decision. It wasn’t even close this time.

“I think, as much as anything, it’s a repudiation of the president and the president’s policies. Rep. Chandler agreed with the president way too much and the people here didn’t care for it. That’s the bottom line.”

Asked what keys to Barr’s victory were, Lee said, “He worked hard, and I know some people will find this hard to believe, but he ran a more positive campaign. Andy embraced the energy issue, which was very important.”

Former Kentucky GOP chairman John McCarthy.

“Andy has been a true champion of the conservative cause, helping to educate this district that it’s about jobs and things that are important to Kentucky. People didn’t think coal was that important to Kentucky, and this district, but obviously it is, because it’s about jobs and the economy.

“Congressman Chandler was in a difficult position because the unpopularity of the president put him in a difficult position, and he had to be crossways with the message coming out of that campaign on a lot of issues. It obviously didn’t help.”

State agriculture commissioner James Comer.

“(Barr) found an issue, and that was coal. That resonated with farmers in Kentucky, because we feel we’re threatened by an excessive regulatory environment on the federal level from the EPA and the FDA. In the rural areas of the district, they voted overwhelmingly for Mitt Romney and overwhelmingly for Andy Barr.

“They were trying to send a message to Washington with respect to an energy policy that we want an energy policy, and we want it to include coal.”

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  1. Cat Scratch Fever says:

    Don’t read too much into this victory for Barr, the voters voted not so much for Barr as they voted against Chandler. Chandler has always had poor organization and poor advisors.