Comer: 2012 is a good year to be a Kentucky Republican

November 06, 2012 | | Comments 0

In the 2011 election, James Comer was the exception, winning the race for agriculture commissioner while most of his Republican compatriots fell in their statewide races.

As a steady rhythm of cheers fills the ballroom at  Marriott Griffin Gate, Comer says 2012 is, “a good year to be a Republican in Kentucky.

“We wanted to be the first state to put Romney over, and we were, and hopefully we sent a message to Washington about how Kentucky feels and how farmers feel about the excessive regulatory policies of Obama.”

Comer says he hopes state house races will send a similar message to Frankfort, “that we want Kentucky to be competitive with our surrounding states, and we’re not. We’ve seen what happened in Indiana and Tennessee. They’ve gone Republican in their general assemblies, they’ve been able to attract business at a much faster rate than Kentucky.”

But, if Republicans grab the legislature, Comer said, “we have to deliver.”

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