Fancy Farm officials react to Abramson comment about their picnic

August 11, 2012 | | Comments 2

Two organizers of the annual Fancy Farm picnic in Graves County that kicks off fall political campaigns in Kentucky have released statements about Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson’s comment that the event is outdated with a rambunctious crowd.

Mark Wilson, the picnic’s political chairman, said, “As the organizer of political speaking for Fancy Farm, I along with the emcee have always made a good-faith effort to tame the crowd and for the visitors to be respectful to the invited speakers.

“It is hard for us as organizers to pull the reins on the crowd, so we deal with this issue the best we can and let the speakers speak and allow for the crowd to have a good time.

“I was pleased with the lineup of speakers and number of visitors that attended our 132nd annual picnic (Aug. 4).
I have the utmost confidence that the Fancy Farm Picnic will remain a vibrant institution and tradition for the Commonwealth of Ky in subsequent years.”

Todd Hayden, the picnic’s chairman, said, “The lieutenant governor in his comments referred to the picnic as an anachromism.

“I believe if he knew what the St. Jermome Fancy Farm Picnic were really about he would have a different view. He, as most politicians, believe that they are the reason for the existence of the picnic.

“The fact is that several years ago they just started showing up because had a lot of people to politic to. The organizers at that time were good enough to give them a platform and the organizers today are gracious enough to still invite them.

“Had he done his homework he would realize that the picnic is really a whole more than politics and a few boneheads yelling from the crowd.”

–Jack Brammer

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  1. MikeTrip says:

    The reason Mr. Abramson does not like the Fancy Farm event is obvious. It’s main purpose is to raise money for a Catholic Church. Mr. Abramson is not a Catholic, he is not even a Christian.

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