Democrat Beshear rolls out names of Republican supporters on eve of GOP unity rally

May 20, 2011 | | Comments 8

Gov. Steve Beshear

By Jack Brammer –

FRANKFORT — The Democratic re-election campaign of Gov. Steve Beshear rolled out the names of 70 Republicans Friday who endorse him and said more names will be forthcoming.

The move by Beshear came on the eve of Saturday’s Republican unity rally at party headquarters in Frankfort.

Friday’s list of Republicans for Beshear and his running mate, former Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson, included former Lt. Gov. Steve Pence, former Lexington Vice Mayor and restaurateur Michael Scanlon, several mayors and Jon Ackerson, a Louisville Metro Council member and a former state representative and GOP chairman of Jefferson County.

Beshear and Abramson face the Republican slate of state Senate President David Williams and Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer in the Nov. 8 general election.

Williams’ campaign manager, Scott Jennings, dismissed the move.

“No candidate in any general election gets 100 percent of the votes from their party members,” Jennings said in an email. “You couldn’t find enough paper to list all the Democrats who will vote against Steve Beshear because of his allegiance to the Obama agenda, and his complete failure to deliver jobs for Kentucky.”

Also supporting Beshear is Jennie Lou Penn of Frankfort, daughter of the late GOP Gov. Louie Nunn and sister of former state lawmaker Steve Nunn of Glasgow, who is awaiting trial in Fayette Circuit Court in the 2009 slaying of his ex-fiancee, Amanda Ross. Steve Nunn, who was deputy secretary for the Beshear administration’s Health and Family Services Cabinet, has pleaded not guilty.

Louisville councilman Ackerson said in a statement that Beshear “has risen above partisan politics to do what’s right for the people of Kentucky”

“He’s led by example in the area of fiscal responsibility, by balancing the budget nine times without raising broad-based taxes and he’s overseeing the smallest state government in a generation,” Ackerson said.

Lebanon Mayor Gary D. Crenshaw said he is a Republican for Beshear because of Beshear’s “strong support of my community.”

Crenshaw said he rarely gets involved in statewide races and has “nothing against” Williams and Farmer, “but I just wanted to recognize Beshear’s leadership.”

Crenshaw said Beshear “has never promised anything” for his support.

Lexington attorney Gatewood Galbraith and his running mate, Frankfort political consultant Dea Riley, are trying to get 5,000 signatures to qualify to be on the November ballot.

The list of GOP supporters for Beshear also included: Edward Long, mayor of Harrodsburg; Phillip King, mayor of Bardwell; Fred Siegelman, mayor of Versailles; Richard Ammon, Burlington; Charles J. Baird, Pikeville coal operator; Kitty Baird, Pikeville activist; Thomas M. Baker, Bowling Green businessman and sportsman; Darrell Barrett, Booneville; Rosetta Bell, Dawson Springs; Toy Blair, former jailer of Johnson County; Caroline Boone, Lexington; Bill Britton, Louisville businessman; David Burkholder, Louisville;Ray Carcione, Louisville businessman; John Clark, Ashland; Joseph Howey Creaghead, Fort Mitchell; Pat Donovan, Lexington; Evan Elliott, Dunmor; Laura Elliott, Dunmor; Terry Fields, Berea; Vivian Flynn, Lexington; Edward Fuller, Georgetown; David Garner, Simpsonville; Jacob Garner, Nancy; Norb Gettys, former Campbell County GOP chair; Lyle Goodman, Cecilia; Tasha Goodman, Cecilia; Richard Harrell, Union; Tim Haymaker, Lexington; Sharyon Heavrin, Clarkson; Carl Hoskins, Manchester; Michael Houlihan, Louisville; Stacy Houlihan, Louisville; Dr. Robert Hughes, Murray; Dr. Joyce Hughes, Murray; Frank H. Ikerd III, Somerset; Jerry Ikerd, Somerset; Theodore Kuster, Paris; Norvie Lay, Louisville; Cheryl Lewis, Hyden; Tom Lund, Lebanon; James Miller, Paris; John Morton, Ashland; Jeanne Owens, Lexington; Michael Owens, Lexington; James Patterson, Somerset; Karen Paulin, Prospect; Laura Reese, Ashland; Tom Riddle, Versailles; Sarah Ridener, Strunk; Fred Sarver, Carlisle; Karen Sarver, Carlisle; Michael Sazy, Louisville; Tom Schifano, Louisville; Brad Sloan, Somerset; Frank Smith, Lexington; Debbie Spinner, Louisville; Kevin Stear, Lawrenceburg; Terrie Stear, Lawrenceburg; Dan Tayloe, Lexington; Russell Travis, Lexington; Frank Vaught, Somerset; Robert Willett, Louisville; Andrea Wilson, Inez; and Misdee Wrigley-Miller, Paris.

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  1. benji says:

    Hey Gov,
    Why don’t you list all the non-merit Republicans you kept in your administration and then squeezed for contributions ? That is a nice list too–probably not as large a list as those democrats who supported you only to be ignored by you after the election and are now looking at Gatewood and even Williams–

  2. jeffery says:

    Clever tactic by Beshear, this is aimed to independents to show them that Williams is not liked by members of his own party. Not a game changer, but yet another cut to Williams who is already facing an uphill battle.

  3. dixxiecrat says:

    No one can unite the Democrat party like David Williams and Larry Forgy, apparently these two can unite the Republicans for Democrats also.

  4. common sense joe says:

    To the 1st commenter: Underqualified, disgruntled office seekers won’t turn this election. Sorry.

    To Buck: All of the losers involved in the merit system scandal are the ones without credibility. Pence wasn’t one of them. Unlike them, he had common sense. And if you think state employees will vote for David Williams over the furlough issue, you’re clueless. Williams voted in favor of the furloughs, and constantly talks about cutting back more on state employees, making them pay more for health insurance while getting no raises, etc. Williams is no friend to state employees or just about anyone else who works for a living.

  5. Silence Dogood says:

    Interesting list of liberal Republicans. However, not an article without mistakes. The most glaring error is that Pikeville attorney, Charles Baird, is NOT a coal operator. He’s a bloodsucking attorney who milks the industry for money for his own selfish political purposes. His wife isn’t an activist, either. She’s a homemaker. She has no job and is active in nothing but her husband’s self-serving business deals.

    For the record, he’s for Beshear to keep his step daughter a job with Beshear. He sold out Ernie Flecther four years ago to keep her job (which she had under Fletcher), when he realized Fletcher was losing.

    No Republican or Democrat in East Kentucky want anything to do with him, because of how he treats mineral owners and working people. Baird only hurts you in East Kentucky, Governor. Bad choice.

  6. Buck Feshear says:

    Williams is on record as saying he opposed the furloughs, would not have implemented them as governor, and thinks there are better ways to make cuts in the budget.

    And Nickle Louie’s daughter is on the list. What a shock.

  7. westerner says:

    FYI Williams is on record saying he’s against everything any Democrat ever supported or did. And I’m sure he “thinks there are better way to balance the budget”…… I wish he would tell us some of his great positive ideas….. All I ever hear out of him is how all Democrats are directly responsible for whatever phobia conservatives have for President Obama. Or how weak someone else is.

  8. Buck Feshear says:

    I figure Williams didn’t actually believe that Beshear would risk alienating such a large bloc of supporters by taking money out of their paychecks.

    And I have to say that the references to Steve Nunn in this story were unnecessary, uncalled-for and not pertinent in any way.