Beshear: State workers will have 6th furlough day despite budget surplus

May 07, 2011 | | Comments 16

Gov. Steve Beshear

FRANKFORT – Gov. Steve Beshear said Saturday his administration will implement the sixth planned furlough day for most executive branch employees even thought the state budget is expected to end the fiscal year June 30 with a surplus of almost $70 million.

“We will have the sixth furlough day this year,” Beshear told reporters Saturday at the Governor’s Derby Breakfast in downtown Frankfort.

He said he will look at the state’s revenue picture for the next fiscal year, that begins July 1, to determine whether there will be furloughs next year.

Beshear has said the furloughs will save $24 million a year and avoid laying off about 400 state employees.

–Jack Brammer

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  1. inspector says:

    Time is ticketing Gov. You will leave no money time year ends as surplus.

  2. Chad says:

    You should be ashamed Beshear…you’re lucky though because your potential GOP opponents consist of a tea bagger that wants to outsources state government work and a senator that would like to dismantle Frankfort. State employees are disgusted with your treatment of them!!!

    Shame on YOU!

  3. kycitizen says:

    I believe you need to proof your copy–even thought the state, should be
    even though the state…

  4. Brother Nelson says:

    If this state were to seek bonds, or outright loans from legitimate sources, in order to pay state debts, they would expect to have to repay the DEBT, and with INTEREST; but simply “because he can”, this governor takes money from hapless state employees, and then, even when there is a budget surplus at present, defiantly states that he will do it yet again.

    As angry state employees take stock of their situation, the resultant brain drain from the ranks of state employees has already started, and will grow in very short order as those who are able to do so, decide in increasing numbers to seek employment elsewhere.

    This “LOAN” from state employees will end up costing ALL state taxpayers many times what it would have cost to repay the furlough money, (with thanks and/or interest), as should be happening!

  5. bill says:

    As a state worker, I have no problem with furlough days. If you don’t have enough money to see you through then you need to get in the savings habit. I want a candidate who will cut government spending, period. I doubt that I would vote for Williams, but he eliminated himself with his stupid choice of Farmer.

  6. aaron-ashland says:

    6 days to keep the surplus. I think it’s worth it.

  7. inspector says:

    Word has that the Gov. is looking at going with 12 days next year. So I guess that means that he would save $48 million next year.

  8. Russell says:

    What 400 employees has the Furlough Days saved and are they appointed positions? After five years two with under the cost of living type of raise and the last 3 years of no raised and this year a 2.5% cut in pay—OUCH. We got a cut in Flexabile Spending under Fletcher and are getting to pay more in insurance. I have heard of single parents not able to make their house payments. We will continue to work as hard as we can but respect from our govener seems to be at an all time low. HELP.

  9. Humdiddy says:

    if only Stumbo/H.F.Henry or Mongiardo/Grimes had entered the Goober primary!

  10. Big Johnson Goldie Florsheim says:

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  11. Chris says:

    Time for Gatewood!

  12. Buck Feshear says:


    The enabling legislation allowed only six days per fiscal year.

  13. inspector says:

    Buck Freshear
    They can change it at any time they want to, we are suppose to get 5% raises a year. I guess that did not get changed did it?

  14. ukabroad says:

    how stupid is Beshear, while he furlough state worker, UK get bonus and 3% raise. It is shame for him to lie saving 400 state jobs while hiring 1000+ new employees.

    State workers should strike or silent strike — show up and not work. Otherwise, you will get more furlough.

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