‘Phil Harmon’ gets endorsement for Phil Moffett

February 22, 2011 | | Comments 10
Phil Moffett announced for governor on Leland Conway's radio show July 29, 2010.

Phil Moffett announced for governor on Leland Conway

By John Cheves —

FRANKFORT — Take Back Kentucky on Tuesday endorsed Republican gubernatorial candidate Phil Moffett — sort of.

Norm Davis, a member of the private property rights group, kicked off a press conference in the state Capitol by praising the conservative credentials of “Phil Harmon.” Unlike some politicians, “Mr. Harmon” takes the time to read materials and educate himself on important issues, Davis said.

“We need Phil Harmon,” Davis told a crowd of several dozen people. “I can’t think of anything we don’t agree on.”

David Adams, Moffett’s campaign manager, finally approached Davis at the lectern and whispered in his ear.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Moffett!” Davis corrected himself. “He has a running mate named Harmon.”

State Rep. Mike Harmon, R-Danville, is Moffett’s running mate.

Moffett, a Louisville businessman, thanked Davis for the endorsement and called it “a big boost forward.”

Moffett went on to say that he disagreed with Republican U.S. Sen. Rand Paul’s call on Tuesday, before a state Senate committee, for a national constitutional convention to consider a balanced budget amendment. President Barack Obama and other Democratic leaders in Washington might repeal the Bill of Rights if given the chance to rewrite the Constitution, he said.

Also, Moffett said, the Kentucky constitution already requires a balanced budget. But that hasn’t stopped state Senate President David Williams, R-Burkesville, from helping to pile on billions of dollars in bonded debt and unfunded liability in the state pension funds, he said. Williams also is a Republican candidate for governor.

“A balanced budget to a government does not mean the same thing that it does to me as a business person or to you as a family member,” Moffett said. “Only in government can a balanced budget mean that you can borrow as much money as you want as long as you think you’re gonna have enough revenue to pay it back.”

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  1. Tammy Caudill says:

    he aint a democrat, so I know he’s a dud. my brother tommycaudill and I will only support democrats. all republican teabagging elephant dunglovers need to leave kentuckie

  2. Chris says:

    Wow headlines, a slip of the tongue and you guys gotta post it. What is this a blog or a newspaper as this was posted on too, the Herald-Leader.

    No doubt Norm Davis really knows who Moffett is as he has met with him before and Harmon is sponsoring HB 113 that TBK and Norm asked him to sponsor.

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  4. Bleu says:

    The HL’s editorial board won’t give Take Back Kentucky the time of day unless it’s to ridicule the group. That’s called “fair and unbaised reporting”. No wonder people have stopped buying newspapers.

  5. John says:

    Is Phil Moffett for real? Does he and the teabaggers really believe that the democrats want to get rid of the bill of rights? Give me a break. Its funny really. I recently heard Phil Moffetts wife talk about her husbands support of charter schools. She said Phil supported them because people like her husband had no choice where they went to school. I for one am getting tired of the lies!
    I remember going to high school with Phil Moffett at a private Catholic school in Louisville called DeSalesHigh School. Phil obviously had a choice. Its typical teabaggers making stuff up. Its getting old and people are starting to see the gig.

  6. […] HAHAHA, oh, my. “Phil Harmon” got an endorsement instead of Phil Moffett. Guess those Take Back Kentucky folks really know a lot about what they’re doing. Getting their candidate’s name incorrect and all at a press conference they billed as “major.” [John Cheves] […]

  7. Big Ben 4 liberty says:

    Does anyone even believe John’s statements. I don’t, but then again were talking about some guy who has a teabagging fetish.

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  9. Tea Party Nonsense says:

    LOL, that sounds like a pretty credible group and endorsement. We should trust their judgment in endorsing a candidate whose name they don’t even know.

    They sound pretty well informed.

    I’m sure they gave the matter a lot of deep thought before they decided to endorse Phil Harmon.

    Did they all go vote for Ernie Rudolph in the last election, or George Cheney for president?