Rand Paul for president someday? He didn’t say no

February 07, 2011 | | Comments 28

In an interview with ABC News, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Bowling Green, said Republicans “aren’t maybe brave enough” to tackle the deficit.

When asked if he will someday run for President, Paul noted that he’s only been in Washington a month.

“Come back and ask me in a few months … We’ll see,” he said.

Later, he acknowledged that he would run for president if nominated.

Paul also embraced the label “true believer” and said staying true to the principles of the Tea Party movement is more important to him than being a Republican.

Here’s the video:

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  1. Tammy Caudill says:

    oh, brother. You’d think a guy with less than 2 years senate experience would know better than to run for president….

    oh, wait a minute. I guess that has happened before

  2. janedough says:

    Much as I like Dr. Paul, I’d rather see men of the strength of character of Lt. Col Allen West running for president. And before you start saying he’s only got a few months in Congress, remember he’s got more than 20 years in leadership in the Army.

  3. prk says:

    Ohohoh- please do it Rand! Please make sure you resign your Senate post first though, and make sure that your KY supporters empty their coffers for your campaign. That’s the kind of change I can believe in.

  4. Amy says:

    It will likely be a while before Kentuckians have to deal with this one, probably 2016 or later. There are too many Republican who are interested in 2012 as is. The only Paul that I see probably entering the 2012 race is Rep. Ron Paul again, Senator Paul’s father.

    Besides Republicans are probably going to be less likely to select a candidate with two years Senate experience anyway since they made a issue over President’s Obama’s experience’s last time.

  5. Prof.Gilligan says:

    Amy, your underlying point is well taken, however I must opine that it was not Obama’s lack of Senatoral experience that has made him such a terrible President. It’s his undelying beliefs, principals, (or lack thereof), and lack of fact-based education that has made him such a terrible President.

    I have reason to doubt that Obama has ever had a high school or college level economomics course. And given the fact that he will not release his college transcripts, I don’t think we’ll ever know exactly what his education entailed.

    How’s that for “open, honest, and ethical” transparency?

  6. thekenyanconspiracy says:

    Forget his school records! They don’t exist. The fact is Obama is not an American.
    He is “the messiah”.
    As of yet he refuses to release the results of trace analysis tests for franckincense and myrrh to the public.
    Why Mr Obama, why?

  7. EduChi says:

    Prof G .. where did you get your degree? Care to share that with us?

    Didn’t they teach you the difference between


    If you need some help, check here

    I’ll ignore your other errors .. perhaps they are just fumble fingers rather than lack of being able to spell.

  8. Jackie says:

    Obama was a legislator in Illinois, a Constitutional Professor at Illinois Law School and a graduate of Harvard. After two years in office you would think people had reviewed the Presidents educational history. Rand dropped out of College and his Dad got him in medical school and they after his doctor’s certification lapsed Rand started his own certification company and certified himself. People show how they dislike Obama for what ever reasons but he earned his way and Rand got by with the help of his Dad even getting donations from Texas business friends of his Dad’s during his campaign for Senator.

  9. Jackie says:

    Rand hasn’t been a Senator for one month and now thinks 50 State voters will elect him President. He’s so sure he even said he would pick his Dad as his VP. After his first speech on the House Floor dragging up slavery it’s clear who will win in 2012. Republicans have looked to Jon Huntsman as their possible candidate so Rand might be a little ahead of himself. But he is going to make money during his two years as he’s still fund raising, has a book coming out and now getting money for possible run for President. Rand made less then 100,000 dollars as a doctor and now will leave in two years as a Senator a multi-millionaire all with the help of people who blindly donate to support him.

  10. Jack McCock says:

    Who is to say that Rand will run in 2012? If he does run for President, it probably won’t be until 2016, after having had one full Senate term under his belt. Like others have said, doing the “Obama Thing” probably wouldn’t be a very good idea, as voters would be wary of it this time around. Even so, he would be a much better President than Obama, since he is opposed to the unconstitutional leftist expansions of government power that Obama represents.Having a President that would adhere to the US Constitution is something that America hasn’t seen in over 100 years.

  11. prk says:

    Good to see the right-wing talking-points are still getting some play.

    Hey Prof. Gilligan- how would you define “economomics”? Mom economics? Won’t release college transcripts? I thought you mouth-breathers wanted his birth certificate. Or was it his foreskin? Either way, losers the all of ‘yins.

  12. tommy crawdad says:

    “Obama was a legislator in Illinois”? Now that is a red flag right off the bat!

  13. William says:


    It’s fine if you don’t like or support Dr. Paul, but don’t misrepresent his educational history. Rand did not graduate from Baylor because he was accepted into medical school at Duke prior to his graduation (which was not uncommon during that era). There is no indication that he received poor grades at Baylor, and an institution like Duke’s medical school would not admit somebody with truly poor marks.

    The certification thing is a bunch of drivel. He chose not to renew his certification with that particular board because they were requiring him to take a test that many other members were not being required to take. He is still a licensed, experienced, competent physician.

  14. Kentukian says:


    Be quiet on the certification thing because genealogists do not have to be licensed or certified by a board. All we have to do is have a business license and complete paperwork just like any other business. Actually that is all we have to do although you might want to have some experience doing genealogy before doing so.

    I said might although some do not.

  15. Buck Feshear says:

    “…would run if nominated.”

    Yeah, right. You have to run in order to get the nomination. That means you have to file to be placed on the ballots in the states that have primary elections.

    But at least I, as someone who was and remains critical of Paul, am glad to hear him say he is loyal to ideology over party.

    My motto is “My party right or wrong, unless it is wrong.”

  16. William says:


    What precisely is your point? Mine is that the lack of certification from the main national board, which is not required, doesn’t mean he’s incompetent. And of course, licensing aside, he also had to go to medical school.

  17. JKR says:

    Rand has a front row seat to how much work goes into being nominated. Clearly he doesn’t expect that to come out of the blue, someday. However, why should he rule it out forever? He’d make a great president.

  18. Jackie says:

    It get’s better now it’s less then a month and you can run for President. Obama served as a three term Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004 and taught Constitutional Law at Illinois Law School. But he has nothing over Rand Paul who certified himself as a doctor and this is the first elected position Rand has had. Your right the rules are different for Obama then Paul. Obama had to earned what he got and Paul was given things because of his Dad. Who knows maybe a high school rich kid could be the next President of the USA as many feel that would be more experience then Obama has.

  19. Jackie says:

    You might want to read Rand’s word before correcting someone here is what was reported in the Kentucky news paper that you missed.
    FRANKFORT — Rand Paul, the Republican U.S. Senate nominee in Kentucky, holds a medical degree from Duke University but never received a bachelor’s degree from Baylor University, contrary to several media reports in recent months.

    It’s ok that Rand didn’t get a degree because he doesn’t have to have the resume Obama had to have to reach the chance to be President.

  20. nofirstam says:

    “economomics”??? Professor “Gilligan” indeed.

  21. […] freshman Republican discussed his possible interest in running for the president. He also introduced a plan to cut $500 billion from the federal […]

  22. William says:


    Yeah, if you read my post, I said exactly the same thing as the article you’re quoting. Dr. Paul attended (for three years I believe) Baylor University, but did not graduate. He was accepted to Duke Univ. Medical School without receiving his bachelor’s degree. Use your mouse, scroll up the page, and you’ll see that’s precisely what I said in response to your earlier comment. My beef with you is that you made it sound like he just dropped out of Baylor or was kicked out for poor academic performance, when that was clearly NOT the case.

    Seriously, Jackie, you contribute nothing to these conversations. In fact, you detract from them.

  23. Buck Feshear says:

    If Obama taught constitutional law, then I feel sorry for his students, because what they learned under him would be akin to a science teacher teaching you that the atmosphere is 78 percent oxygen and 20 percent nitrogen, or that water is two atoms of oxygen for every one atom of hydrogen. If he believes that forcing people to buy health insurance is permitted under the U.S. Constitution then he clearly knows nothing about the subject for which he was a “professor.”

  24. loriner says:

    buck its sad very sad but true 🙁

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