House accepts shorter session as a goal but won’t immediately change calendar

February 02, 2011 | | Comments 3

FRANKFORT — The state House will try to finish its work March 16 but will not change the official legislative calendar that has this year’s session ending March 22.

Senate President David Williams proposed earlier this week to cut six days from the ongoing legislative session to potentially save the state $384,000.

“As long as can get the work done, we don’t have a problem with that,” House Speaker Greg Stumbo said Wednesday after a closed-door session with House Democrats.

Asked if legislative leaders will change the official calendar that has the session ending March 22, Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg, said, “We don’t have to do that.

“You can adjourn anytime you want to. Both chambers can adjourn tomorrow if they want to.”

The legislative session costs about $64,000 a day.

–Jack Brammer

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  1. inspector says:

    What good work? There is nothing to do til next year, the budget has done been set. It was set the year before after having to take extra time and getting more money for a job that they should not have been paid to do. They are a joke along with Gov. who stated last night that time are tough and he has ran the state like most Kentuckians have ran the house, on a shoe string budget. The Gov keeps stating that all state employees are taking furloughs, while in fact he has exempt hundreds from furloughs. He, with straight face, tells the people of Kentucky that all state employees are being furloughed. Just a few months ago he makes the statement that there is going to be surplus in revenue of 58 million. All the while the polical appointees that are in his cabinet are getting people jobs. They being put in at a higher paid grade than people that have worked for the state for years that doing the same job.

  2. in yiwu says:

    Ok, i think i will save this for thenext time I’ll have to argue with Frank (friend of mine) about it! I wasn’t wrong.

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