KC Crosbie and Adam Edelen file to run for state offices

January 11, 2011 | | Comments 13
Adam Edelen

Adam Edelen

KC Crosbie

KC Crosbie

By Jack Brammer –

FRANKFORT — Two Lexington residents filed Tuesday to run for state constitutional offices on this year’s ballot.

KC Crosbie, a three-term member of the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council, filed with the secretary of state’s office to run for the Republican nomination for state treasurer and Adam Edelen, former chief of staff for Gov. Steve Beshear, filed his official papers to run as a Democrat for state auditor.

The filing deadline to run for state constitutional offices this year is 4 p.m. Jan. 25.

The job of treasurer is now held by Democrat Todd Hollenbach of Louisville, who has said he plans to seek re-election.

Crosbie, 41, is the first candidate to file for the office this year. She said she sees “tremendous opportunities” for the state’s chief elected fiscal officer, whose duties include administering the state’s unclaimed property fund program and monitoring state investments.

“With the worst economy in years, we could do a a lot more educational programs across the state than the office has been doing,” Crosbie said. “I believe Kentuckians should expect more of their treasurer.”

She said she is not on a slate with any candidate for governor and believes she can fulfill her council job while running for state office.

Crosbie, a graduate of the University of Kentucky, was re-elected to the council in November. If she wins the treasurer’s race this year, Lexingon Mayor Jim Gray would appoint someone to finish her term on the council.

Signing Crosbie’s filing papers for treasurer were Stephen Huffman , an executive committee member of the state Republican Party, and Eric Lycan of Lexington. She and her husband, Scott Crosbie, an attorney, have three children.

Signing Edelen’s candidacy papers were state Rep. Sannie Overly, D-Paris, and the Rev. Kevin Wayne Cosby, senior pastor at St. Stephen Church in Louisville.

The current auditor, Democrat Crit Luallen, cannot run again because of term limits.

Overly said she supports Edelen’s candidacy “because Kentucky needs a state auditor who will fight waste, fraud, and corruption with the same tenacity we’ve seen from Crit Luallen over the past seven years.”

Cosby said Edelen “shares the values that I think are essential for any public servant — particularly the state auditor. He’s smart, honest, sincere, vigorous and devoted to Kentucky. As the father of young twin boys, I know he’s committed to doing everything he can to ensure that Kentucky is a state full of opportunities for the next generation.”

Last week, Edelen’s fund-raising report with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance showed that he raised a record $302,745 for his campaign in the last three months of 2010.

He said he expects to raise $1 million for the race and will campaign vigorously in all 120 counties.

Republican John T. Kemper III of Lexington filed last November to run for the Republican nomination for auditor.

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  1. Lexington Legend says:

    If she is elected and I believe that she will be, this will be a tremendous loss for the City Council–particularly for those city employees who respect and support her tireless work ethic. Congrats KC.

  2. hailiebug says:

    If, as Republicans say, private enterprize is what this country is all about and that is where the best and brightest go to make their fortune, why is this Republican aspiring to so low an occupation as public service? Shouldn’t she be testing her meddle in the private market? Does this speak to her level of ability?

  3. skb12172 says:

    Ah, KC. You and your husband have done little except run for various offices since we were all in student government at UK. How about you actually go out and get a job, honey?

  4. HoundDog says:

    Why did she waste our time in voting for her for City council. Just another wannabee,Using us for for her our personal step ladder.

  5. Alex says:

    Hallie, does your failure to correctly spell enterprise speak to your “level of ability”?

  6. halie bugs the crap outta me says:

    Alex, he was too busy misusing meddle instead of mettle to notice.

  7. Alexandcrapbugs says:

    Actually it doesn’t since you understood her point clearly.
    Clearly halie has no mettle.

  8. lexcitizen36 says:

    If KC is elected, it just goes to show how LOW and SAD our government really is… go back to sales KC, I for one hope you don’t have a future in politics… sad enough she was elected to the city council… PLEASE KY dont make another mistake and vote her into treasurer… best example see _ Richie Farmer…. LOL just as bad… wise up Lexington and Ky in general.. PLEASE wise up.. and I am a Republican…

  9. You who criticize KC for a career in politics might as well criticize the incumbents, of both offices as well as the Mr. Edlen, who has made it no secret since college of his aspirations to be governor. I like both of these candidates but you die hard Dem supporters talk one way and look the other way it when it falls the on your side. At least have the fortitude to call a spade a spade.

  10. serah says:

    Looks like two more, “spreading the wealth” candidates. Democrats that take from the working to pay for those who don’t. Same old Democratic philosophy ! I’ll vote Republican if I can find a conservative candidate.

  11. Tammy Caudill says:

    serah, that a problem, because republicans (most) are not really conservative. mostly self-centered liars.

  12. Bob Frapples says:

    If you believe in what America stands for, you can’t vote for KC Crosbie for any office, period. Remember her husband’s crusade against the First Amendment when he was on Urban County Council? Those folks stand against the United States Constitution, so they’ll never get my vote.

  13. Buck Feshear says:

    Will Edelen put that Homeland Security experience, for which he was qualified for the years he spent protecting Applebee’s all across Kentucky from terrorists, to good use if he wins the auditor’s race?

    My problem with Crosbie is that she thinks Jonathan Miller is someone to emulate. If she approves of Miller, then Scott Crosbie needs to keep a close eye on her, where she goes and with whom. She might find a male version of Brooke Parker.