Lexington councilwoman K.C. Crosbie to run for state Treasurer

January 06, 2011 | | Comments 5

By Linda B. Blackford –

Urban County Council member K.C. Crosbie will file to run for state Treasurer next week, she confirmed on Thursday.

Crosbie, a registered Republican, would likely take on incumbent Todd Hollenbeck next fall if she wins the GOP nomination. Crosbie was re-elected to the LFUCG council in November.

If she won the treasurer’s race, Mayor Jim Gray would appoint someone to finish out her term.

Crosbie, 41, said she decided Wednesday to take the plunge after getting approval from her husband and three children.

“Part of what excited me about the position is what (former treasurer and current Finance and Administration Secretary) Jonathan Miller did to elevate the office,” Crosbie said. “I’m not sure we’ve seen that same type of standard over the past four years.”

She said she would not use the office as a stepping stone to other statewide office.

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  1. Buck Feshear says:

    Can another Republican please file for this office to challenge Crosbie? If she holds Jonathan Miller up as someone to emulate, then she is not fit to be elected as a Republican.

  2. serah says:

    I hate to see K.C. leave the Council, Grey will appoint another “worn out” liberal to fill her seat. The “fresh start” is getting pretty old.

  3. jon says:

    Just a grab for another government job or entitlement that most politicians think they deserve. Stay home and be a mother not a republican wanta-be.

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