Grayson says he will not run for any office in 2011

November 24, 2010 | | Comments 7

Trey Grayson, Kentucky's secretary of state and Republican U.S. Senate candidate. Photo by Pablo Alcala.FRANKFORT — Secretary of State Trey Grayson, who lost the Republican primary election for U.S. Senate last May to Rand Paul, said Wednesday he will not be a candidate for any office next year.

Grayson had been mentioned as a possible candidate for attorney general in 2011. He is in his second four-year term as secretary of state and cannot legally seek a consecutive third term.

In a statement, Grayson said, “After many hours of reflection, conversations and prayer with family, friends, advisors and others, I want to announce today that I will not be a candidate for attorney general — or any other office — in 2011. While I am not ruling out a campaign in future years, I am confident that this is the best decision for my family and me.”

Grayson said he appreciates the encouragement from many people for him to run for attorney general, but “in the final analysis, at this time, I want to spend more time with (my wife) Nancy and the girls than an elective office will allow.”

Grayson said his decision is not related to Democrat Jack Conway’s recent announcement to seek re-election as attorney general. Conway lost the U.S. Senate general election earlier this month to Paul.

“I am confident of my ability to wage a successful campaign against Jack next November,” Grayson said. “I believe that more Kentuckians share my view that the attorney general can and should play an important role in fighting the unconstitutional and anti-Kentucky actions of the federal government in areas like health care, energy and agricultural policy.

“I was looking forward to the two of us waging a vigorous but fair campaign, since we both respect each other. So, no, his announcement didn’t deter me from running.

“What his announcement did, however, was move up my timetable. I had originally thought that I would discuss the decision in-depth with my family during Thanksgiving break, much as Nancy and I did during November 2002 about my first run for Secretary of State.

“So this weekend, in addition to working with the girls on dribbling, serving, raking leaves and making brownies, I spent a great deal of time thinking, praying and talking with Nancy. Ultimately, the decision was easy.

“By making my decision now, I hope that other Republicans will start having those same conversations with their loved ones, friends and advisors over the upcoming break.”

Grayson said he has no specific plans for his future. “Over the past few months, I have had a few meetings with friends and others to brainstorm about what a post-elected official career might entail. When I figure that out, I will let you know. Regardless, I will continue to serve my community just as my parents raised me.”

–Jack Brammer

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  1. Demo Man says:

    I’m a democrat but have always liked Trey and the way he handles situations. Seems like a genuinely nice guy, not enough of them in elected office these days on either side of the aisle.

  2. Truebacca says:

    His party is running away from him, to its detriment. Really too bad for us all. If he had stayed a Dem, he could be the next Gov

  3. fire beshear 2011 says:

    I hope he runs for Atty Gen. He would clean Jack Wagon’s clock.

  4. Paul says:

    @fire beshear 2011,

    Did you not read the article?

  5. Buck Feshear says:

    Good riddance. May his name never darken a GOP ballot for public office in Kentucky ever again.

  6. kybuilttoyota says:

    It’s a real shame that he has decided to not run for any office. I still wish that he would have won the US Senate but those things happen.
    I have met Sec. Grayson a few times and is a warm and personible guy. Maybe he can run for a future office and bring a middle of road Republican to either Frankfort or Washington.
    Good luck Sec. Grayson and enjoy you time away from the crazy world of politics.

  7. Pandora says:

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