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November 02, 2010 | | Comments 16

After his victory speech Tuesday night in Bowling Green, U.S. Sen. Elect Rand Paul (R-Ky.) went down a line of national and local broadcast media interviews and, with his voice starting to fail, took a few minutes to talk to some print journalists. Here are a few of his comments from that fast chat:

Asked about the issues in the campaign:

“It’s about the issues and it’s always been about the issues. Everywhere I go, people come up to me and say they think the President’s taking the country in the wrong direction and I tell them that I will stand up to the President’s agenda. That’s what I heard, mostly, on the trail.”
Asked how the campaign went:
“We were the Cinderella story, everything was charmed from the beginning. The media loved me so much and was always on my side. How could I go wrong?”
Asked as to whether election a big victory in his father’s (U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas) ongoing mission of smaller government: “That is yet to be seen, but yes, it was a big victory and that’s pretty amazing. We came from nowhere and won a big victory. Now we have to see if we can do something with the victory.”
Was this campaign a national or Kentucky cause?: “The interests of Kentuckians are the same as the interests of Americans. So I see it as the same. We all want unemployment to go down, all want the economy to recover. We all want the same things. We just have different solutions. The other side thinks government’s the answer.”

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  1. lebanonfan says:

    Umm. Yeah. Now that Rand Paul’s part of the government — guess what! Governments just not the answer!

    I could have told you that yesterday.

    If you’re not going to help, please — just get out of the way.

  2. JBH says:

    Rand Paul <<<——-the sorriest thing that could possibly happen to the commonwealth of Kentucky.

  3. Tommy Caudill says:

    Well folks, I can honestly say I’m glad I don’t live in KY full time with Rand Paul as Senator.

    Now that you’ve elected the village idiot, what are you gonna do?

  4. pc says:

    I love that so many of you claim that, since Rand Paul is going to Washington, NOW it’s going to get bad. It isn’t sunshine and lillipops right now, people. If you’re angry about Rand Paul, blame the democrats who manged, despite seemingly insurmountable momentum two years ago, to create trillion-dollar deficits, push an agenda that many didn’t want, and failed to listen to the public to the degree that a backlash was inevitable. If the Dems had done anywhere close to a decent job, this probably wouldn’t be happening.

  5. Steven M. says:

    Kentucky has spoken and the election is over. Rand won in a big way. Everybody knows Rand leans very hard right. Which is very good. He won not by acting moderate but as a Conservative. We expect him to go to DC and work on balancing the budget, working on removing cabinets and divisions and employees from the federal govt. I think Kentuckians have spoken loud and clear that we want the Obama train stopped. We want obama care repealed, we do not want cap and tax, we want our taxes lowered and govt downsized and stripped of their self imposed power.

    Today we celebrate, tomorrow we work on stopping the obama and democrat madness in DC.

  6. unions are a waste says:

    Union endorsements – Are they worth anything?

    Did every Kentucky candidate that received huge union endorsements get hammered like a bent nail?

    An earthquake rolled through Kentucky, union endorsements were made everywhere except in Frankfort and Franklin Co.

    Franklin Co looks like the only county missed by the Republican earthquake.

    Are lack of unions the reason?

    One lesson learned is for candidates to quit wasting valuable campaign time chasing union endorsements.

  7. Heza Ho says:

    Tommy Caudill, we’ll miss you like a butt carbuncle.

  8. Tommy Caudill says:

    Maybe the repubs can get all the sorry repubs drawing a check to get their lazy @sses and get back to work.

  9. Rose says:

    Steven M.

    Paul said on the Today Show that gridlock is not a bad thing. I’m sorry, I actually expect my senators to act like men and not little children. But, yeah, let the Republicans begin to fix our problems. I can’t wait. Because now people like Paul will have to start proving what they can do instead of bitching about what the the other side is doing. I figure we should all give them about six months to start showing results, don’t you? I mean, you all thought Obama could fix Bush’s mess in two years. Using your timeframe, I figure those oh so smart Republicans should have everything just peachy again in a few months. But in the meantime I will enjoy all the Republican infighting that will start to take place and I will also enjoy watching Paul squirm as he places his first vote on whether or not to raise the debt ceiling. This might actually be fun if it were not so sad. The only thing Paul has going for him is the fact that he is a non-interventionsist like his dad. Watching him butt heads with the neo-cons will be fun too and I can’t wait until those in his own party see the writing on the wall.

  10. Stinky Pete says:

    All I can say is I hope that Rand can get done what he was talking on the campaign trail.

    Repeal obama care or at the least defund it completely.

    Balance the Fed budget.

    Abolish\defund many cabinets. Education, AG, EPA, and many more that is not allowed by the Constitution and give the rights back to the individual states. There is no reason for the Fed to interfeer with KEntucky Education.

    I want to see gridlock in DC like we have never have before.
    Don’t just do something stand there.

    Gridlock is free peoples friend!

    I want these new guns to show the country just how bad obama is and make him look like a fool.

    This is going to be great, I just hope Rand goes DC with the same enthusiasm about the Constitution as he showed onthe trail.

    And one more thing..Suck it Dems you loose. Nana Nana Boo Boo dems smell like doo doo.

  11. tom tom says:

    Tea Party Wave. All waves do one thing, they crash and turn into nothing, the really big ones only cause destruction in the process.

  12. Ranting Rand says:

    Well it took Eight (8) years of corruption and greed from the Republicans to create the mess we’re now faced with and everyone expects the Dems to correct it in just two (2) years. Hey Rand, welcome to the Club! Now its your turn to govern. I’m sure you will vote NO on every bill just like your Daddy Mitch! (So why are we paying you again….hmm). All Politics are cyclical and the pendulum will swing back again!!

  13. Peter Long says:

    Ranting Rand, please check your math on when Democrats took Congress and gave America Speaker Pelosi. I know that math is hard for Dummycrats like you and Tommy Cuadill but still.

  14. Jack McCock says:

    It’s great to see that America’s Best US Senator is representing Kentucky. If proposed legislation is unconstitutional, then it should be voted down. We need more people like the Pauls at all levels of government. The question is whether the American people in general reject expansions of government power or not.

  15. Taika says:

    Kentucky made a great decision, and I’m proud to live in a state that supports liberty and the Constitution!

    Is it too much to hope that these Obamaite MoveOn trolls will go back to D.C. and California, enjoy their hopelessly large debts, and leave us in peace now that the election is over?

    We’ve got serious business to attend to… fixing the problem caused by the Democrats & Republicans overspending.