Voters’ Guide: Where candidates stand on the issues

October 31, 2010 | | Comments 9

Election Day is Tuesday. It’s time to pay attention and pick a candidate.

To help, we’ve quizzed the candidates on the most important issues of the day. You’ll find their answers of 45 words or less by clicking on the links below.

U.S. Senate (PDF)

6th District U.S. House (PDF)

Lexington mayor (PDF)

State Senate (PDF)

State House (PDF)

Urban County Council (PDF)

Urban Council Districts (PDF)

On Tuesday, polls are open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. local time. Anyone in line by 6 p.m. may vote.

To find out whether you are registered to vote, where you vote and which races you may vote in, visit the Voter Information Center at the State Board of Elections’ Web site,

The link below also contains a listing of candidates for every state office on the ballot in Kentucky. And if you live in Fayette, Bourbon, Clark, Madison, Jessamine, Woodford, Scott or Franklin County, you’ll find a complete listing of candidates seeking local offices.

On the ballot: a listing of candidates in state, federal and local races

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  1. Liberal and Proud of it says:

    When looking at these candidates side by side, how can anyone support Rand Paul for KY? Rand Paul is wrong on all the issues facing Kentuckians today and yet we have people in this state willing to elect this man.

    Just goes to show the stereotype of KY is pretty much right on.

  2. Libertarian Kentuckian says:

    Are you reading what Rand Paul’s column says, or what Conway said _about_ Rand Paul in Conway’s column? Seems Conway has more to say about Rand Paul than himself. I’m voting for less government interference in my life. I’m voting for RAND PAUL.

  3. Liberal and Proud of it says:

    Did I miss something? I didn’t notice Rand saying anything constructive.

  4. Colkc says:

    Does the government come to your door. The government has paved the roads that you travel on on 65 poplar level, gagel, Dixie, 265, preston hwy. without that we would be still riding on pot holes and living were the sewer was over flowing in your back yard.
    Remember it was a Democrat that set up Social Security President Rossevelt, It was President John F. Kennedy that set up Medicare a Democrat and it was the Democrat’s that set up OSHA that protect you in the work place if you are hurt on the job that makes the employer have to contact help for you and save your job for you due to you being sick. If it were not for Democrats you would not have even that.
    I live on $900 a month because of a accident I’m disabled and if you vote for Rand Paul he wants to put a $2000 Deductible on my pay and that’s NO JOKE!
    So when you vote remember your vote effects the world you live in!

    My vote will be for Jack Conway

  5. Colkc says:

    Kentucky to receive piece of $225 million settlement

  6. Joe says:

    While this is helpful, I think people should also check out some other non-partisan voting guides. and/or are great places to learn more about candidates, as well as comparing each of their websites.

    The most important thing in the end is that as many Kentuckians vote on Tuesday as possible.

  7. the demo man says:

    only if you consider “I oppose Obama” as constructive.

  8. TMH says:

    I voted for Rand Paul and I don’t appreciate you speaking for the entire state of Kentucky. Some of us believe he is exactly what we need.
    Anyone who opposes the disaster we have in the White House deserves our votes.