CNN/Time Poll shows Paul up 7 points over Conway among likely voters

October 27, 2010 | | Comments 13
Democrat Jack Conway, left, and Republican Rand Paul are running for U.S. Senate in Kentucky.

Democrat Jack Conway, left, and Republican Rand Paul are running for U.S. Senate in Kentucky.

A new CNN/Time Poll released Thursday shows 50 percent of likely voters in Kentucky support Republican nominee Rand Paul while 43 percent back Democratic nominee Jack Conway in their U.S. Senate race.

The race is much tighter among the larger pool of registered voters in the poll, with Paul holding only a 2-point advantage, 46 to 44 percent.

The telephone poll was conducted Oct. 20-26 with 1,336 registered voters, including 785 likely voters. It had a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points for registered voters and 3.5 percentage points for likely voters.

The media poll said Paul’s lead can be explained in part through a significant gender gap.

In it, Paul holds a 16-point advantage among men, while Conway holds a four-point lead among women.

Paul leads Conway by 37 points — 63 percent to 26 percent — among independents.

CNN/Time also reported that perceptions of the Tea Party movement, which backs Paul, are affecting the race to be decided next Tuesday at the polls.

“Paul picks up nearly nine in ten voters who support the Tea Party movement, and Conway has almost the same share of voters who oppose it,” said CNN polling director Keating Holland. “But 35 percent of likely voters are neutral towards the Tea Party, and unlike other Senate races, the Republican has a small advantage among that group.”

Three percent of the respondents in the CNN/Time poll said they would not vote for either Conway or Paul. Four percent had no opinion.

–Jack Brammer

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  1. Eric says:

    Fox News (10/26): Paul by 7
    PPP (10/26): Paul by 13
    CNN (10/27): Paul by 7

    Ouch for Con-way!

  2. ukjrc33 says:

    Conway is a Dirtbag!

  3. joseyj says:

    And now we learn that one of Paul’s jackbooted thugs is a member of Glenn Beck’s 9/12 group.
    Gee – no wonder the thugs are outraged! They listen to Glenn Beck hysteria.
    And I wonder – how many people have died because of the aggression and violence advocated by Glenn Beck and others on Fox & Frightwing radio.
    We know O’Reilly is responsible for Dr. Tiller’s death. O’Reilly bashed him for years – and finally one of O’Reilly’s nutbags killed Tiller.

  4. ukjrc33 says:

    Rand is just lucky that the moveon eco-terroist didn’t have a gun. Soon to be Senator Paul has a 96% chance to win according to the nyt and a 98% on intrade. The sooner you liberals accept that Americans are tired of your big government agenda the better off you will be.

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  6. chris says:

    great news for rand.i am pleased that the commie moveon chicks stunt dident work.i wish that guy would not have done that to her but you never know if she was armed or meant harm to the soon to be senator paul.the nutty left has in the past had ppl like squeeky fromm, sirhan sirhan, lee harvey and countless other redicals bomb police stations and attempt to murder anyone that does not agree with them.their core belief is we on the right are not entitled to any say in america and the will use any means nessary to achieve that stated goal.

  7. Steve says:

    Paul is going to win despite the Herald-Leader endorsing Conway and despite their constant smear campaign against Paul and cheerleading for Conway. How does total irrelevance feel, Herald-Leader? Hope it hurts. You’re worthless and powerless and no amount of laughable front pages and asinine editorials is going to save Conway’s sorry behind.

  8. Politics about to get a lot hairier…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  9. William says:

    The Herald-Leader is bad, but in my opinion Joe Gerth over at the Courier-Journal has done some of the most biased reporting I’ve seen in my lifetime. It’s inexcusable.

  10. steve says:

    Add Al cross to the Joe THE Gerth team of leftist bias.

  11. Brandy says:

    Ky has had enough of GOP party in office-We do not need another. So I will cast my vote for Conway. We need a change from Mitch’s ideas. He has done nothing to help KY.

  12. CNN/Time Poll shows Paul up 7 percent over Conway among likely ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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