Campaign Watchdog: Claim that Conway supports cap-and-trade plan ‘false’

October 25, 2010 | | Comments 39


By Bill Estep-

The statement: “Liberal Jack Conway supports Obama’s cap-and-trade plan which will cost Kentuckians jobs.”

Republican Party of Kentucky, in a mailing against Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Jack Conway

The ruling: False

The facts: Conway does not support a cap-and-trade bill pushed by the administration of President Barack Obama.

Cap and trade refers to a system aimed at reducing emissions blamed for global warming. It would put a cap on emissions coupled with a system to let producers trade credits to meet the limit.

The measure stalled in the U.S. Senate after the House approved the bill last year. Many analysts don’t believe Congress will consider a similar bill going forward.

Conway has said any cap-and-trade measure should include provisions to protect Kentucky’s electric rates and coal industry and keep other nations such as China from gaining a competitive advantage, among other things. The law the House passed did not meet that test, Conway said.

The mailing cites a July 2009 story in The Paducah Sun that said Conway did support the cap and trade bill, though he said it needed changes. Conway’s campaign said the story was wrong.

Voters can judge for themselves if Conway has flip-flopped on the issue, but it’s clear that Conway now opposes the cap-and-trade bill pushed by Obama.

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  1. Tommy Caudill says:

    Jack Conway will get Kentucky off of coal and connect us to solar production.

  2. daniel says:

    If he supports Obama and Reid he does..

  3. John Stuart says:

    Why is the corporate media burying and ignoring the explosive recently-breaking story related to Jack Conway and his alleged involvement in interfering with a criminal investigation of his brother’s possible involvement as a drug trafficker and/or drug user?

    When is it ever appropriate for an acting Attorney General to ignore conflict of interest considerations and repeatedly contact detectives conducting an ongoing criminal investigation of his brother to “inquire” about such investigation?

    When is it ever appropriate for an Attorney General to ignore all appearances of conflict of interest and opportunities for corruption by meeting alone and in secret in his own home with the target of a criminal investigation and the target’s attorney, when such target is his own brother?

    Why did Jack Conway receive a campaign donation from the official who was in charge of evaluating and dismissing the criminal investigation of his brother?

    Why are there so many unanswered questions about Jack Conway?

    Google: “explosive Jack Conway”

  4. William says:


    While it’s possible I might find the content you’re referring to, there is no way I’m googling “explosive Jack Conway.”

  5. KICKoutLIBS says:

    He certainly does support it.

  6. jon says:

    Conway is as far left as one can get. You cannot trust him on anything he says. He is for this today and that tomorrow. It just depends on what he thinks he has to say to garner enough votes to get elected. We don’t need another playboy like Ted Kennedy in the Congressional halls of the United States. There is already enough b-s@@t there to float a ship.

  7. Gov says:

    @jon – “he’s for this today and that tomorrow”. boy, that sounds *exactly* like Randi…he changes his mind every time he opens his mouth…

  8. phyre says: says it’s false.
    KickoutLibs says it’s true.
    I wonder who the local teabaggers will believe?

    What’s the difference between a teabagger & a battery?

    A battery has a positive side.

  9. phyre says:

    Here’s the issues the Aqua Buddhist has stood on both sides of:

    $2000 Medicare deductible, Bailouts, Civil Rights Act, The ADA, Farm Subsidies, the Drug War, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Border Fence, Mitch McConnell as Republican leader, Fair Housing Act, Department of Education, $2000 Medicare deductible (2nd time), ending the Fed, regulating big oil, term limits, mine safety rules, & medical marijuana.

    Can’t Karl Rove make up his mind for him?

  10. Tommy Caudill says:

    phyre, I like you. You are a true believer.

  11. Tommy Caudill says:

    Jack Conway has never capped trades. He is for reproducing sunshine.

  12. […] the rest here: Campaign Watchdog: Claim that Conway supports cap-and-trade plan … By admin | category: KENT, KENTUCKY | tags: all-over, among-other, details, […]

  13. paul says:

    The republicans are out tonight…maybe someone would like to comment on the 23 percent sales tax Rand Paul will give the taxpayers,,or maybe put a $2000 deductible on medicare which will no doubt make everyone happy. Rand Paul is a spoiled rich kid, and does not represent Ky. He does represent hatred, prejudice and equal rights for SOME. Vote Rand Paul and in just a few days, you can be looking forward to more of the BUSH era politics.

  14. Jeff Blewus says:

    oh, NOW he’s against cap and trade. SO the TRUE version can be accurately stated as such:
    Conway was For Cap and Trade before he was against it.

  15. Ransfullofcrapola says:

    Let’s not forget the ideal world Rand suggested exists where seniors pay a $2,000 medical deductible, a 40 y.o. pays a $40,000 forty thousand) deductible and $500.00 monthly premium, and young people pay out of pocket for all of their health care expenses.

  16. Lori L says:

    While it’s true that Conway is claiming to not support it now that it is unpopular and dead in the House, here is evidence that he supported it up until now.

  17. Liberal and Proud of it says:

    Is the rightwing ever happy about anything? Do they look down at their feet in the morning and look to the Heavens and say thank you God for letting me se another day? I would guess no because they’re nothing but a bunch of hypocrites or wolves in sheep’s clothing. I often wonder if the right evr does anything wrong that they’d ever admit. There’s been more infidelity on the right in recent years than there have been on the left but they won’t admit it, they try to py the husbands off to keep it quiet.

  18. Tommy Caudill says:

    I just pooped and it looked like a right wingnut

  19. Liberal and Proud of it says:

    While it’s true and still true Rand Paul supports a $2000 deductible for Medicare, Rand Paul doesn’t want black people to be able to eat with eat with white people and Rand Paul wants everyone with a handicap to stay on the first floor.

    The reoublican’s Pledge to America adds $11 trillion to the national debt. Now that’s reversal of fortune you can believe in.

  20. Liberal and Proud of it says:

    Tommy, it must have felt like looking in the mirror.

  21. Tommy Caudill says:

    Rand Paul is so ugly, when he walks by a bathroom, the toilet flushes.

  22. ScottW says:

    Yes, 23% sales tax is correct . But the thing you and the other dems fail to mention, is that this would eliminate the income tax. I’d gladly stop paying 35% (soon to be 39% under Obama and the dems) and pay 23% sales tax.

    Oh by the way, Obama-care taxs you 3.8% when you sell your house. That impacts everyone.

    Obama is the worst president ever. The economy was doing great until the dems took over congress in 2006. Raised the minimum wage first thing and started the unemployment wave. Businesses are so concerned about Obama-care and taxes under this admin, that is why no one is hiring.

    It will all change next week.

  23. Tommy Caudill says:

    ScottW, give hope a chance.

  24. Liberal and Proud of it says:


    Let’s sit down and have a chat session. The 23% sales tax Rand Paul mentkions would add up to 34%. According to, unless you make more than $200,000 per year you would be hurt more than helped by this tax. In other words you would pay a higher tax. Since when do you pay a 35% income tax? The most you pay unless you make more than $373,000 per year is 15% and that’s only if you make up to $34,000 per year if you make up to $84,000 per year you pay 25% pushing it.

  25. chris dodd says:

    I love tommy caudill. he smells ripe and he is kin to ben chandler

  26. Liberal and Proud of it says:

    I am so liberal that I would watch our country go down the tubes before I’d give up my love for big govt. I would like to see all republicans be locked up or sent to a gulag. Free healthcare for everybody. Living wages for all, including a minimum wage of $25 per hour. Free lunches for all school children. Free food at kroger for everybody who cant pay. tax breaks for people who do not pay taxes.

    I love america

  27. Tommy Caudill says:

    You been sniffing me again, chris dodd?

  28. fire says:

    You’re on the right track liberal. Communism.

  29. Tommy Caudill says:

    I was raised on a pig farm, so don’t be talking to me about my smell, o.k.

  30. Liberal and Proud of it says:

    That’s an awful big word for someone who doesn’t know what it means.

  31. Liberal and Proud of it says:

    I have no desire for everyone to have equal property, I just want everyone to have equal rights. There’s a very big difference.

  32. Tommy Caudill says:

    Good things take time. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Vote Democrat.

  33. Campaign Watchdog: Claim that Conway supports cap-and-trade plan ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  34. Barry Cooper says:

    All he said was he didn’t support the House Bill. He’s not opposed to the concept of the Federal Government taking direct control of energy production throughout our nation, which is a key goal for any aspiring Socialist.

    And he’s running for election now. He’s already admitted he supports something along those lines–as long as it doesn’t affect his voting base–so what’s to say in the next six years he can’t get strongarmed, as happened to many Democrats with the monstrous Obamacare?

    Paul has principles. Conway has talking points.

  35. not true says:

    CONway is on record as supporting cap-and-trade. See older you-tube videos. He waffles; he flip-flops.

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