Campaign Watchdog: Claim on Barr’s police record ‘true’

October 04, 2010 | | Comments 14

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By John Cheves –

The statement: “Barr lied twice on state job applications, failing to disclose an arrest and guilty plea for false identification.”

— U.S. Rep. Ben Chander, D-Versailles, attacking his Republican challenger, Andy Barr, in a commercial now running on Lexington television stations.

The ruling: True.

The facts: In 1993, as a 19-year-old college student vacationing in Key West, Fla., Barr was charged by police with possession of a fake Mississippi driver’s license. He pleaded guilty and was ordered to provide eight hours of community service, according to court records.

A decade later, when Barr applied for state jobs under Gov. Ernie Fletcher, he checked “No” on the sections asking if he had “ever been convicted of violating any law” other than “minor traffic violations.”

Barr said earlier this year that he believed his Florida conviction was “minor” and therefore did not merit disclosure on the applications.

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  1. Wills says:

    Barr is dirty crooked scum

  2. McAllisterBryant says:

    So it was a “minor” lie. Well then, that makes it all better.

    I am sure he makes that differentiation to his legal clients, judges and juries all the time.

  3. teabagger2514_a_section 42 says:

    His lie is enough to vote against him. However, now I am faced with the commie party and cap and trade voter Bend Chandler. I’ll have to vote for Barr

  4. teabagger2514_a_section 42 says:

    I also really like to dress like Prince Poppycock. Just sayin’

  5. Margaret says:

    Much ado about nothing

  6. Big Ben 4 liberty says:

    “He hath sinneth against the People, and our most sacred and holy institution. He should be made to wear the scarlet letters for drunken driving for his transgressions. So sayeth the flock, so sayeth the shepherd.” — The Right Reverend Ben Chandler, pastor of the First Self-Righteous Church of the Holy Democrat.

  7. Bobalou says:

    Once again republican politicians and even candidates seem to have a convenient way of not telling the truth when it suits them. It is best not to read their lips but rather their records when you want the real truth.

  8. ct stewart says:

    dear Tea…Barr is not a commie!

  9. serah says:

    Kentucky we’re once again faced with the best of two evils. Barr/Chandler, I’ll have to go for the scum Barr. Paul/Conway, both terrible candidates, Trey Grayson should have been on this ballot. No wonder Ky is always at the lowest end of the totum pole.

  10. jeff blewus says:

    ben chandler is either a dumb pawn or a willing participant in the commie takeover of the once-proud democrat party

  11. foolio says:

    So Barr had a fake ID when he was a teenager. Ben Chandler’s bankrupting our country and laughing about it…

  12. commodore says:

    wonder if it was at rum runners. lost my mississippi fake that exact year in key west

  13. tommythecommie says:

    Yep, the secret ACORN is still happening. Our funding from Soros came through! Not only that but Abby Boudreau invited US on HER boat.

    Later on, we’ll call up right-wingers with militia connections and tell’em they won a prize but they have to claim it at their precinct.

  14. Cats1968 says:

    Spring break in Key West. What a great time. I did it 2 years in a row in the early 90s. I think 8 hours of community service is what everybody got because they need people to clean the beach in the morning from the day before. Most locals just confiscate them, but Key West wants the students to clean the beach. I hope they caught him later in the week so he didn’t have to go all week without a fake. Maybe he had a spare, but I doubt it. This is equal to a minor traffic offense, and I wouldn’t have disclosed it either.