Fancy Farm leftovers: everything but pork

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By Bill Estep and Jack Brammer –

FANCY FARM – Political theater is a tradition at Fancy Farm, and the 130th edition Saturday didn’t disappoint.

Attorney General Jack Conway, the Democratic nominee, had a “Rand Paul Waffle House” set up behind the stage to highlight the charge that Paul has changed positions on several issues, or that his beliefs are risky.

Volunteers at the booth passed out menus with items such as “Rand’s Balanced Budget Biscuit. Don’t ask for the secret recipe — Rand won’t tell you.”

Conway has criticized Paul for saying he would vote to balance the federal budget his first year in office without offering specifics on cuts.

Conway also had a man in a costume identified as NeanderPaul – a criticism that Paul would turn back federal protections for the disabled, miners and others.

For his part, Paul had someone parading around in a Flipper dolphin suit, an allegation that Conway has flip-flopped on a proposal to regulate carbon emissions from power plants, expressing support for it last year before opposing the “cap and trade” legislation this year.

Grayson in 2011?
It was a point several speakers made at Republican events during the weekend of the 130th Fancy Farm picnic: Trey Grayson’s political future is not over despite losing to Rand Paul in the Republican U.S. Senate primary.

Saturday, Grayson confirmed it’s possible he’ll be on the ballot in 2011.

Grayson, the secretary of state, wouldn’t say how likely it is he’ll run.

But he said he’s thinking about various possibilities, and that state treasurer is the only office he’d rule out seeking.

It may have been his strongest statement yet about running next year instead of taking a break from office, as some people speculated he would after the bruising, 24-point primary loss.

Grayson said he was encouraged by being at Fancy Farm, which draws political junkies like honey draws bees. Several Democrats told him they would have voted for him in November if he’d won, Grayson said.

“That made me feel real good,” he said.

Big laughs

Paul and Republicans didn’t laugh at much the Democrats said during their speeches, but Conway got a laugh out of Grayson, at least, while getting the audience to chant “accidents happen” – a reference to a statement Paul made about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and a coal-mine disaster.

What did McConnell (who backed Grayson in the primary) say to the national GOP senatorial committee the day after Paul won, Conway asked?

“Accidents happen,” his supporters yelled. Grayson laughed.

For his party, Conway smiled broadly when McConnell joked about the speeches being on a seven-second delay – referring to Conway’s saying a curse word at last year’s event, prompting a new no-cussing rule this year.

David Williams in 2011?

Many people believe Senate President David Williams, a Burkesville Republican, will run for governor in 2011, but he continued to demur when asked about that Saturday at the Graves County Republican breakfast, where he was master of ceremonies.

The focus should be on November’s races, he said.

But Phil Moffett, a Louisville businessman who has started a campaign for governor and hopes to win the backing of Tea Party movement activists, said he’s sure he’ll be facing Williams.

“I think it’s a foregone conclusion,” he said.

Williams made it a point to reach out to those in the Tea Party movement at the breakfast.
“Welcome to our party. We’re stronger for your presence,” he said.

Paul won the primary with the backing of people in the Tea Party movement.

On the Democratic side, state Auditor Crit Luallen warned at a Friday night speech that if Paul wins, it will embolden Tea Party candidates to run across the nation.

“We have to stop it right here, right now,” she said.

Richie Farmer in 2011?

There has been speculation that Richie Farmer, the Republican state commissioner of agriculture and University of Kentucky basketball icon, will run for lieutenant governor with Williams.

But Robert Farmer of Louisville, a Democrat who is running for ag commissioner – a post Richie Farmer can’t seek again – said he thinks the outgoing commissioner will take a different path next year.

“He’ll be secretary of state and then he’ll just walk into the governor’s office” later, Robert Farmer opined.

Farmer hasn’t said whether he’ll run next year, or for what.

National attention

The race between Paul and Conway has gotten a lot of national attention this year, in part because Paul has embraced the mantle of Tea Party candidate and is the son of longtime Congressman Ron Paul. The presence of a GOP heavy hitter at a Republican breakfast Saturday reinforced the race’s national importance.

Eric Cantor, the U.S. House minority whip and a rising star in the party, spoke at the breakfast in Mayfield, telling a standing-room crowd that one reason America is great is people like Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and yes, even Barack Obama, can rise from humble roots to be president.

But that was the last positive thing he said about Obama. Republicans must wrest control from Obama and the Democrats or the country will slide further into debt under an over-reaching government, he said.

“They believe in a government so huge that it will interfere in every aspect of our lives,” Cantor said, echoing Paul’s message.

McConnell and Obama

Republican U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell noted he had a one-on-one meeting with Preisdent Obama last week – the first since Obama took office about 18 months ago.

McConnell pointed out Obama’s approval rating was much higher early in his term than it is now.
That was an apparent suggestion the president didn’t feel he needed to deal with the GOP Senate leader earlier.

McConnell said he couldn’t say what they talked about, but that he expects to be talking to Obama a lot more next year.

That was a suggestion the Republicans are going to gain enough seats to command the chief executive’s greater attention.

Beshear sings

They’re not ready for American Idol, but Gov. Steve Beshear and former Gov. Paul Patton did a passable job signing “My Old Kentucky Home” at the Democratic breakfast Saturday after Appeals Court Judge Christopher Shea Nickell got them to join in.

“We can sing better than the Republicans and we sure can govern better than the Republicans,” Beshear said.

Gatewood still unindicted

The inimitable Gatewood Galbraith is running for governor in 2011 as an independent, and he showed it this weekend, taking advantage of the crowd to pass out flyers Friday night outside a Democratic event, and then outside a GOP event on Saturday morning with his running mate, Dea Riley.

He also hasn’t lost his sense of humor in his fourth race for governor.

“I’m still unindicted,” he quipped when someone asked how he was doing.

Rocky Adkins in 2011?

House Majority Leader Rocky Adkins, D-Sandy Hook, acknowledged he is getting encouragement to run for governor next year.

But Adkins said he is focused on keeping and, if possible, expanding the Democratic majority in the House this November.

He said Democrats are “very confident” in their candidates.

For his part, Adkins’ GOP counterpart, Republican Minority Leader Jeff Hoover of Jamestown, said the GOP has its strongest field of challengers ever.

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  1. BarryNBG says:

    Don’t forget how Conway supporters were pretending to be racist Paul supporters:

    Not to mention breaking copyright law with the Waffle House logo.

  2. wendell says:

    Jack Conway reaches a new low by having Tyler dress up as a Rand Paul fan and shout racist slurs. The Democrats which were for slavery, Jim Crow laws, and segregation, cannot let go of their racism.

  3. BarryNBG says:

    Joe Gerth at the CJ reported about this guy, wonder if the HL will?

  4. West Paducah says:

    Well, well, well, you might know that the Paulets would be out whining. FACT, little Paulie got his rear kicked yesterday by Conway. Rand Paul is not a Kentuckian, he is against miners, farmers, education, Medicare, SS and everything else that HELPS Kentuckians. He’s toast.

  5. Senior Citizen says:

    If Rand Paul thinks he going to stop us Senior Citizens from coming out in force in Nov. he better think again. Why in the good Lords name would we Seniors vote for a candidate that would kick us to the curb. Paul is a nut and us Seniors will be carrying a big hammer when we vote against him in Nov.

  6. Bill Adkins says:

    Fancy Farm was a preview to the fall campaign. Rand Paul isn’t playing with the intramurals of the GOP, the Tea Party and McConnell. It’s the big leagues and Rand Paul is about to be sent back to the minor.

  7. BarryNBG says:

    Yes, and the Democrats have owned the state in Federal (big leagues) elections in Kentucky….. oh wait.

    Also, Senior Citizen were you part of the AARP bus that paid for their members to go support Conway yesterday. The AFSCME member told me they were mandated to be there but, they would pay their way. Union collusion with Campaigns got CONway fined by the FEC in 2002. Ruh Roh.

  8. Paulette Yates says:

    Mr. Senior Citizen. You best be checking just who is going to kick you to the curb. You can start with the Medicare benefits that will have to be cut to pay for the Health care program. You can finish when you find where the money is going to come from to pay for Obama programs. If you think there is that much rich to steal from, you best check again.

  9. William says:

    Senior Citizen:

    Or you could just stop trying to ride the federal gravy train. “Oh, who’s gonna take care of me.” How about yourself?

  10. Eric says:

    “He’s toast.”

    lol, somebody certainly has their fingers in their ears and are chanting “la la la la la I can’t hear you” when it comes to the recent independent polling.

    Conway = Smarmy ambulance chasing Obama-voter who hangs out with real racists (Wendell Ford) and fake ones (“Tyler” from that video).

  11. GermantownDem says:

    Hey Senior Citizen, you better watch out, there’s a Barry O’Bama death panel coming your way.

  12. whiners says:

    Somebody call the waaambulance. Jack Conway wiped the floor with weasely Radical Rand Paul yesterday and now the whole country knows it. So resort to your petty attacks and smears, none of which will be proven true.

    Regarding the Tyler situation, does he not have the right to his first amendment right of free speech. Even if he is a Conway supporter does he not have the right to put Paul’s radical views on a sign. Is there any video of him actually saying anything racist at all? Or is this another one of the clever editing jobs of frightwing smear machine. If I had went to Fancy Farm I had planned to carry around a Dora Explorer doll in handcuffs because that is what Rand and the teabaggers want to do, make babies criminals. This proves teabaggers can dish it out but they sure can’t take it!

  13. pat says:

    Non-teabaggers don’t have the right to free speech. Non-teabaggers don’t have the right to tell teabaggers dressed as scary grim reapers at a church family picnic to take off their masks or leave their private property. And when asked for their names they said they were told NOT to talk to reporters. And as expected when non-teabaggers say things that teabaggers don’t like it is intolerable. But we all have to suffer through their ignorance. So as expected the rights and freedoms teabaggers want are not extended to anybody but teabaggers. Poor guy that the Paul campaign stuffed into a dolphin suit was asked whose bright idea that was, he duly noted “not mine”. Fancy Farm yesterday was ultimate #teabagfail

    BTW I read the Joe Gerth article and didn’t find any mention of Tyler, probably more like a Paul plant to look like a Conway supporter being a phony racist. Now that sounds about like the teabagger lying record. Since teabaggers are known for setting plants and carefully editing video, you’re not fooling anyone this time. But there were two other nuggets.

    In fact, he got out very quickly, bounding off the stage and into a waiting sport utility vehicle that sped away with reporters chasing after it.

    The Fayette County GOP tried to organize a bus trip to Fancy Farm but two days before the picnic, Chairman Carol Rogers sent out an e-mail saying the trip “has been canceled due to lack of interest. Only six people signed up to go. … Maybe next year.”

  14. William says:

    I really kind of felt like the speeches were a draw. Conway did fine, in general, though I obviously didn’t agree with him. I thought Rand did fine as well. Since he has the press hanging on his every word, he has little choice but to just stay on message and speak extemporaneously as little as possible in that kind of environment. And he succeeded at that.

  15. William says:

    What is interesting is Conway talking about how his vision is a positive one, with America’s best days ahead, while trying to contrast Paul as playing to people’s “fears.”

    Yet both Conway and Beshear spent about half of their speeches talking about how Paul is too “risky” and actually used the word “scary.” If that isn’t the epitome of playing to people’s fears, what exactly is? The irony was not lost on this listener.

  16. William says:

    Moreover, it appears that Democrats are trembling in fear of Paul because he’s going to repeal the Civil Rights Act and the ADA, and eliminate the Dept. of Education (how will we ever learn to read w/o it?)…none of which is remotely true, of course. Rand, by contrast, is discussing his fears regarding a mounting national debt, the possible havoc that is being wreaked on our health care institutions by a bill whose effects we won’t begin to understand for 4 years (hopefully not sooner), and the serious damage to the economy that would occur by the expiration of the Bush tax cuts in the middle of a recession. Frankly, if Rand IS playing to our fears, at least he’s playing to legitimate ones.

  17. Bill Adkins says:

    Rand IS playing to your fears – what he’s not doing is offering any solutions. At best Rand Paul and the Tea Party offer slogans and empty rhetoric and they promote the Republican party as a panacea for the very Great Depression II the Republicans delivered. $6.5 trillion added by the GOP to the national debt 2001-through FY 2009 and the Republicans are ‘fiscally responsible?’

  18. Jack McCock says:

    The Democrats were given the House and Senate by large margins in 2008, which helped grow the Tea Party movement. The American people woke up and determined that they were not going to tolerate these expansions of government power. Americans are worried (rightfully so) that the America that they live in isn’t the same one that their parents and grandparents fought in two world wars for. Conway is all about expanding the power of the federal government through gun control, cap and trade, and other onerous legislation that he supports. For liberty and prosperity, vote Rand Paul for US Senate this November.

  19. William says:

    Bill Adkins,

    No arguments on the failure of Republicans during the 2000s to act in a fiscally conservative manner (though I don’t think they could have fathomed the fiscal irresponsibility that the current regime and Congress have engendered). The Republicans failed us in that regard.

    So, the solution is to send candidates that we honestly believe will be fiscally conservative. And that’s why you get Rand Paul, and not Trey Grayson. I don’t get the argument that “Republicans weren’t fiscally responsible” when they were in power. So that’s supposed to make me vote for the current Democrats? No, it’s supposed to make me vote for better Republicans.

  20. Buck Feshear says:

    I am tired of hearing the liberal lies that Paul and the Republicans are not offering any solutions. I hear plenty of solutions in the GOP/Tea Party message:

    1.) Operate the federal government according to constitutionally-permitted guidelines.

    2.) Allow those who earn money to keep more of what they earn, thereby keeping more money in the private sector where jobs are created.

    3.) Get government out of the way of job creation and economic development while at the same time maintaining safety standards. In other words, get rid of onerous burdensome regulations that do little to really keep workers safe but increase the bureaucratic red tape the economic engines of our nation need to cut through.

    4.) Allow individuals to make their own decisions regarding health care and get the government out of that decision-making process.

    5.) Return the federal government to operations under constitutional limitations. (Did I say that already)?

  21. GermantownDem says:

    Love the continual use of the slur teabaggers. God I hate the homocrats in my party.

  22. […] Politics reports: The Democratic nominee, had a “Rand Paul Waffle House” set up behind the stage to […]

  23. Chris says:

    In all my years I have NEVER given a flying fig about Fancy Farm. It has absolutely “O” influence on my vote.

    Vote out ALL DEMS in every race for the next 2-3 elections………I guarantee you positive results when they are done away with. Go Rand!

  24. […] Politics reports: The Democratic nominee, had a “Rand Paul Waffle House” set up behind the stage to […]

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