Barr raises $382,072 in second quarter

Republican Andy Barr, left, is challenging U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler, D-Versailles, in Kentucky's 6th Congressional District.

Republican Andy Barr, left, is challenging U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler, D-Versailles, in Kentucky

By John Cheves –

Garland “Andy” Barr, the Republican candidate in Central Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District, on Wednesday reported raising $382,072 during the second quarter of 2010, which ended June 30.

In a statement, Barr said it was his best fund-raising quarter so far. He is challenging U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler, D-Versailles, in the Nov. 2 election.

“People across the Sixth District are clearly responding to my message of cutting wasteful government spending and job creation,” said Barr, a Lexington lawyer and former aide to Gov. Ernie Fletcher.

Barr said his campaign has raised $811,000 overall. His last campaign-finance report, before the May primary, showed that he spent at least $213,755 of that while competing with five other Republican hopefuls for the GOP nomination.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has designated Barr as one of its “Young Guns,” worthy of its independent support, and the 6th District as a possible pick-up for the Republican Party in the fall elections. Chandler has held the seat since 2004.

Chandler’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request Wednesday for its own second-quarter 2010 fund-raising total. As of its last report, April 28, the Chandler campaign had raised $750,140 this election cycle but was sitting on an accumulated campaign war chest of nearly $1.7 million, including money raised in previous years.

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  1. bingcherries says:

    Barr seems to me to be another professional politician wanna-be. Unfortunately the Fayette County GOP seems to be very mcconnell-esque.

    As an independent, I could not vote in the primary. So be it.

    However, I will NOT vote for Ben “Cap-n-Trade” Chandler, who appears more and more to be a slimy, squishy, ‘gotta keep my job and keep pelosi happy” kind of a guy.

  2. Carl says:

    Bingcherries, hit things right on target. Oh no, I said, target.

  3. shirley halbert says:

    Ben Chandler stated that they must keep the money flowing. That is code for taxing those that work and giving to those that do not. Redistribution of wealth that the present administration with Reid and Pelosi leading and Chandler is voting for. He is not responding to the wants of Kentuckians, but acting like typical politician.

  4. Chris says:

    The ABC’s of November 2010……………..
    Anyone But Chandler! hee-hee ha ha!

  5. Big Ben 4 liberty says:

    I don’t know if Barr has any chance in November or not, but it would be awesome if we could finally retire Chandler. He, along with the governor and House Speaker Stumbo represent the absolute worst of Kentucky politics.

  6. Prof. Gilligan says:

    I agree that Barr’s background doesn’t make him the perfect GOP candidate. But anyone with an I.Q higher than that of an opossum should be able to beat “Big Spendin’ Ben” this time around.

    I mean no disrespect to opossums.

  7. Jeff Lewis says:

    There’s one little qualification you have to have before you can get up on your stool and holler about big-spending this and that.

    You have to tell us how much you make, how much you paid in taxes, and why you think that’s too much.

    The Democrats cut taxes for everybody under 250K. Guess that leaves you all out.

    And I guess none of you knows anybody who lost their job.

    People who make jokes on blogs are so cool.

  8. snappy says:

    jeff lewis, you go first. then tell us why govt should require so much that people protest paying that much. please tell us what gives congress the belief they have the right to confiscate and spend so much and tell why congress is not a bunch of pompous, self-righteous jerks.

    When the tax cuts end this year, even the lowest bracket of 10% will rise to 15% I believe. Add to that the health care fees/taxes. You will be certain to get back with us on how the under $250K folks are NOT impacted, okay?

  9. Mike says:

    My prediction is that Barr will pull a Rand Paul and try to paint his opponent as liking Black folks too much, but both Barr and Paul will be loser on Noveber 2nd.

  10. Chris says:

    Jeff Lewis……you so funny!

  11. Gator says:

    Andy is a good guy and he will do the right thing. Biden and the rest of the democraps think that the U.S. can spend its way into prosperity. No chance, we must become a country of savers again. You can feel the ground shaking around the political landscape. The GOP will rise again. The liberals are panicking. They have squandered their political capital and managed to enrage every segment of the Democratic party but one.