Opponent calls on cursing councilman to apologize

By Linda B. Blackford –

Kevin Williams, a candidate for the Urban County Council’s 10th District seat, called on his opponent, incumbent Doug Martin, to apologize on Wednesday for cursing at a local blogger in city hall.

On July 1, Martin directed a string of obscenities at Joe Sonka, author of the Barefoot and Progressive blog, in a fifth-floor conference room where a council committee had just met.

“I have waited ten days in an attempt to give Mr. Martin the time to account for his actions himself, but further reports indicate that he continues to refuse to own up to his actions on July 1st,” Williams said in a press release. “I call on Council Member Martin to apologize immediately to the citizens of Lexington.”

Martin issued a statement Tuesday night stating that the “local blogger’s account of our conversation on July 1st is grossly exaggerated and offensive. As to Mr. Williams, I would certainly have been surprised if he hadn’t wanted to make a little political hay with this story.”

The cursing incident was witnessed by a Herald-Leader reporter.

Martin, an attorney, was appointed to the council by Mayor Jim Newberry in January 2009 after Don Blevins Jr. resigned to become Fayette County clerk.

“I fully believe that, whether you’re elected to the Council or appointed by the Mayor, you are still responsible to the citizens you represent,” Williams said. “Part of that responsibility is to be professional, courteous, and a gentleman, especially during council activity, no matter what name you may be called on a blog Web site.”

Williams is a recently retired captain in the Lexington Fire Department.

Martin was apparently upset by Sonka’s criticism of him during the meeting of a committee investigating alleged fraud in city procurement. Sonka called Martin a “clown” after Martin claimed he’d been kept out of a closed session of the committee.

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  1. Strangeite says:

    It is really a shame that you didn’t provide a link to Joe’s account of the incident.

    Hilarity is too tame a word.

  2. FormerDemocrat says:

    This is just some publicity stunt organized by Sonka to get hits on his website.

  3. Joe says:

    FormerDemocrat… Renee True, is that you?

  4. Rick says:

    I’m glad Doug Martin IS NOT POLITICALLY correct…this is NONE of Williams business!

  5. Sam says:

    From what I’ve seen, Doug Martin is not fit to serve as dogcatcher, much less on the council. That boy is out of control, and doesn’t respect the citizens he is speaking for when he’s unleashing obscenities at official meetings.

    Don’t know Williams, but he couldn’t be any worse than this clown.

  6. foolio says:

    Looks like Kevin’s a firefighter:

    Although he seems to be fanning the flames

  7. CubsLose says:

    Sonka makes a hobby (can’t call it a living, ’cause he doesn’t make any money) out of pushing the buttons of politicians until they explode and he can put it all over the internet. He’s done it to Ben Chandler before, Jim Newberry, and now Doug Martin.

    Who cares if they yell at him? It’s what he’s asking for anyway. Screw Joe Sonka and this Williams guy for capitalizing on these childish antics.

  8. Chris says:

    The time has come to remove the kid gloves and get on with it. You may not like or agree with his obscenities but that is his perogative. If his constituets decide to vote him out… be it. Being polite and PC will get you nowhere. GO DOPug and call it like you see it!

  9. Jackie says:

    Yes respect is needed and so is an apology but not to the current President of the United States. We’ve seen so much disrespect, and filthy names called yet Republicans don’t see that as a problem and manners don’t count. But it depends on who the person is. Remember our kids are watching as they see cursing at the current President is fine but not to a chosen person.

  10. Big Ben 4 liberty says:

    Yeah, Jackie cuz we all know the Democrats are absolute paragons of virtue and decency!

    Yours has to be one of the dumbest comments I have read on this blog so far.

  11. Buck Feshear says:

    Oh, the irony … Joe Sonka getting his panties in a wad over someone using the F-word. Joe must not read his own blog.

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