Paul says there ‘wasn’t enough’ regulation of offshore drilling

June 03, 2010 | | Comments 48

Rand Paul

FRANKFORT — Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul took a softer approach Thursday on the federal government’s response to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

During an interview with Tony Cruise on WHAS-AM in Louisville, Paul said government regulations of offshore drilling were not adequate.

Paul, calling the spill “a great tragedy,” said “I think we do have to have regulations, and we do have regulations in place but apparently wasn’t enough.

“And sometimes even the best of regulations don’t work because something unforeseen happens and that’s what we have to figure out from this.”

In a recent interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Paul criticized President Barack Obama’s handling of the crisis as anti-business and sounding “really un-American.”

“What I don’t like from the president’s administration is this sort of, ‘I’ll put my boot heel on the throat of BP,’” Paul said on ABC last month. “I think that sounds really un-American in his criticism of business.”

Paul told ABC that Obama’s response is part of the “blame game” prevalent in the U.S., creating the attitude that tragedies are “always someone’s fault.”

Paul said Thursday that “the primary thing right now is not to pass judgment before we know what happened and try to fix the problem.”

He said an investigation will be necessary once the gushing oil well is capped.

Paul also said on the radio show that “a lie from Jack Conway,” his Democratic opponent in November’s general election, started the media flap concerning his comments on civil rights.

Paul said one day after winning the May 18 Republican primary election that he abhors racism but federal law should not dictate to private businesses whom they should serve.

“Jack Conway got on MSNBC and said I was for repealing the Civil Rights Act, which is not my position, has never been my position and basically was a lie,” Paul said Thursday.

“So you get a politician like Jack Conway, who basically makes up stuff — lies — and then a liberal network just repeated it over and over again.”

Conway has said he never started the flap and that his comments shortly after the election were based on an interview Paul had in April with The Courier-Journal’s editorial board in which he said a private business should be able to decide whom to serve.

–Jack Brammer

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  1. Thomas says:

    The interview Conway is referring to NEVER mention any repeal of the civil rights act. Nice try Jack, but you are still a lier!

  2. William says:

    I listened to the interview, and that’s not how I took what Dr. Paul was saying. I believe if you read it, what he’s saying is not that more regulation is necessarily needed, but rather that the regulations in place were not sufficient to stop this event from occurring, and that it might very well have been something that regulations simply could not have prevented (but that we can’t know one way or the other at this point for sure). Suggesting that this is a political 180 for Paul (as I’m sure this article is intended to do) is a pretty far-fetched reading/hearing of it.

  3. Unbelievable says:

    Oh, so now Mr. “Get government out of the way!” is calling for MORE government oversight of private industry.

    Funny…I figured he’d wait until fall to start running away from his platform.. Guess he’s getting an early start.

    Hilarious. 😛

  4. Stone D'Again says:

    Paul doesn’t even know where he is on the map, never mind the rest of us.

  5. Electric Bill says:

    Flip flop like a flap jack. Now Paul wants (gasp) more government interference with free enterprise and the holy of holies, the oil industry. That’s just un-Republican.

  6. George says:

    Wow, talk about reading into things. Paul said “I think we do have to have regulations, and we do have regulations in place but apparently wasn’t enough.” What I read is that apparently the regulations we have did not work, not that we need more. I also read that maybe nothing would have worked since we don’t know what happened until we find out the facts. Amazing how obama and the administration have jumped to conclusions, if you can call taking 40 days to react jumping to conclusions. obama clearly does not have a clue what he is doing or saying. Conway seems to be following his leader. Both need to get a clue. One day obama is going to take responsibility for something and we are all going to have a heart attack. Thank God we only have a couple more years of this joker.

  7. Skip says:

    Wait, wait, wait- isn’t this the same Rand Paul who said non-violent crimes should not be considered crimes?

    So which is Randy- too much government or not enough?

    Or are you just like everyone suspects; a self-serving hypoctie taking a lot Teabagger saps along for a ride.

  8. ellie says:

    in reaction to the title of this article…..

    well, DUH!!!!!, mr. paul

  9. George says:

    And to Skip’s point, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are not really illegal either if they and all their cousins will vote for obama and all his dumb ideas. Now I understand your position, no not really but figured I would just agree since I would prefer to debate with intellegent people and not someone that can not spell or that calls other people names when he has nothing intelligent to say.

  10. dd says:

    Don’t his handlers help him make up his mind? Pick a side of the fence and sit there, please. Your making my head hurt.

  11. theGhostPony says:

    Let’s see, who were those oil men who were in charge of the White House for eight years? Who were those two Republicans who let the petroleum companies make their own rules, then filled the regulatory agencies with cronies? What were their names again?!?

    Anyone remember? Anyone at all?

  12. KYtruthiness says:

    Flip Flop, make it stop, Randy’s faults begin to pop

  13. dd says:

    I feel sorry for his defenders. NOT.

    “Well, this is what he meant, I mean that is what he stands for, well, what he means to say is…oh, well, Conway made him say it, and those guys in the liberal press, how dare they actually record and quote the words that come out his mouth. Not fair to actually use a guy’s platform against him ,especially when he contradicts himself,….commie socialist!”


  14. William says:

    Good job, H-L. Everybody read the headline, nobody read the article (per usual), and now everybody thinks that Dr. Paul is advocating more and tighter federal regulations. And it’s not true at all.

    Mission accomplished?

  15. Wills says:

    Does Paul know what he wants? I don’t think he does. Less regulation here, not enough there.

    This man might be good in an eye clinic but in Washington he would be dangerous.

  16. dd says:

    Uh, “I think we do have to have regulations, and we do have regulations in place but apparently (that) wasn’t enough”

    William, which article did you read?

  17. William says:


    I read the same article…and listened to the interview this morning on my way to work. If you take that quote and put it in context (i.e., read what he said next), you’ll understand clearly why he wasn’t saying that more regulations are necessarily needed.

  18. MrBill says:

    Apparently Mr. Paul hasn’t noticed that investigations are already being conducted. So many facts to keep track of – it’s so hard! One ting that has come out of those investigations is a certainty that this is not a “natural” disaster. It is man made. It is a truism that all errors are human errors (nature doesn’t make “mistakes”). What’s to be determined is who made what errors and how those errors led to the blow out.

    I wonder if Mr. Paul thinks that lying during the permit application process by claiming non-existent response capability (“We can drill a relief well in 10 days”) is a crime?

  19. john57 says:

    “Amazing how obama and the administration have jumped to conclusions, if you can call taking 40 days to react jumping to conclusions.”

    Besides the self contradictory nature of your comment, not only did it not “take Obama 40 days to act”, from all that we now know, his conclusions are right. The facts as they have been coming out are that BP apparently deceived and/or misled everyone, including the government. They appear to have lied about their abilities to contain spills, they used illegal shortcuts that led to the blowout, and they have apparently been lying all along about their off sea operations, their safety, and what BP’s technical capabilities are. The other ridiculous aspect of trying to blame Obama or suggest the “government” isn’t doing enough or isn’t “in charge” fail to consider that we “privatized” and deregulated every aspect of the government’s ability to respond.

    The government no longer has the equipment or the technology to intervene in these situations because some decided it was better to de-fund and dismantle those arms of the government that used to develop and had the technology and ability to intervene in these cases. Now it is all farmed out to “private contractors”, mostly the oil companies themselves. It is BPO’s and other oil industry companies that own and operate most of the submersible equipment required to work 5000′ down. That is yet another situation Obama inherited…

  20. BB says:

    That’s what I’m talking about also ghostpony….Did this country get in the shape it’s in over the past few months!!!!!

  21. McAllister Bryant says:

    Has Coattails cleared this new found position on drilling with Ms Palin?

  22. Unbelievable says:

    If you’re a republican, then ya…this all JUST happened, out of the clear blue, and all since Obama took over.

    Because, ya know…everything was great up until then.


    If, on the other hand, you’re a sane and rational adult, you understand that it’s perfectly acceptable to blame the drunk driver as you’re trying to spray the blood off the highway..

    And, let’s face it…that’s exactly what Obama’s been tasked with.

  23. Bill Adkins says:

    The Flop Flips – first Rand Paul said criticizing BP was un-American – but now he claims there isn’t enough regulation. In your gut you know Rand Paul is nuts.

  24. nors says:

    Paul: “And sometimes even the best of regulations don’t work because something unforeseen happens and that’s what we have to figure out from this.”

    By the time paul reaches this century, the spill will be history. We figured out that BP lied; they submitted written documents that say they can handle any possible situation that may arise. They are blocking the media from reporting now, not allowing planes to fly over the spill and for gosh sakes…don’t film any oil drenched critters.

    8 years of the bush regime and cheney’s backroom deals are continuing to demolish our country. All GOPers, independents, t-baggers, republicans, are the same, they are pathological liars and very bad for America–don’t vote another one into office.

  25. SameFailedPolicies says:

    BHObama isnt an engineer. I’m not saying a president is completely irrelevant here, but it is certainly not his “task”. Besides, not to belittle the spill but the most pressing issues by far are war related and his words have proven to mean nothing. “I promise to be out of Iraq & Afgan. in 16 months” Obama said multiply times while campaigning. Pfft, yea right, we see how that “promise”(his exact words) worked out.

    & Unbelievable, I’ve never registered anything other than republican and I rank Bush(I thank Ron Paul for being just as honest about Bush’s corruption as he has been the dems) & Obama in the top 3 deadbeat presidents. So your first comment is wrong. Second comment: The drunk drivers accident is kind of a bad analogy. Drunk driver in an accident is always 100% wrong, there is no question he is wrong and for what he is accountable. Thats alot different from an internation company who employees 1000s drilling 5000 feet underwater. Now you only have to look at the jaw dropping record profits in the past decade to be sure theres a bus load of greedy scumbags somewhere that deserve to swing. But lets not start tying nooses til we have a head count.

  26. MyPalMarx says:

    What a laughably confused little man. Ha!

  27. Rottweiler says:

    What, back from vacation so soon Rand????
    Too bad.

  28. km says:

    Notice that when anyone accurately describes Paul’s views or quotes him directly, as Trey Grayson did repeatedly, they are lying.

  29. KY4Life says:

    Lets not forget about all the money that Obama received from BP in campaign donations! Billions!!! Paul is a joke and he will say what ever feels right for the time, place and moment he finds himself in. Thank you my fellow Kentuckians for selling us out once again! Paul= #EpicFail

  30. vladzred says:

    Fail-safe mechanisms usually aren’t. With all the regulations in place for virtually everything in existence, seems like there should never be an accident. I’m a whole lot more interested in if/why contingency plans, already in existence, were not implemented. How much damage could have been prevented if agencies had reacted timely? Why is Jindal so upset?

  31. grimace says:

    vladzred – I suspect in the end we’ll find this was no accident .. this was gross negligence and greed by BP and their partners. They didn’t use mechanisms that were available because of greed, didn’t maintain the ones they had, didn’t follow their own rules and didn’t follow the government’s rules. And in the end I think they extended themselves into deeper water before they got good at dealing with problems in shallower water. They simply don’t have a way to deal with problems at that depth because they’ve gotten in over their head (sorry for the terrible pun).

    And what agencies do you expect in the US government to have the tools and expertise to work at that depth. We aren’t in the oil drilling business. And even if the government wanted to have the tools an expertise, where would they have found the money for it? Tax oil? I can hear the screams now.

  32. Rottweiler says:

    Your’s is nothing but conjecture and pure fantasy. You have not even a rudimentary understanding of drill or the regulations needed to be complied with much less the approval processes involved.
    get and education before glossing ovr the lost lives of 11 men who weren’t “greedy.” They were doing their jobs and had no interest in violating safety precautions.
    Accidents do happen. That’s what this was.
    A lot could have been done by the US to respond early and help the situation. It wasn’t.

  33. grimace says:

    rottweilet – no where did I blaim the 11 men that lost their lives … but I do blaim the BP and their contracting companies.

    If you read the transcripts of the conversations that happened ahead of the ‘event’ its obvious that some of the groups were cutting corners. Its also obvious that the existing equipment wasn’t maintained properly, and that they didn’t use existing technology because of cost concerns.

    Nature may have started the event, but man could have prevented it.

    BP overreached and it bit them and us in the butt.

    What could the US have done to help cap the well earlier. What technology do we have to deal with that?

    And if BP is lieing through their teeth about the amount of oil coming out, why would the US have not believed them and brought forces to bear quicker.

    Are you saying we shouldn’t ever believe the companies?

  34. Gnirol says:

    OK, let’s see: In this version of the English language “was not enough” does not mean “we need more” to fulfill the agreed upon goal. “I don’t have enough money to buy that,” for example, does not mean “I need more money to buy that.” Really? Dr. Paul might also learn that “apparently” is an adverb and cannot not be used as the subject of “was not enough”. If he meant “regulations” to be the subject in the clause, then he has the wrong form of the verb. A pedantic position? I don’t think so. We are talking about public statements of a candidate. Politicians often play with the language to permit themselves to deny later saying what everyone heard them say and knows they meant. In addition, if and when Dr. Paul gets a chance to write any laws, one would hope he would do so in English, not some sloppy version of it. “…the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall apparently not be infringed.” See? What’s a little “apparently” between friends?

  35. Jack is Anti-Gun

    Answering a survey for Project Vote Smart, Jack Conway admitted that he does not fully support the Second Amendment. Instead, he plans to:

    “Maintain and strengthen the enforcement of existing federal restrictions on the purchase and possession of guns.”

    This does not sound like someone who respects the right to keep and bear arms.

  36. Jack McCock says:

    Jack Conway seems to support practically every left wing idea there is. Not only that, he wishes to make these anti-constitution ideas public policy. Come November, it comes down to this: Those who like intrusive, privacy depriving government and wish to increase its power will vote for Jack Conway; while those who want to return the government to the size and authority over the people it was intended to have under the US Constitution will vote for Rand Paul. If common sense prevails, Rand Paul will win the general election.

  37. pat says:

    @Jack-Those who like intrusive, privacy depriving government and wish to increase its power.

    It was Republicans that spied on American citizens that didn’t agree with their illegal wars. Republicans are the ones that think all brown people should have to carry proof of citizenship. Republicans are against Habeas Corpus and Miranda rights. It is Republicans that want to be in every OB/GYN exam room to make sure you’re not doing something they don’t approve of. It is Republicans that want to be in every citizens bedroom to make sure that you uphold their high standards of sexuality. I just wish frightwingers could physically exist in the alternate reality that they live in within their own head.

  38. pat says: usual frightwing smear campaign, accusations without substance. Your website’s link doesn’t have any proof of what your spewing.

    On the other hand their is plenty of facts to prove the contrary. From Jack;s wikipedia page:

    In a 2002 Project Vote Smart survey, Conway supported enforcing current federal legislation, such as required background checks at gun shows and child safety locks, and supported allowing citizens to carry concealed guns.

    From Jack’s campaign regarding gun rights:
    “Jack Conway is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and gun owners’ rights,” Haley said. “He’s worked with the NRA to protect these fundamental freedoms, which is reflected by the ‘A’ rating he has received from the NRA as well as his 100 percent agreement with the NRA on the Senate candidate questionnaire they distributed.”

    Haley said Conway also has filed legal briefs supporting the NRA and other attorneys general in two Second Amendment cases in Chicago and Washington since he became Kentucky’s top law enforcer two years ago.

    Read more:


  39. pat says:

    The fact of the matter regarding this article is that Paul has said on numerous occasions the we need to end regulations. Abolish the EPA and OSHA, the very branches of the government that protects us from greedy corporations cutting corners endangering our lives and our environment. If this man-made disaster had happened in Radical Rand’s world, BP would not be on the hook for violations to the Clean Water Act (overreaching government) which fines are totaling almost $5 billion so far. They would face no criminal charges because in Rand’s world non-violent crimes wouldn’t be against the law. Unfortunately for Rand he fantasizes too much about the 18th century and doesn’t realize there is a thing called the internet and things you previously say can be easily found and your pandering is exposed.

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