Philly man’s e-mail to Sen. Bunning brings criminal charge

U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Southgate

U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Southgate

By Linda B. Blackford –

A Philadelphia man who was indicted by a federal grand jury in Covington for sending a harassing e-mail to U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning of Kentucky is expected to plead not guilty Friday to the charge.

Bruce Shore, an unemployed sales representative, said he sent an angry e-mail to Bunning’s office in February after Bunning single-handedly blocked a vote to extend unemployment benefits for several days.

In the e-mail, which Shore provided to the Herald-Leader, he asked if Bunning was “insane” and told him that “no checks equal no food for me.”

“If this political grandstanding does not end today — we will come to your offices and make our point. You are playing a life and death game here. Do you get it.” he wrote in all capital letters. He signed the letter Brad Shore.

Shore said he was interviewed by the FBI about a month after he sent the e-mail. Federal marshals delivered the felony indictment on May 18. He is scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court in Covington on Friday.

“I explained, I apologized, I thought that was the end of it,” Shore said in a phone interview this week.

Shore said he is not violent and had no violent feelings toward Bunning.

Bunning spokesman Mike Reynard said the Washington office received “several” threatening communications over the benefits issue. They were forwarded to the Capitol Police.

At the time, Bunning’s offices in Kentucky were deluged with calls and e-mails. News organizations reported that his office in Louisville had received a bomb threat.

Capitol Police Spokeswoman Kimberly Schneider confirmed that there is more than one open investigation related to Bunning, but she declined to comment further.

Shore’s court-appointed attorney, David Sloan, said he couldn’t comment on the indictment because he had little information about it. But he said he will probably try to find out how many other people were investigated on similar charges.

“That certainly seems relevant to me,” he said.

Earlier this week, Senate Sergeant at Arms Terrance Gainer told Politico, a Washington-based publication, that threats against members of Congress were up 300 percent in the first few months of 2010.

The charge carries a possible prison sentence of two years and fines of up to $250,000.

Shore and a girlfriend were part of what became known as a “Bonnie and Clyde” team that pleaded guilty to 35 burglaries in suburban Philadelphia in the 1990s, according to online court records. Shore got out of prison in 1995. Shore, who is currently unemployed, was part of a group in a competition at the Fox School of Business at Temple University that won a $2,000 prize in 2004.

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  1. TJ says:

    Folks like Bruce Shore are disgusting. Prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. Put him away.

  2. fedup2here says:

    Looks like Shore won\’t have to worry anymore about where his next meal is going to come from or where he is going to lay his head down at night.

  3. tiredofhypocrits says:

    Folks like Jim Bunning are disgusting. Prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. Put him away.

    He’s clearly a tax evader .. just check out his little baseball signing scam. That should lock him up for at least a couple of years.

    Unfortunately, he’ll never be prosecuted for the rest of his crimes against the United States.

  4. Brian Watters says:

    What? I didnt see anything threatening in what the man said? Do we not have free speech ? Are we not allowed to voice our opinions on how the people we elect vote on issues?
    This is bunk! Chargeing this man is absurd!

    Hey Bunning, I think you are a straight up butt hole, a total jerk and I do not think your arogant pompas rear end is fit to serve us!!!
    You are the most pompas arogant self centered idiot we have ever elected. I guarantee you you will not be realected! The people have seen you for what you really are! A rude lier!

  5. big says:

    Bunning is one of the best sneators that this country has ever seen. Why? He has a guts.

  6. Paulette Yates says:

    So….If the Government does not provide our needs, we can use intimidation and/or force?? Ever read Atlas Shrugged??

  7. Mike Wigton says:

    So if you get angry at your Senator in Kentucky and email him, you get prosecuted?!

    Free speech is not free in Kentucky–it appears if you offend the Republican establishment by your comments, they can put you away.

    Also, apparently, all those of you who offend another by your speech who use nom d plumes had best be careful what you say in Kentucky.

  8. Greg says:

    Paulette Yates | May 28, 2010 | Reply

    So….If the Government does not provide our needs, we can use intimidation and/or force?? Ever read Atlas Shrugged??

    It works in Greece. When we start cutting off the government tit you will see more of this. People don’t rely on the government.

  9. tiredofhypocrits says:

    “Bunning is one of the best sneators that this country has ever seen.”

    jeesh, and his supporters can’t even spell.

    JB is a gutless … happy to run up the deficit and give his rich friends tax breaks when Cheney and his puppet were running things and gutting the country’s regulation of his oil cronies, then acting like a 2 year old when something was done for the working man.

    Good riddance.

  10. David says:

    I agree.

  11. KYtruthiness says:

    Looks like the first two posters are a couple of Brownshirts. Do you all goosestep together, onto the message board, using your free speech to decry that another cannot. You, my friends, are nothing but Nazis.

  12. nofirstam says:

    What was the part that got this guy indicted? Was it that he said Bunning is insane? I guess dementia is a kind of insanity, leastwise in the vernacular. If it’s a question of civil law, as opposed to criminal, truth is a defense, isn’t it.? If I were defending this guy the first thing I’d do is ask that Bunning be examined by a competent mental health expert to see if he is indeed insane, or at least suffering from a serious case of dementia. Actually, I think this guy got indicted for the all caps part of his msg, where he said he was gonna show up at Bunning’s office, that Bunning was playing a life and death game with the hold on unemployment benefits, and asking if Bunning ‘got it’. But in reality, it was the use of the all caps button. I hate that too, but I never tried to indict anyone for it, just wrote them off as not too rational, not too sophisticated, not a good thinker, you know, an angry Teabagger type, or maybe just a plain ol’ right-winger Republican. Turns out he’s a past crook. Hmm. I do know a lot of ordinary Republicans that fit that description, come to think of it. I’d better hush. They might indict me (and causing blogging commenters to fear that result is the real reason this guy got indicted, so we’d think twice about negative comments on the Wehrmacht!).

  13. fedup2here says:

    KYtruthiness, Excuse me for making a sarcastic remark. Personally I don’t care what anybody says nor do I call people names like you for comments made. Where in my comment did I say anything about the guy not being able to have free speech??? Anyway go ahead and continue with your free speech of berating people who use their right to free speech.

  14. RON says:

    You pay into that fund you know.

  15. Gary says:

    Whatever happened to free speech? They did not publish the whole letter but I did not find anything threating in what they published!!!!

  16. Gary says:


  17. Buck Feshear says:

    This is silly, Under this standard, anyone who shows up at a government office to protest can be prosecuted. Cooler heads ought to prevail here and someone with oversight over the federal prosecutor in Covington ought to strongly suggest this charge be dropped.

  18. fedup2here says:

    By the way KYtruthiness, I have served two tours of duty over in Iraq, and in 15 days I will be shipped to Afghanistan for another tour. Yes I am one of those people who fights to ensure your rights, even your right of free speech that you use to bash people with. Good day!!!!!

  19. tiredofhypocrits says:

    No, you may think you are fighting in Afghanistan (or Iraq) for ‘Yes I am one of those people who fights to ensure your rights’ .. but you are really fighting for a bunch of old men who have made horrible mistakes in the past and keep making mistakes. You aren’t ensuring anyone’s rights fighting those 2 wars. You’ll figure that out eventually (just as your predecessors figured it out for Vietnam), and hopefully before your children get stuck in the same quagmire.

    I hope you come home safely so you can come to this realization yourself.

  20. fedup2here says:

    tiredofhypocrits, fitting name for one. You have the right to believe that, most cowards will use that defense, it makes them feel better about themselves for not being patriotic enough to defend their country. But just like I said to KYtruthiness, because of men and women who have fought wars for the U.S. you have the right to bash those who aren’t cowards and actually care about their country. My father served in the Korean Conflict and I have two Uncles who were in the Vietnam War and I have yet to hear them say what they did was wrong, I guess you have to actually experience something like that to understand. Good day and SEMPER FI!!!!!

  21. Seraphim says:

    Ya know, the senator stopped responding to my emails after I asked about legalizing medical marijuana and industrial hemp here in KY. Oh well, I didn’t vote for him, and have no plans on voting for him should he run for anything else.

  22. tim says:

    I guess it nevered crossed his mind to GET A JOB!

  23. tiredofhypocrits says:

    Oh, get over yourself fedup2here. I’ve got plenty of relatives that fought in WWII, and rightly were defending our country. My dad helped make the uranium for the 1st A bomb and never had any qualms about us using it, and was thanked profusely by men who were in the Pacific theater.

    I’ve got no problems with the proper use of military force. I’m quite proud of my nephew who is an Army surgeon, my father (in the Army at Oak Ridge), and my grandfather who was a Navy commander in both WWI and WWII. I’ve also worked for a military contractor for the Trident submarine. I’ll admit right up front to not serving myself in the military, but wouldn’t have problems with my children doing it … but fear for them too fighting the wars of stupid old men (especially chickenhawks like Cheney).

    At one instance it might have made sense in Afghanistan, but no more. We blew it there, and there is no way to get humpty dumpty back up on the wall. The Afghans will gladly fight us till hell freezes over, and I just don’t see any point to it.

    I don’t remember any Afghans or Iraqies on the 9/11 planes. Lets see, 19 of them were from Saudi Arabia, along with their nutball leader Osama. Yet you see the KY politicans playing kissy *ss with the Saudi royals just yesterday.

    So go sharpen your knife, and clean out your M16, just think a bit who you need to be going after. You’ll figure it out eventually.

    Like I said, I hope you come home safely. But please don’t tell someone you are ‘fighting for my rights’ in those 2 theaters of war. You aren’t.

  24. flacko says:

    Yeah, I don’t see what the big deal is. let it go. I’ll bet since he is a convicted felon they take it more seriously/read more into it.
    On a separate matter, I wonder if some of the posters here actually are paying attention.
    * Brian guarantees Bunning won’t be re-elected (duh, he’s retiring).
    * Nofirstam thinks Bunning was playing with benefits, when in reality bunning was trying to have congress stick to the paygo law. (BTW, you must be a teabagger, having earned your right to use that phrase)
    * Some here think Bunning is prosecuting this guy, like he’s the cops AND a senator.

    ho hum. back to work.

  25. flacko says:

    Maybe it’s in reality Pauly Shore, operating under a different name and they want to put him away for bad acting.

  26. whyohwhy says:

    I wonder if we brought back the draft (which I think we should, so everyone gets to serve in some capacity .. and NO deferments!), how long we’d stay in Iraq or Afghanistan. I’d guess not very long. Too many rich daddies and mommies wouldn’t want their little precious ones on the list to ship out. Maybe Bush and Cheney could send their little precious ones as an example. What do ya think? Heck, ‘ol Bunning’s got 35 grandkids.. wonder how many of them will serve?

    Lets see.. in Irag we just knocked out the one thing holding Iran back.

    And in Afghanistan, we just seem to be destabilizing Pakistan, a nuclear power with a significant number of Islamic radicals.

    And in both cases, they used to be our best buddies! I bet our current best buddies are wondering why its so wonderful to be America’s best buddy.

    What a mess, what a mess, what a mess.

  27. Buck Feshear says:

    If Afghanistan hadn’t given sanctuary to Osama, and if Iraq hadn’t allowed a tyrant like Saddam to make threats all over the place, we wouldn’t be in either place.

  28. kyangler says:

    fedup2here – from a fellow vet (vietnam, here), if you are what you claim you are, – if you’ve been in combat, surely you’ve figured out the only person you are really fighting for is your buddy standing next to you.

    Hopefully you won’t wake up 30 years from now and finally figure out you’ve been had (like I did).

    If you’ve signed up, you’ve got to do your duty, but be careful, and use your noggin.

  29. kyangler says:

    Buck – who armed and trained the Taliban. Us. Wasn’t that just so smart of us.

    Who armed Saddam so he could fight Iran, Us. Who armed Iran before that? Us. Who’s oil was Kuwait stealing by drilling sideways, Iraq’s.

    Guess when Osama’s minnions showed up in Iraq… when we opened the door. Saddam would have shot them on sight.

    Where was Osama from? Saudi Arabia. Where did he get his idiot version of Islam from, from his buddies in Saudi Arabia. Who’s *ss do we keep kissing, Saudi Arabia’s royals, who are follows of their idiot version of Islam (or terrified of it, I don’t know).

    All we’ve done is help screw it up worse.

    Osama’s got what he wanted, a broken US economy, because we’ve bankrupted ourselves fighting ‘terrorism’ (because the idiot Bush gave out tax breaks during war… the first president that ever did that). And to keep on subject, Bunning backed him the whole way!

  30. polishman says:

    kyangler, have to agree with much of what you say. however, just to let you know,t he administrative branch does not handle spending and taxation legislation — it is the Legislative branch, which means congress and senate. Regardless of taxation, they spend more than they take in. THEY should have either voted against the tax cuts, voted to reduce spending, or some combination of the two. It is GOOD when we have tax cuts, because it helps the economy grow. it is BAD when the idiots in DC won’t adhere to a standard of economic sanity. There are very few people whose hands are clean in this matter. We give presidents waaaay too much credit, which allow these a-hole legislators to walk around like they are the victims instead of the perpetrators they really a.

  31. whyohwhy says:

    buck – Afghanistan was a quagmire before we stuck our nose in, and it will be one 100 years from now, and for that matter a 1000 years from now. If we want to improve things in that area, we should be trying to help the Pakistanis hold on to their senses and not go over to the dark side (which is the opposite of what we seem to be accomplishing). Afghanistan apparently wants to live in the dark ages, I say let them.

    Saddam was a power crazed mad man, I’ve no doubt of that. But he was a wily and smart one too. His failing was he pushed another fool’s buttons (that being Bush). He may have been a threat to his neighbors, but he wasn’t any threat to us (other than our oil supply). My guess is he would have been eventually overthrown by one of his own henchmen. Would that have been better or worse than what we have now? I’m not so sure, but we wouldn’t have unleashed the religious extremists that Saddam had under his thumb. What we are going to end up with, I’m afraid, is another Islamic theocracy that wants to live in the 1400’s (or is it 700’s), just like Iran and Afghanistan. Once they get started we may never get rid of them, why would they stop fighting if they think God (well they call him Allah) is on their side and they are doing his will?

  32. Hank says:

    Where is the threat to Congressman Bunning, clearly the writer of the mail was saying not having money for food and shelter was a life and death issue to himself….hopefully the Judge will toss this at the first hearing.

  33. Aubrey says:

    No reason to prosecute this guy at all. Did Senator Bunning act like a jerk? Yes. Was he arguing a very valid point? Yes.

    As far as the wars go… We must end them and end them now. We neglected our duties in Afghanistan while fighting a war in Iraq that we never should have been in. We have to slow down and get this country back on it’s feet. These wars have cost us thousands of lives and bankrupted our country. If Tuesday 9/11/2001 has taught us anything, it’s that we should take care of our business here in the US. We need to secure our borders (both north and south as well as our coasts) to ensure that an attack like 9/11/2001 NEVER happens again.

  34. thinkinaboutit says:

    whyohwhy – you know its funny (or is it sad) that the Christians pray to God that they will be triumphant and everyone else will see the error of their ways, and they they can have a ‘Christian nation’ (theocracy), and the Muslims do the very same thing, and its to the same God! If this were two groups of fans hoping God was on their side for some ballgame (like God would care) it would be funny, or if it was the Methodists and Presbyterians arguing, it maybe a bit sad, but these are two groups all riled up over much bigger things and killing people over this. That makes it doubly sad… well it actually makes it horrifying.

    back to the story at hand though, its too bad that fellow got all riled up and sent Bunning a letter saying he was going to come visit. There are probably 100s of thousands of others that thought the same thing when Bunning was grandstanding, but didn’t let the heat of the moment get to them.

    If he had gone to visit, I’m guessing he would have been greeted the same way a letter writer to the HL was treated some number of years ago. That fellow tried to see Bunning on some matter, and Bunning’s secretary said the big man was too busy, sorry. But he could see Bunning in his office, with his feet up on the desk, reading the sports section. I think that was a pretty telling vision of what kind of person Bunning is.

  35. kyangler says:

    thinkinaboutit – I think you are right, if they can hear money jingling in your pocket, or smell the oil oozing out of your p*n*s, they’ll say “come on in, pull up a chair and lets rub each other’s back”.

  36. Me Too says:

    Please keep Bunning away from the Pound, they have humanely euthanized several animals in better shape just this week. That whole Bunning tirade was just sad. Not looking at re-election he decided to get the attention he wanted for years on his way out. It was sad to watch so much ignorance at work.

  37. jimbob says:

    Now kyangler – you must learn to be inclusive and perhaps not so vulgar, you could have also said

    “if they can hear money jingling in your purse, or smell the oil oozing out of your teats”

  38. nors says:

    Oh, so tbaggers can threaten the death of our president and it is protected as free speech, but this man who speaks his mind to a radical right-wing bigot racist is being prosecuted…it’s NOT right.

  39. Jak Crow says:

    Hyperventilating much?

  40. Jak Crow says:

    Leave it to a republican to abuse a vaguely worded law. Funny how republicans go running to the government they so often attack.

  41. Buck Feshear says:

    I guess all you people who think we should let Afghanistan give safe harbor to Osama and who think that Saddam should have been allowed to remain in power probably also think it’s OK if we just let Iraq nuke up. I think we ought to bomb them into oblivion, but no one in DC currently has the intelligence or guts to do that. Maybe Israel will take care of it for us.

  42. Buck Feshear says:

    Sorry, I meant Iran nuke up.

  43. Ron the Buckeye says:

    Shore has a past record of doing stupid things, not to mention he could be a …LIAR??? The man is showing the press what he wants them to see. I want to see later WHICH emails got him in trouble. My friend worked in a Democrat rep’s office. He says that the FBI would laugh at you with Shore’s email and don’t go after unhappy callers or ranting emailers. They are too busy with very specific email threats. How many times did this disturbed man email? I bet a bunch, and we haven’t seen the email that got the former jailbird in trouble.