Polling average shows Rand Paul ahead by 4.8 points

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  1. Iman says:

    what a redneck state, dumber veto for the dumb.

  2. Big Jay says:

    So, Iman, you don’t approve of Mr Paul? Were you a Conway supporter or Mongiardo’s? Is Conway conservative enough for you? Do you think “redneck” or “cracker” is somehow more acceptable than “nigger” or “heeb”? Why do you attack an entire state? Do you really think you’re having a positive impact with such negativity? Is there anything positive or instructive in what you wrote? Paul is a conservative and Kentucky is a conservative state. What about that confuses you? Is it possible for you to move to a state where people think as you think? That would make everybody happier.

  3. Big Jay says:

    I suggest we all substitute the offensive words frequently used for whites and blacks with the positive words “brother” and “good ol’ boy”. This would allow descriptive conversation without negative connotation.

  4. Jim Miller says:

    Once more I ask, who developed the poll questions and what as their agenda? Polls can be skewed any way you desire them to be, simply by HOW you phrase the questions. If you are after a specific result, then you design your questions in such a way as to get your desired results. If the Republicans wanted, for example, to say the moon was made of blue cheese, then the questions would be written to get them that answer. If the Democrats wanted, for example, to say that the sky was bright green, then again, the poll questions would be written to get that answer. Polls are completely and totally SUBJECTIVE and only serve to confirm what the pollster(s) already claims to know. All politicians know this and that is why they go out of their way to get polls to agree with their position or comments on a particular issue. Polls should not be considered or listened to ever, when something really important is being debated or decided, because if you hedging ‘your bets’ based on a poll, then you have no business even placing your ‘political bets’ to start with. Think of polls as the ultimate ‘yes men’ when it comes to political issues. This one is no different.