Barr releases his first ad in race for 6th district seat

April 21, 2010 | | Comments 1

Republican Andy Barr’s campaign for the 6th Congressional District released its first television ad of the campaign on Wednesday.

In the 30-second spot, Barr proclaims his intention to trim government spending.

“Career politicians in Washington are bankrupting our country with runaway government spending, trillion dollar bailouts and mountains of debt,” Barr says in the ad. “I’ll stop the career politicians from wasting money we don’t have on government programs we don’t need.”

Barr does not say what specific programs he would eliminate if elected.

The winner of the May 18 GOP primary will face Democratic incumbent U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler in the November general election.

Other Republicans seeking the party’s nomination include Mike Templeman, Matt Lockett, Perry Barnes, George Pendergrass and John Kemper III.

Templeman released a TV ad on the Internet in early February that sounded a similar anti-government spending theme, but there’s no evidence the ad was aired with any regularity.

– John Stamper

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  1. Steve Hamlin says:

    Matt Lockett has been in this race longer than anyone! He was the first to say enough is enough after Ben Chandler voted for the Cap and Trade bill last summer. Matt has traveled the 6th District over the past year listening to voters.

    He was asked over and over:”You are just one man what will you be able to do?” He listened and decided he had to do something about that. So he Cofounded the Conservative Freshmen Coalition to be able to go work for us as soon as he is sworn in. The CFC is has grown now to 50 Conservative candidates from all over the country!

    Matt is not a career politician and he is not a lawyer he is a common man with a great vision!He has proven he will listen to the voters of the 6th District!