Former New York Mayor Giuliani endorses Grayson

April 19, 2010 | | Comments 25
Secretary of State Trey Grayson

Secretary of State Trey Grayson

FRANKFORT — Republican Trey Grayson’s campaign for U.S. Senate has picked up the endorsement of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who said Grayson will keep America safe.

Giuliani was mayor of New York City when terrorists struck the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. Grayson’s campaign has tried to make 9/11 an issue in the campaign by highlighting statements made by his chief rival, Bowling Green eye surgeon Rand Paul, that suggest America’s foreign policy may have needlessly motivated the attackers.

“Trey Grayson is the candidate in this race who will make the right decisions necessary to keep America safe and prevent more attacks on our homeland,” Giuliani said in a statement. “He is not part of the ‘blame America first’ crowd that wants to bestow the rights of U.S. citizens on terrorists and point fingers at America for somehow causing 9/11.”

David Adams, campaign manager for Paul, who is the son of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, dismissed the Giuliani endorsement.

“Another pro-abortion, liberal, northeastern Republican endorsing Trey Grayson is just more bad news for him.” Adams said in an e-mail. “We’ll stick with Rand Paul’s conservative endorsements from Sarah Palin, Senator Jim Bunning, Steve Forbes, Northern Kentucky Right to Life and Gun Owners of America.”

Giuliani said Grayson, who is Kentucky’s secretary of state, “understands the threat posed by our enemies abroad” and called Grayson a “fresh face that Republicans can trust to best represent their values – both on national security and fiscal responsibility – in Washington.”

“Kentuckians could not elect a better senator than Trey Grayson,” he said.

Grayson said Giuliani’s endorsement “shows the growing momentum we have in this campaign.

“More and more Kentuckians are siding with me in the fight to preserve the Patriot Act and our ability to monitor the activities of suspected terrorists overseas and are rejecting the Blame America First mentality of my opponent.”

–Jack Brammer

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  1. Bill C says:

    Guiliani doesn’t know enough to avoid marrying his cousin let alone who will make a good leader.

  2. BG says:

    Only 3,055 Kentuckians voted for Rudy.

  3. Skip says:

    This means absolutely nothing in the current race.

    On behalf of all Kentuckians; Who Cares.

  4. Dan says:

    Yuck. Who is the next endorsement for Grayson? John McCain? Lindsey Graham?

  5. Peter says:

    This is a huge endorsement. The Paultards are scared that if 9/11 becomes the issue they will get laughed off the stage again like Ron did in the SC Debate. Go back to Liberty Forest.

  6. DHagy says:

    And this effects me how…?

  7. Lois says:

    Hey Peter: The “Paultards” aren’t scared that the election will be about 9/11, because there is virtually zero chance of that happening at this point. It’s not that people are concerned about national security, it’s that they are more concerned about economic and fiscal issues, where Rand has the edge. This really is the least important endorsement that has been sent out in this race so far.

    Having said that, this notion that Paul is going to be weak on terrorism or national security issues is absurd. Paul’s only laments are that we should declare war (really say it, not just authorize military force) according to the Constitution and that we should not police the world. Both are sensible policy positions, in no way detrimental to the strength of our military. In fact, it will increase the strength of our military, by not stretching it too thin. There is nothing in Paul’s constitutional conservative approach that requires being weak on national defense issues. In fact, national defense is one of, if not the, primary function of the federal government in the eyes of a constitutional conservative like Paul.

  8. Dan says:

    “This is a huge endorsement.”


  9. Prof. Gilligan says:

    More “old guard” Replicans endorsing an “old guard” Republican.

    We see where the “old guard” Republicans have gotten us. And we see where the “Progressive Democrats” are taking us.

    That’s the whole point of the Tea Party Movement. NO MORE “MORE OF THE SAME”!!!!

    These guys continue to demonstrate that they just don’t get it.

    That’s why we need people who are not part of the Washington Establishment. People who do not accept “business as usual”. People with fresh new ideas and perspectives. People who are not, and have not been career politicians. People like Rand Paul!!!!

  10. Trey Dunn says:

    Next up, Millard Filmore.

  11. Chris says:

    A New Yorker endorsing a KY politician? Trey, what little support you were getting will be virtualy wiped out now. lol,lol
    Heck, just get old Jug Ears to give you an endorsement so you can be totaly dead in the water, what an idiot! RAND PAUL ALL THE WAY! SARAH, TOO!

  12. littleNate says:

    This endorsement has buried the Paul campaign. Rudy is another shinning star in the Republican party. Trey will stand side by side those who support him. Rudy may be pro-abortion, but Trey is for working with people, not just honking on his horn!

    Next week we will have a bigger endorsement!

  13. Gudol Buoys says:

    How’s Rudy on abortion?

  14. Weatherman says:

    I smell an upcoming ad with Rudy in drag endorsing C.M. Grayson III.

  15. PBS says:

    Trey Grayson is a hack and not worthy of any political office. First, he slams his opponent because he went to Duke, now thinks that Giuliani endorsing him is a good thing?? Anyone who votes for him needs a mental health exam.

  16. Buck Feshear says:

    While I love Sarah Palin, I think the endorsements by the mayor of New York and the vice president of the United States at the time of the 9/11 attack show who these people with an intense and personal interest in national defense think would be the best senator.

    And before the Paultards start, let me say again that I support neither Grayson nor Paul and I really think Kentucky can do better.

  17. PikeCoGOP says:

    Anyone else think Trey Grayson is running the most boring political campaign of all time??

  18. Big Ben 4 liberty says:

    I agree with buck Feshear. Neither candidate has me too thrilled at the moment for various reasons. I want better candidates. Frankly though I think this primary will be more interesting than the general (at least as far as this race goes).

  19. Dan says:

    The story in the Herald-Leader is that even in Grayson’s own internal polling, no one cares about foreign policy. Everyone is concerned with spending and debt issues; and tA.I.G.rayson fails.

  20. Buck Feshear says:

    It’s a shame that no one seems to care about national defense (which is what it really is, not “foreign policy.”) If we forget, then we become more vulnerable to another 9/11 type attack.

    The economy is cyclical. We must be ever diligent against our enemies.

  21. Jack McCock says:

    So Trey Grayson as a US Senator is going to keep us safe. We are supposed to believe that, when he has smeared Rand Paul as being pro-choice, anti-coal, and anti-GITMO? Talk about trying to generate a bunch of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt). However, people are probably more much more intelligent than that to believe it. With all of the lies that Trey Grayson has told, it’s easy to see that “Trey Grayson will keep us safe” is just another lie. Remember, Creigh Deeds ran a FUD campaign against Bob McDonnell in Virginia last year for the Governorship. Virginians didn’t buy it last year, Kentuckians shouldn’t buy it this year.

  22. fedup2here says:

    I now know who NOT to vote for. Rand Paul all the way. I wouldn’t be caught dead voting for anyone that Guiliani endorses.

  23. Buck Feshear says:

    I still think someone needs to get Paul on the record about how he feels about Iran getting nukes, whether he thinks that is a good idea or not, and what should be done about it.

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