Palin meets with Cathy Bailey in Louisville

April 17, 2010 | | Comments 9

Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin met with Louisville philanthropist and GOP fund-raiser Cathy Bailey Friday evening before Palin spoke at a Christian women’s conference in Louisville.

Bailey said Saturday she spoke with the former Alaska governor and husband Todd for more than 20 minutes at the Louisville Crowne Plaza Hotel. Palin expressed her sympathy for the loss of Cathy and Irv Bailey’s two grandsons, Solon L. Bailey, 12, and William T. “Liam” Bailey, 10, who died in an early morning fire on Christmas that destroyed the elder Bailey’s Louisville home.

The two women also talked politics, although Palin didn’t let on whether she will run for president in 2012, Bailey said.

“I told her, ‘You definitely energized the party, Governor, and there’s a groundswell out there with the Tea Party movement,'” Bailey said. Palin responded that she was eager to “make sure good candidates get through these primaries,” Baliey said.

Palin has endorsed Rand Paul, a Bowling Green eye surgeon and son of former GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul. But Bailey said she and Palin didn’t “get into specific names” of candidates in their meeting. Bailey hasn’t endorsed in the race, in which Paul and Secretary of State Trey Grayson are the leading candidates in the May 18 primary. Grayson has drawn support from other prominent Republicans, including former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Bailey, who considered running for U.S. Senate this year until the tragic fire, said she is committed to “putting true conservatives in Washington.”

“We have a primary and whoever comes out of that, I will work very hard to make sure they’re elected in November,” she said.

Bailey, who served as U.S. ambassador to Latvia during part of President George W. Bush’s administration, spent 2008 as the chairman of the Kentucky fund-raising efforts for U.S. Sen. John McCain and Palin’s ticket. Although Bailey and Palin had met before during the campaign, Friday was their first time “to really sit down and have some time to have a conversation,” Bailey said.

“And I think we will stay in touch, because we share a lot of common interests,” she said. “We’re both moms and we share concern about what’s happening in this administration, and we continue to be interested in getting more women involved in the political process.”

Palin spoke to about 16,000 people Friday night at the evangelical Christian women’s conference.

– Ryan Alessi

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  1. RARJR says:

    I would not cross the street to hear this brain dead bimbo has to say. The right never needed thinking candidates. Just look at Bunning, bush, Reagan, Nixon, etc.

  2. beaverbear says:

    Sarah Palin has one of the largest following in the nation, as could be seen with ease by the very large attendance Friday night. Nancy Pelosi is the nut-case.

  3. RARJR says:

    Nancy Pelosi is a Grandmother, like Bailin’ Palin. Only, Nancy’s grandkids are not illegitimate.

  4. Max says:

    obama = complete DISASTER

    Would to be a stretch to say you support(ed) and/or voted for the DISASTER?

    That would mean that intellect, your judgement and keen perception feel for the biggest scam in decades: hope & change!

    Or the more appropriately put: HOPEY-CHANGEY thing!

  5. gahanson says:

    Palin helps draw 10,000 in Boston, 17,000 in Louisville, 4,000 in New Orleans, 6,000 in Salina, 4,000 in Redding, 1,100 in Washington IL, 15,000 in Searchlight, and 0bama has trouble attracting 2,000 these days.

    Palin 2012

  6. Raymond says:

    You are absolutely right on target. That is why Sarah Palin will make history in 2012 being the first woman POTUS and the first female to beat the first black male POTUS.

  7. Chris says:

    Go Sarah 2012! SHe sure has the Libs getting their panties in a wad! hehehe, The Left and the Democratic Party are going the way of the Dinosaur in 2010/2012!

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