Williams offers parameters for budget talks; wants charter schools on session call

April 16, 2010 | | Comments 6
Senate President David Williams, R-Burkesville

Senate President David Williams, R-Burkesville

FRANKFORT — A day after the 2010 General Assembly ended without approving a budget, Senate President David Williams said he is optimistic that lawmakers can reach an agreement in a special session next month if certain parameters are met.

He said the Senate will require a two-year budget that does not increase business taxes, use much one-time money or contain a huge increase in state debt.

Williams, R-Burkesville, also said he would like to see Gov. Steve Beshear include on the call for a special session creation of charter schools to improve Kentucky’s chances of obtaining more federal funds. Charter schools are granted special permits, or charters, that allow them to operate outside usual state regulations.

Williams also said he thinks a measure dealing with the state’s bankrupt unemployment insurance program can wait until next year’s legislative session.

Williams’ comments came during a news conference Friday afternoon in his Capitol annex office.

Beshear said Thursday night after the legislature failed to produce a budget that he would call lawmakers back into a special session next month.

–Jack Brammer

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  1. McAllister Bryant says:

    Here is a simple parameter, do your friggin job. Quit posturing and simply DO. YOUR. JOB.

  2. UKfun says:

    no more debt for our children.

  3. yeah right says:

    This state is full of Idiots like Williams, and UKfun…They are just Party of No Charter Members…When will we learn? Williams and his friends all have jobs, ask his buddy Niebert? They could care less if the people can get Unemployement Checks, or food, or anything they cant provide for themselves. The Republicans believe its every man for himself, and they call themselves Christians too….What a JOKE…

  4. jimbo says:

    Here is the real joke. Lord David is holding the state budget hostage to get state funding for cracker academies. Let these folk pay property taxes like the rest of us, not pay them to proselytize.

    I saw one of his accolytes from Louisville today, driving her big Cadillac with a Ky Senator plate. I would have loved to ask her whether she had no shame, taking a salary for doing absolutely nothing and parading around as if she were somebody. She ought to be embarrased to be part of such a non-functional group. But it is not really her fault. She merely follows orders from her liege.

    The simple fact is that there is no leadership in Frankfort…only fools following empty, enlarged egos. And sadly, it is not confined to one side of the aisle.

  5. R Chilton says:

    King David never “offers” anything – he demands it. He is afraid his members are going to be sent packing by the teabaggers, so he’s playing to them saying everything he thinks they want to hear. Too bad the Senate Republicans can’t field a Leader who will work to get business done, instead of letting the state languish because we have an obstructionist controlling progress for all of KY.

    What’s truly amazing is that Williams can lie with such a straight face. I guess when you’ve been doing it as long as he has, it becomes second nature.

  6. beaverbear says:

    President Obama, Gov. Beashear and the head of the State Education Cabinet want Charter Schools. Not putting them in our Race to the Top application cost Kentucky over $500 million for Education. The same amount Tennesse got for encluding Charter Schools in their applicfation as requested by President Obama.