Andy Barr leads among GOP in 6th district

April 16, 2010 | | Comments 8
Andy Barr

Andy Barr

By John Cheves –

FRANKFORT — Lexington lawyer Garland Hale “Andy” Barr IV is the leader in campaign fund-raising among six Central Kentucky Republicans seeking to replace U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler, D-Versailles, this fall.

The Republican primary is May 18.

Barr raised $411,659 as of March 31, according to the finance report he filed this week with the Federal Election Commission. He had $350,367 cash in hand. Most of that came from individual contributors, 91 percent of whom are Kentuckians, according to the Barr campaign.

“While there are many other important elements of a campaign, a political donation is a strong demonstration of support for a candidate,” Barr said in a statement.

Next in line is Mike Templeman, a retired coal executive in Frankfort, who reported $150,398 raised so far and $72,599 cash in hand. But most of Templeman’s money — $103,500 — comes from contributions and loans from the candidate himself, according to his report. Other individuals and political action committees have given him $46,898.

Matt Lockett of Lexington placed a distant third with $9,420 raised so far and $4,659 cash in hand.

The three other GOP candidates did not have reports filed with the FEC on Friday: Perry Barnes of Nicholasville, George Pendergrass of Georgetown and John Kemper III of Lexington.

Chandler, who faces no Democratic primary opponent, reports more than $1.7 million on hand in his campaign treasury. The general election is Nov. 2.

The 6th Congressional District includes Lexington, Frankfort and most of Central Kentucky.

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  1. flacko says:

    To this conservative independent voter, I see nothing I am excited about…

  2. UKfun says:

    He served corrupt and incompetent Fletcher administration a couple of years ago. Is he an exception?

  3. Bill Adkins says:

    Exactly, UKfun – anyone who would serve the Fletcher Fiasco and not have the integrity to resign from that mess is not fit to serve.

  4. Skip says:

    Chandler and the republicans are in a race to the bottom- Kentucky voters get what we deserve from this lot.

  5. John says:

    The real common sense conservatives with business backgrounds and real solutions to Kentucky’s problems do not have $411k to throw around on propaganda ads.

    Check out some of the other Republicans in the 6th district race before you throw in the towel on this race. There are some good men of principles and values.

  6. Steve Hamlin says:

    Matt Lockett has been in this race longer than anyone! He was the first to say enough is enough after Ben Chandler voted for the Cap and Trade bill last summer. Matt has traveled the 6th District over the past year listening to voters.

    He was asked over and over:”You are just one man what will you be able to do?” He listened and decided he had to do something about that. So he Cofounded the Conservative Freshmen Coalition to be able to go work for us as soon as he is sworn in. The CFC is has grown now to 50 Conservative candidates from all over the country!

    Matt is not a career politician and he is not a lawyer he is a common man with a great vision!He has proven he will listen to the voters of the 6th District!

  7. coach bags says:

    Check out some of the other Republicans in the 6th district race before you throw in the towel this race. There are some good men of principles and values.

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