GOP House candidates rally in Lexington

March 12, 2010 | | Comments 17
Mike Templeman

Mike Templeman

By John Cheves –

Ahead in recent polls, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul came to Lexington Friday to share the spotlight with five men who want to replace U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler, D-Versailles.

Paul and the GOP congressional candidates staged a lunchtime “Take Back the House” rally outside Chandler’s district office on Beaumont Centre Circle.

Paul, who faces Secretary of State Trey Grayson in the May 18 Republican primary, told a crowd of about 100 people that the Tea Party movement is a tidal wave that will sweep incumbents out of Congress in November.

“We want to spread the love to all the Republican candidates running against Ben Chandler,” Paul said.

Each GOP candidate for the 6th Congressional District spoke for a few minutes. The only candidate who didn’t attend was Andy Barr of Lexington.

Mike Templeman of Frankfort said Congress has spent the country so deeply into debt that the next two generations of Americans will be hobbled. A career politician, Chandler is part of the problem, Templeman said.

“It is time for him to come home. He has never had a job. He has never got his hands dirty,” Templeman said.

George Pendergrass of Georgetown called for a flat tax to reduce the burden on small business owners like himself. Perry Barnes of Nicholasville said Chandler is part of a power structure in Washington turning the country into a dictatorship.

“I want a piece of Ben Chandler’s hide,” Barnes said, then added: “I’m a compassionate candidate. I’m gonna help him pack.”

Matt Lockett of Lexington called for term limits in Congress and a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget.

John Kemper III of Lexington said he’s been self-employed for 33 years, and for that entire time, he has struggled to make a living despite government. Democrats in Washington divide the voters with secondary issues, like abortion, rather than confront the nation’s debt and its foreign creditors, Kemper said.

“The real question is, which part of this country do you want to give to China?” Kemper asked the crowd.

“California!” one man shouted back, to general laughter and applause.

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  1. phyre says:


  2. Chris says:

    I hope Rand Paul’s focus against incumbents include defeating Ed Whitfield in the 1st, Hal Rogers in the 5th, abd Geoff Davis in the 4th all career politicans!!

  3. littleNate says:

    Rand Paul doesn’t care about this race. This was just a stunt to get his name in the papers. Trey Grayson is helping Andy Barr. Andy has helped Trey raise money from his rich friends and Trey returned the favor. Now, that’s helping defeat Ben Chandler!

    Vote Trey Grayson! Keep Career Politicians in Power! Do not let doctors or ordinary citizens steal our power!

  4. Skip says:

    You’re on your own, Ben; you’re barely a Democrat to me.

  5. jon says:

    I am a republican. Mike Templeman is not. He is whatever party it requires to satisfy his ego.

    Mike: Remember running the democrat headquarters in Frankfort under Gov. Carroll? I do.

  6. jacob says:

    Can’t you just hear the Liberals teeth grinding? Music to my ears. ABC baby, Anybody But Chandler.

  7. Kelsey says:


  8. Kelsey says:

    Sorry, but Mike learned from the master of them all. Howard Sonny Hunt. Were did that go to ????

  9. The GhostPony says:

    Rand Paul’s commercials are all over Lexington TV, claiming that he’s not a politician yet all he’s doing is attacking the left without saying a positive word, or letting the voting public what he WILL do.

    Nope. Rand’s just another lying CON-servative.

  10. bonzo66 says:

    I may have to hold my nose when I pull the lever this year, but that will be better than voting for any of these idiots.

  11. Go Rand Paul You are the true conservate You get my vote good by chandler You sell your vote to the cronies in washingto on cap and trade which will destroy jobs and low income people with higer utilties and groceries and gas i say drill baby drill. chandler is not for nothing but pleasing obama and miss pelosie

  12. snappy says:

    ABC – right on.. Chandler is outta here

  13. Jack McCock says:

    Rand Paul is doing the right thing, being a team player, helping genuine Republicans get elected. Trey Grayson? He’s too busy trying to save his failing campaign to try to help anybody else. Notice that he didn’t show up or send anybody for the pro-Jim Bunning/anti-Mongiardo protest. Why would he bother to do this, since he would be beholden to the Establishment, and not his constituents, if elected.

  14. Buck Feshear says:

    Rand Paul is to a genuine Republican as Michael Porter is to John Wall.

  15. GoHomeBen says:

    LOL, I love that someone is actually saying Trey is helping Andy “Career Politician” Barr. The reason our nation is in such a mess is because people like that are more worried about what the party wants and advancing their career in Washington. If all we are interested in doing is replacing a Republican for a Democrat its going to be business as usual and we LOOSE. Its time we have a strong Republican that will buck the system in favor of fiscal responsibility and conservative values. The only person in this race that will make a difference is Matt Lockett. That guys has some great ideas and a fighting spirit. Go get ’em Mr. Lockett!

  16. Buck Feshear says:

    I hope Andy Barr wins this race. If his values are anything like the last Republican who held that seat (his former boss in state government) then he is exactly what we need, the right mix of social and fiscal conservatism.

  17. MarshallDem says:

    For all tea baggers. Please Note.


    The budget starts with the President then goes to the House of Representatives.
    Then to the Senate.
    Then to a joint committee of the House and Senate.
    Then signed by the President if he pleases.


    Go back to middle school and take basic Civics.

    The last Republican President to submit a balanced budget was Ike that is right Dwight Eisenhower.

    Since then two Democrats have done it. Johnson once and Clinton twice.

    REPUBLICAN DEBT STUPID! Jeez quit listening to the radio!