Paul plans ‘Take Back the House’ rally in Lexington

March 09, 2010 | | Comments 8
Rand Paul

Rand Paul

FRANKFORT — Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul will hold a rally at noon Friday in front of Democratic U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler’s Lexington office to encourage Kentuckians to elect GOP candidates to the U.S. House of Representatives.

The “Take Back the House” rally will be held at 1010 Monarch St. in Lexington, said Paul campaign manager David Adams.

Adams said Paul will attend the rally but will not be endorsing any specific Republican candidate in the May 18 primary election.

Six Republicans have filed to run against Democratic incumbent Chandler. They are Perry Wilson Barnes, Andy Barr, John T. Kemper III, Matt Lockert, George Pendergrass and Mike Templeman.

–Jack Brammer

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  1. Johnson Holler says:

    Good for Paul. Mitch McConnell must be getting his tux pressed.

  2. littleNate says:

    This is just another radical move by the Paul campaign to get media attention.

    Today, Trey Grayson is attending a high school basketball tournament in Kentucky. He could be working as your Secretary of State or campaigning for US Senate but nope he is spending time supporting high school basketball. Another example of why Trey is best for Kentucky.

    Term limits are just a gimmick Rand Paul campaigns on. We have elections every year; no need for term limits. Term limits are for radical tea party types! We need someone like Trey who can work with the democrats and get things done for Kentucky.

  3. Jack McCock says:

    “Term Limits my a#$! If I’m elected, I plan to serve at least 30 years!” – Tray Greyson-

  4. BJefferson says:

    Rand Paul is an activist. We need a lot more like him.

  5. Clarify says:

    It’s Matt Lockett, not Lockert. 🙂 Matt is the most conservative Republican in the 6th District race and the one with the best message. Let’s remember that regardless of who planned this event, it’s about the terrible representation Chandler has been for central Kentucky.

  6. Spencer Sailor says:

    Littlenate does not understand working with the democrats. Republicians can work with the democrats if the end result is what the democrats want. It is when the Republicians want something that bipartisianship is a bridge to far.
    Spencer Sailor

  7. Spencer Sailor says:

    It is sad that Bill Johnson has dropped from the Senate race. I hope he will not back away from future races, even for Gov of KY.

  8. Buck Feshear says:

    Rand Paul is a kook. We need a lot less like him. Maybe if he gets elected he and Lindsay Graham can commiserate on how to best coddle terrorists.