Mongiardo takes on Bunning, Paul touts his values in new TV ads

March 04, 2010 | | Comments 14

FRANKFORT — All four major candidates in Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race are on the air with television ads 75 days before the May 18 primary.

Republican Rand Paul and Democratic Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo started airing new TV ads Wednesday.

Mongiardo’s ad, the first of his campaign, focuses on his efforts to protest Republican U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning’s stand earlier this week against an extension of unemployment benefits.

“In 2004, Daniel Mongiardo took on the failed policies of Bunning/Bush,” the ad begins, referencing Mongiardo’s failed 2004 bid to unseat Bunning. “So, when Jim Bunning blocked unemployment benefits for 120,000 Kentuckians, Daniel took on Bunning again. Called Bunning’s actions a “disgrace.” Led rallies in Louisville and Lexington. He stood up for Kentucky workers—taking on Bunning and Tea Party supporters. Bunning’s backed down.”

Mongiardo’s ad comes a day after his key Democratic opponent, Attorney General Jack Conway, launched his own ad blasting Bunning, who is not seeking re-election.

Paul’s ad takes a less confrontational approach, saying he lives Kentuckians’ values and will take on those in Washington who spend too much.

The 30-second ad does not mention any of Paul’s opponents in the Republican primary. It is to run statewide on broadcast and cable stations. Republican Trey Grayson launched his first widespread ad on Wednesday, touting his efforts to cut spending as Kentucky’s Secretary of State.

Paul’s campaign manager David Adams said the ad does not mention Paul’s rivals “because there’s no need to. Rand Paul stands out from the crowd of professional politicians.”

The ad shows several bucolic scenes, including blades of grass, the morning sun and a boy swinging on a tire. As soft music plays in the background, it also shows video of coal miners, a barge on a river, his family, a conversation with veterans and a rising sun near a barn.

“As the bluegrass reaches up to the morning sun, our Kentucky values sustain us,” begins the ad. “As the winds of change blow, we need a strong voice fighting for our way of life.

“Rand Paul lives our values. A career doctor and grassroots activist, he’ll take on those in Washington who spend too much, destroying our liberty.

“As surely as the sun will rise, Rand Paul will fight every day for Kentucky.”

A Paul campaign release to announce the ad said Paul, a Bowling Green eye surgeon seeking his first public office, is for term limits, a balanced budget constitutional amendment and an end to pork barrel spending.

–Jack Brammer

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  1. AlphaDog says:

    And why would he? Politicians will have plenty of time for slinging the mud. It’s kind of refreshing not to have to listen to it.

  2. Debbie Clements says:

    I am so tired of hearing that there are only two major Senate Canidates running for the U.S. Senate on the Republican side. Get with it!!! There are three. The other is Bill Johnson, who is a Ronald Reagan Republican, running on high moral values, as a family man, that believes in a life starts at conception. He is a VET and served in the Navy as an officer. Bill also has a plan for energy. He knows that the only way this country can be saved from the ruin we are in is to follow our Constitution and put the government back in the hands of the people and not corrupt politicians.

  3. Johnson Holler says:

    ummmm Is that man next to Dr. Dan wearing a bra?

  4. DHagy says:

    So, Mr. Paul has great values, does he? Well pardon me while I play the grand piano.


  6. bozbarb says:

    Oh goodness, here we go again….values. How many times has a politician touted that old rag and it’s come back to bite him. When will they learn, now I know there is something kinky wrong with Paul. But first, can’t they show me a picture of the smiling ugly family to go with the schtick. Ugh.

  7. UK96 says:

    I bet Dr. Dan wears a bra, too.

  8. tim says:

    Mongiardo needs to note that he is not running against Bunning.

  9. Mohammed says:

    There should a BAN for political spots on TV..

  10. phyre says:

    Con-man Paul shares the values of all the Birthers, Deathers, Teabaggers, Palinistas & psychos that support him. Kentucky needs someone to work in government, not to work against it.

  11. Mohammed says:

    ROFL. Mongiardo ??? Allah please help us.

  12. bigdog43 says:

    Mongiardo puts on a very poor commercial, since the truth is slashed and burned. He then says at the end it is about people, not politics, yet he lies and uses politics during the commercial. Come on Man!

  13. mo_ky_fellow says:

    phyre….It appears that YOU do not have any idea how our government is supposed to work.

    …..and so it goes~~

  14. Jack says:

    Hopefully Mongiardo will win so all of you lazy f*cking democrats will get your welfare and won’t have to work anymore…. It is a shame that more of you lazy a**es can’t live off the government dole…..