Paul campaign plans rally to support Bunning’s benefits blockade

March 01, 2010 | | Comments 36
Rand Paul

Rand Paul


FRANKFORT — Republican Rand Paul’s campaign for the U.S. Senate will hold a rally at 3 p.m. Tuesday in front of U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning’s Lexington office to support Bunning’s blockage of unemployment and health care benefits for over 1 million jobless Americans, including 119,230 Kentuckians.

David Adams, campaign manager for Paul, said Monday he will be representing Paul at the rally.

Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo, a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, said he plans to lead a protest at Bunning’s Lexington and Louisville offices Tuesday if the extension of benefits is not resolved.

Mongiardo’s campaign said it sent out e-mails Monday to about 40,000 supporters, calling Bunning’s actions “to reduce the deficit on the backs of the unemployed disgraceful”.

Mongiardo also callled Paul and GOP candidate Trey Grayson “Bunning clones” for their support of Bunning’s position.

Grayson and Paul have applauded Bunning’s stance for demanding that programs be paid for.

Another GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate, Todd County businessman Bill Johnson, said Monday that he supports Bunning.

“Frankly, unemployment benefits are currently 99 weeks or almost two years,” Johnson said in a statement. “While I support extending the benefits for a short period of time longer, we must find a way to pay for those benefits. I do not support extending unemployment benefits beyond two years.”

Johnson also said he supports eliminating the Department of Education to free up $45 billion a year and the federal Environmental Protection Agency to save $10.5 billion a year.

Bunning supports the extension of benefits but thinks the $10 billion cost should be paid for from unspent stimulus funds and not added to the national debt.

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jack Conway has a petition on his Web site to protest Bunning’s position.

–Jack Brammer

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  1. Wes says:

    Way to Jim and Rand, the constant “just charge it” mentality has got to stop! Take it out of the stimulus money!!

  2. UK indy says:

    First the fed, now this issue. Why do I find myself agreeing with bunning? Something must be really wrong out there. Of all the trillions we spend each year they can’t find $10 billion to cut. Hilarious. I say ALL non-combat related military federal employees get a 10% wage cut. Start there.

  3. Carl says:

    Who cares what Mongiardo and Conway have to say. They want to be part of the tax and spend party going on in Washington D.C. We need fiscal responsible representatives. Not the cry me a river 1 million people will starve because of Jim Bunning. I have seen more fat and listless welfare or unemployment welfare recipients than can be counted. Kentucky is also one of the fattest states because a huge majority don’t work, but sit around eating beer cheese and Ale 8.

  4. Jax26 says:

    Wow – you guys just don’t get it do you. With 10% unemployment that is 30M people. Last I saw, 40% were in the federal tiers so that’s about 12M people. At ~$300/week that is $3.6B/week going into things like grocery stores, gas stations, utilities and other needs of daily living – not to mention sales tax to keep the local government going. These people aren’t hoarding the money – it goes from pocket to retail in about 5 days. So now take $3.6B/week out of retail and ~$300M/week out of state governments and see what happens. Layoffs, business going under, teachers getting laid off, police getting laid off…ect. This isn’t about giving money to people, it’s about continuing to stimulate the economy. Bunning has just cost 2000 DOT employees their jobs b/c the program didn’t get extended.

  5. s.smith says:

    Federal, State, and Local Governments are all broke because they can not balance a checkbook. All of this irresponsibility started back in 1971 and has yet to subside. Someday the government checkbook must bounce, better today than tomorrow. Good call by a Senior Citizen who does not have to worry about re-election.

  6. Jack McCock says:

    Jim Bunning is right on principle, because if the money already exists to pay for something, then it makes no sense at all to borrow money to pay for it. What were they planning to do with the money that is already there? The more money that government at any level gets, the more it wastes. This will probably never change. Rand Paul is right in backing Jim Bunning here.As he says, he is worried about the debt, and is willing to do something about it. That’s why Rand Paul is Kentucky’s best choice for US Senator this year.

  7. Skip says:

    Trey’s new ad just wrote itself- ‘Rand Paul doesn’t care about Kentucky’s unemployed’, better yet ‘Rich Doctor tells Kentucky poor to ‘Eat Cake’.

  8. Goob says:

    Pay attention, Skip. Trey G. is eating the same cake.

  9. zed says:

    So where was Rand Paul when the rich people tax cuts were enacted? Where were all these deficit chicken hawks when George Bush and the republican congress was presiding over the largest expansion of federal government and deficit in US history? No doubt, goose stepping with the rest of the Reich Wing.

  10. EAG says:

    Deficit spending will eventually destroy this country. You want proof? Only a senator not running for re-election can take this kind if unpopular stand. The country needs a constitutional amendment with term limits for the US house and senate. I’m not saying the government will default tomorrow but it is no longer unthinkable.

  11. phyre says:

    Con- Artist Paul at it again. Following in the family business.

  12. Krazy Keith says:

    OK, Rand Paul will be up against a email campaign inviting 40,000 jobless people to show up for free money. Rand Paul is a brave man, he has my vote.

  13. Any politician who sides with Bunning on this will need to watch their political backs, as they will have earned the enmity of many politicos around this state who will now swear their allegiance to anyone who might oppose them.

    Rand Paul, you and your ridiculous lieutenant are hereby warned.

    Back away from Bunning and stop acting in support of human misery. NOW.

  14. Brett says:

    I just want to stop in and say thanks to KY and Sen. James Bunning for standing firm. This is the type of thing ALL of our conservative representatives need to do. And that is NOT to say we should be stalling efforts to govern this country, it is simply to say a resounding NO to unfunded spending and the obvious consequences we will all suffer should it continue. It’s either a country of equal opportunity or one of equal outcomes, we can’t have it both ways, and we all know upon what prinicple the founding fathers based the US Constitution.

  15. Former Paul Fan says:

    I contributed to Ron & Rand Paul many times, but won’t like any politicians now if Rand poops on the unemployed. $10 billion is spent on the war weekly; I’m for cutting everything except feeding the starving.

  16. Chris Dawson says:

    Dear Kentucky,

    I am a firm believer in the dictum that you get the representative you vote for. But I never voted for Jim Bunning and here he is, screwing up the whole country. You voted for him, you can have him. Is there anything you can do to get him off the Senate floor and back home, where the only people he can upset with his crotchety moods and childish tantrums are fellow Kentuckians?


    Chris Dawson

  17. The General says:

    When the hell are people going to realize America doesn’t borrow? Any nation that issues its own currency doesn’t borrow.

  18. Brett says:

    US Currency is no longer backed by gold or silver reserves, so the “money supply” has no intrisic value. If “printing” US paper dollars and throwing them into the economy in the form of “stimulus” isn’t borrowing directly from each and every person who owns a dollar before the infusion, I don’t know what is. Let’s get real people!

  19. Lauren says:

    Rand, you are my hero. You are standing on principle while having a lot to lose. I commend Bunning for standing up but he had nothing to lose. Neither I nor anyone else want to see people suffer who have lost their job, but two years’ unemployment pay is enough, especially when we have no way to pay for it. Jax26: you can not stimulate the economy with government money because it is money that was already taken from other consumers (i.e. taxes). You can’t re-circulate money like that and say you are stimulating anything but the government (someone has to be hired to follow paper trails and cut red tape)

  20. Jackie says:

    It would be like Senator Bunning never left office when Paul get’s elected. Yes continue the Mission to make Obama and the USA fail even at the cost of American Families. Kentucky voters will rush to donate to the Republican campaign and for those who have nothing they to will vote Republican. Senator Bunning is under investigation for corruption and Paul will come in office to start getting his kick back money for votes to Banks/Corporations. Who knows maybe Sarah Palin will get in the White House to finish off the USA. Senator DeMint is stalling an appointment of the TSA Director in hopes the terrorist attack again. With job lost and stalled jobs and millions not getting unemployment it seems the Rush Limbaugh Plan worked. Now it’s time to stop Health Care for Americans and only the rich can get care because other will see the premiums go up 60 per cent by June.

  21. PayAsYouGo says:

    Just so you know…there are at least half a dozen organizations who will be out tomorrow. Rand can flatter himself all he wants but if the proverbial shoot hits the fan his folks won’t be anywhere around.
    What part of Pay As You Go don’t any of you understand?
    Bill Johnson knows. He has principles. You can ask him tomorrow in Lexington at the demonstration.
    Paul wants the opportunistic opening for an interview. He could are less about Bunning who towers above him in priciples.
    Grayson? If he’s there it may be because he forgot he’s not a Clinton Democrat still.

  22. Kim Hamlin says:

    Dr. Paul won’t be there everybody, what’s he afraid of? Can’t march with the big boys I guess. He’s already complaining about having to appear at all these Lincoln Day Dinners, “rather be home with my family”. Ugh! poor thing! He just wants publicity people. He doesn’t give a !@$# about Jim Bunning or his principles, he just wants your vote, and he can’t even show up in person to ask for it.

    If you show up at the rally, talk to/listen to Bill Johnson before making your decision on who to vote for as the successor to Senator Bunning, you’ll be glad you did.

  23. bigunit says:

    Paul, like Bunning, is a TOTAL C0CK-SVCKING, M0THER-FVCKING A$$H0LE!!!!!

  24. Chris Thiele says:

    Now tell us how you really feel and please articulate your position.

  25. gerard burke says:

    Kim Hamlin says
    ‘Dr. Paul won’t be there everybody, what’s he afraid of?’
    Well he’s got a job to go to. Bill Johnson is running for the senate full-time isn’t he?

  26. Dr. Duncan says:

    Gerard: You are absolutely correct. Thank you for pointing out that Johnson has taken on the task of earning the votes of the people in Kentucky full time. He quit his job to put in 110% of effort. He’s committed his life’s savings. He has selflessly dedicated his time, effort, and truck to show the people he is deserving of their trust and confidence.
    He is the penultimate example of a candidate for public service. His example is laudatory. Ask his family how supportive they are of his motivation and determination.
    Rand depends on his father’s name. Trey relies on Mitch.
    Bill rests his candidacy on Bill.
    He is ready, willing, and able to follow Bunning’s example of DUTY-HONOR-COUNTRY. He is the sole candidate to seek to serve his nation for the second time. Actually, he’s the only candidate to have served his country at all.
    Rand’s making that money. He could easily put his practice on hold and refer his patients to colleagues.
    He campaigns 1/2 time. That speaks to his committment to represent us, loud and clear.
    As he said in Oldham County as a guest at their Lincoln Day Dinner, “I’d like to be able to say I’m happy to be here but I’d really prefer to be at home with my family.”

  27. watchthemattackbill says:

    Dr. Dan dares to send out emails inviting protest of at a Federal Senators office that has already had bomb threats. This cheap attempt to get publicity could turn ugly quickly and I believe Dr. Dan should be held responsible for any violence that may errupt! We live in a world where crazy people do crazy things and whoever called in those threats obviously is not very stable. Dr. Dan had better be man enough to be there today to control the potential thousands of crazy protesters; but wait he can not be in both Lexington and Louisville can he! I consider this the height of irresponsibility on Dr. Dans part he better hope nothing happens!

  28. Big Ben 4 liberty says:

    I see bigunit must vent his sexual frustrations on politicians who wish to act fiscally responsible.

  29. Christie says:

    Wow. Just when I think Wingnuts can’t be more hypocritical. The right wing will now goose-step to this current meme of “deficits and fiscal responsibility.” After granting 1.3 trillion in tax cuts for the wealthy, borrowing money for two occupations and ramming a medicare extension down our throats to buy votes from Seniors for Dubya in 2003. But for the unemployed? Tough sh%$. I guess. Republicans are awesome!

  30. futurewalk says:

    wow, I’m not from Kentucky, just stumbled onto this board. If it weren’t for the inequitable distribution of federal tax dollars, where some states (like yours) get more than they put in, Kentucky wouldn’t even have any paved roads. Where was Bunning when No Child Left Behind was enacted as an unfunded mandate. And when GW Bush took a surplus and turned it into the biggest deficit in history. I suppose he was ok with all that. The folks here who claim that really unfortunate people sit around all day eating and drinking and have too much government largesse really deserve a place in Hell. Walk a mile in their shoes.

  31. DBoone says:

    Not from Kentucky? Oh! Then STFU!

  32. Chris says:

    bigunit=tiny peepee

  33. Buck Feshear says:

    @futurewalk: Kentucky is a donor state when it comes to highway trust funds.

  34. Lester says:

    I don’t see anyone wondering how these people are going to survive with no benefits. When people can’t afford to feed their families they will get mean and do things that ordinary folks wouldn’t dream of doing. How many of you would see your child go hungry, how many would steal or commit a crime to feed said child. Day by day jobs are disappearing and new jobs are not being created fast enough to replace the losses.

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