GOP candidates for U.S. Senate spar over abortion

February 25, 2010 | | Comments 22

By Jack Brammer –

FRANKFORT — Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate in Kentucky are debating who is the most opposed to abortion.

Bowling Green eye surgeon Rand Paul said Thursday he is “100 percent pro-life” and favors allowing individual states “to protect life” while the country awaits enough votes on the U.S. Supreme Court to ban abortion or a constitutional amendment is approved to protect life.

Paul said in a statement that “a bill allowing states to act to end abortion — much like a repeal of Roe v. Wade — could come much sooner than any true federal ban.”

He also said his chief rival, Secretary of State Trey Grayson, has “declined to support legislation that would stop the federal government from forcing California- and New York-style abortion on demand on the people of Kentucky.”

Paul’s comments came after Grayson and another GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate — Todd County businessman Bill Johnson — took the unusual step of issuing a joint statement Wednesday in response to claims contained in a radio ad by Paul on abortion.

Paul said he would vote for any law to help end abortion, but Grayson and Johnson noted that Paul has previously said he “probably” would have supported a federal ban on partial birth abortion.

“There’s no ‘probably’ when it comes to the issue of partial birth abortion among Kentucky pro-life activists,” said Grayson in the joint release.

“Whether it’s Bill Johnson or myself, Kentuckians deserve to know who can be counted on to protect life and stand up for our conservative values in the race for U.S. Senate.”

Johnson said: “While Rand Paul claims to be pro-life, he has in the past voiced support for allowing states to decide the issue and has opposed federal regulation of abortion.”

Paul called the joint statement “yet another desperate attempt” by Grayson “to prop up a campaign being rejected by the grass-roots conservatives of Kentucky.”

He said he made his first public statements condemning abortion before his church when he was 17 and that he refused to participate in abortion “training” in medical school.

Paul also said he has been a member for 20 years of The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, an organization that has a pro-life stance and seeks a legal definition of life as beginning at conception.

Grayson, who picked up the endorsement last week of the Kentucky Right to Life Association, started airing a radio ad Wednesday about the issue.

Here’s the ad:


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  1. hailiebug says:

    You CANNOT claim to in favor of individual freedom and smaller government and support banning abortion. It is a matter of choice for the INDIVIDUAL involved. This hypocrisy is designed to get the hypocritical christian vote. The rich could always get abortions, it was the poor who died in the back alleys. 30,000 children die DAILY due to a lack of clean water, food and medicine. Where is their RIGHT to life?

  2. ringer says:

    I’m with halliebug. Republicans preach small govt. but in reality they want govt. to regulate the most personal aspects of our lives as in reproductive rights and what goes on in our bedrooms all the while running around on their wives like Sen. Ensign and the rest of the bible beating two face liars that they are. enough.

  3. Jimmie says:

    Partial birth abortion is murder. It has nothing to do with the “big government/small government” debate.

    Something smells when two politicians issue a joint statement against one. The smell of “defeat”….

  4. phyre says:

    Neither is against abortion, what they are against is choice. They just don’t trust women to decide what’s best for them.

  5. dennishearn says:

    It’s unfortunate that abortion is not more widely used. It seems to me, the women receiving this care are smart enough to know they are in no position to raise a child. Let’s face it, if more people made this choice, there would be far fewer ignorant and un-prepared for life children growing up and creating more children just like this. I’m quite sure the same people who oppose abortion have no problem swatting flies. Extermination is extermination. Please, don’t have children unless you are prepared and qualified to raise them. Let’s keep the crime rate down 🙂

  6. deanad says:

    They are pandering to those who want to control women. They have very little interest in abortion.

  7. Todd says:

    Bohnson and Trayson need to get a room. “raahh Paul’s pro-choice raaah”. Gezzuz, stop pulling their strings already.

    I’m with hailiebug for the most part aswell. However, This seems to be the only place where Paul actually wants to step into anyone’s life. Otherwise he really is for maintaining & restoring personal liberty and absolutely shrinking government across the board. I see no dishonesty there. Afterall he is the son of the most consistant man in Washington pushing those exact principles, Ron Paul. I have no doubt he will practice what he preaches.

  8. Big Ben 4 liberty says:

    I see the pro-abortion extremists of the radical anti-conservative Christian femtard left are having one their hissy fits in the comments section in this thread. halliebug is such a delusional idiot its funny to read his/her comments.

  9. Carl says:

    What part did some of you not get. Rand Paul wants to return these issues to the states. It was the supreme court who stepped in and superceded states rights and even stepped over the government over roe vs. wade. Grayson is such a Survivor wanna be using collusion and alliances against Paul. Grayson is just a player folks and desperately wants to be your career politician, please don’t let him.

  10. cwadams1955 says:

    Ironic name you chose for yourself, there, Benny. Who you trying to fool, us or yourself?

  11. klady says:

    My religious beliefs are not that life begins at conception, but that it gradually evolves over the 9 months before birth. A bill declaring that life begins at conception would trample on my religious rights, along with others who believe as I do. I wish people would stand up for the real babies, the born babies, the way they do for zygotes. KY has a wretched child abuse problem, and yet chrches focus on “protecting” small globes of cells. The current abortion laws are pretty darn good. They put a stop to the terrible coathanger abortions of my youth.

  12. KYtruthiness says:

    Big Ben, you ain’t so big, brother. You will live a menial life with that kind of outlook. Most Americans don’t agree with you, and you marginalize yourself and your “faith” with every pathetic, republican’t, teabagger, American-Taliban comment you make.

  13. Carl says:

    KYtruthiness, talk about being taliban. The taliban are the biggest haters on this planet next to liberals like you. Liberals are nearly incapable of having a mature decent conversation without going neutron on anyone who disagrees with them. Your posting was disgraceful and childish.

  14. bigdog43 says:

    This is an emotional issue, and it can never be answered to anyone’s satisfaction. It is a choice people will make and have to live with. It is a ridiculous political issue.

  15. yvonne says:

    This is one issue where men should stay out of the abortation issue. This should be up to the state, the women and her doctor. Abortation wouldn’t be for me but I would not inflect my views on another person. This is a privacy issue, so stay out of it men.

  16. drivinman says:

    big ben 4 liberty sounds like a true member of the red, right & dude nation

  17. drivinman says:

    The bottom line is that the supreme court had no standing in this issue in the first place. This is a states right issue. However, the federal government & the supreme court have taken it upon themselves to overreach as usual. As for halliebug, your rights are given by god, not governments. They are the right for opportunity, not outcome. Each state is a free & independent entity & makes there own laws according to their citizens.

  18. KYtruthiness says:

    Perhaps, Carl, some liberals are sick of people who think they’re making a sound argument, only, when held up to the light of Logic and Reason, are shown to be unsound and hypocritical. Lets break it down: Pro-Choice, as a term, would seemingly contain more than one possible outcome- life or death; notice that Life IS one of the Choices. If I am guilty of anything, Carl, its of being impatient- impatient of a society (or at least a portion of it) that fails to recognize its own hypocrisy.

  19. Jack McCock says:

    Trey Grayson and Bill Johnson aren’t even bothering to hide their alliance against Rand Paul. It could be seen for a while that Trey Grayson has a lackey,and the joint press release is evidence of such. This only proves this very important point- Trey Grayson and Bill Johnson: two heads on the same snake.

  20. bloviator says:

    I have lived in three other states besides Kentucky. Kentucky is the only state where I have voted for Democrats.This stupidity over abortion will drive me to a Democrat once again.

  21. cwadams1955 says:

    CARL, I really, seriously hope that you don’t think the rest of the world is ignorant enough that they haven’t heard the spite and vitriol that’s been coming out of the right-wing camp for years. Some of us “lib’rals” are just fed up with it, and it’s way past time we quit trying to play nice just so we can get slapped in the face again.

  22. JackZhang says:

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