Mongiardo criticizes Beshear in profanity-laced recording

September 28, 2009 | | Comments 46
Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo

Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo

FRANKFORT — Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo used profanity as he criticized Gov. Steve Beshear and his support of Mongiardo’s U.S. Senate candidacy in a recording posted last week on the Internet.

In the recording, which was placed on YouTube by someone using the name “senrace2010,” Mongiardo is heard saying he is so frustrated with Beshear that he is “close to saying f— it all. I do not need this job. I do not need the U.S. Senate.”

Mongiardo is also heard saying that Beshear, who has endorsed Mongiardo, will be remembered as the state’s “worst” governor and that a “blowup” is coming.

Mongiardo spokesman Kim Geveden said the audio tape was “edited” and that Mongiardo “strongly supports” Beshear.

“He supports him now and he supports him for reelection in 2011,” Geveden said in a statement. “He believes Governor Beshear has provided strong leadership and a steady hand during some of the most difficult times in our Commonwealth’s history.

Geveden declined to answer specific questions about the veracity of the tape, including when and where it might have been recorded.

Earlier Monday, the Mongiardo campaign released a video of Beshear praising Mongiardo at a Sept. 23 fund-raiser in Northern Kentucky.

In that tape, Beshear called Mongiardo “the next United States senator,” praised his knowledge of health care issues and lauded his work on an adventure tourism project.

The U.S. Senate campaign of Attorney General Jack Conway, Mongiardo’s chief rival in May’s Democratic primary election, said Monday that Mongiardo “has a lot of explaining to do to the governor and the people” about the anonymous tape.

Beshear spokesman Jay Blanton said Monday evening that “the Governor continues to strongly support Lt. Gov. Mongiardo’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate.” He declined to comment on the YouTube recording.

This is not the first time profanity-laced statements have caused problems in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate.

Conway apologized last month for using profanity during statements he made at the annual Fancy Farm political picnic in Graves County.

After Conway’s campaign first said he would not accommodate Mongiardo’s call for an apology, Conway reversed himself two days later and apologized for saying that he had a tough hide and was “one tough son of a bitch.”

In the recording of Mongiardo, he is heard saying “the only difference between (former Republican Gov. Ernie) Fletcher and Beshear is Beshear has not had a blowup yet. But it is coming.”

Mongiardo is also heard saying he has “zero loyalties with Beshear” and criticizes Beshear for raising funds for his 2011 re-election campaign while Mongiardo is trying to raise money for his U.S. Senate campaign next year.

“He (Beshear) is screwing me every way possible … and what do I get out of it … We finally begged him to show up for one in Northern Kentucky. He is not going to lift a finger, he is not going to do a damn thing, he is just going to show up and his name is going to be on the … listen there is no love.

The YouTube video and a transcript of the taping appeared Monday on a blog called “Ky Revolution” at

The blog criticized Conway, Mongiardo and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Trey Grayson and predicted that Kentuckians will support “a real doctor with a white coat from Main Street.” Republican candidate Rand Paul is an eye surgeon in Bowling Green.

David Adams, a spokesman for the Paul campaign, said he was not familiar with the blog and had “no idea” who is behind it.

Here are the videos:

EDITOR’S NOTE: This audio recording contains profanity.

– Jack Brammer

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  1. Richard says:

    It is all very simple. The Herald Leader wants Liberal Conway instead of Conservative Mongiardo. That is why this article is written. Probably a H-L employee uploaded the you tube. Herald Leader is unscrupulous.

  2. Hershey102 says:

    I’m an independent with no opinion yet on these candidates. Using profanity in a private conversation (that he probably didn’t know was being recorded) is different than using it in a speech. Everyone gets frustrated from time to time and its sounds perfectly normal to me. He’ll work it out with the guv.

  3. Hong Ma says:

    That’s right, Richard — it’s all part of the vast, left wing, commie-lib conspiracy. Thank God there are people like you who see through it.

  4. Bill Smith says:

    Let’s not forget this video was posted by a blog that supports Rand Paul. *shrugs* Just more fodder for the field.

  5. Dr. Rick says:

    Politics as usual. The Voter has all the power. It all boils down to election day. We have CHANGE for the worse. Now we the voters are still waiting for HOPE. We all know the price of CHANGE. How much more will be the price of HOPE ? Bailout anyone ? Hey I have some stock in GM for sale, any takers ?

  6. KY1911 says:

    uhhh…whoops!!! Regardless of where it came from, I’m glad its out there…shows who these ineffective bozos are. I guess we are lucky this time around; no matter who wins next November – Conway or Grayson – Kentucky will be well represented.

  7. Mike says:

    Mongiardo referred to Kentuckians as ignorant and racist because they would not support the socialist Barack Hussein Obama in the election. I don’t see how he expects to win anything when he belittles and race baits the very voters he’s trying to wooo.

  8. G#!$&*#$@$!@!!! says:

    I.M.H.O., this really wouldn’t be such a big deal if Dr. Dan hadn’t made it such a big deal when he demanded Conway’s apology.

    This just goes to show the level of hypocracy and different standards that these guys hold for themselves vs. others.

    That having been said,…..#@*!% &#@@*&%!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, that’s right. I said it.

  9. E says:


    Please don’t use terms (socialist) without knowing their full meanings.

  10. Lynn says:

    This is such a sham. The Herald Leader should be sued for even running this bogus recording.

    To prove it, why would Mongiardo say he doesn’t need the Senate race, when in the last poll he was up by 8 points. A front running candidate does not say that and the Herald Leader is printing this bogus trash. That is not even his voice.

  11. John says:

    I am a loyal Democrat, but I am extremely dissatisfied with both Conway and Mongiardo. I think I’ll be writing in Wendell Ford.

  12. G#!$&*#$@$!@!!! says:

    #@*!% &#@@*&% socialist!!!

  13. John says:

    I’m convinced that this recording is a total fraud. The background noise even changes (aside from the birds). There are parts where it sounds like the recording stopped and restarted. Then there is the annoyingly loud sound of birds chirping, I guess the person recording the audio was hiding in a birds nest. Either that or they wanted to make it loud enough to drown out the voices so they couldn’t be understood without the transcript…

    Seriously, this is lame. I’m no audio engineer but I think I could have done a better job.

  14. Jeff says:



  15. Johnny says:

    Its not even his voice most of the time. How can the Herald Leader print this. I believe this is slander. Why on earth are there birds chirping in the background??? How is that audible but his voice is barely recognizable?? Why hasn’t the CJ picked up on this?? Oh yea because there is no way this can be authenticated!!!

    The Herald Leader is the new National Inquirer…….

  16. Dan's the Man! says:

    this only makes Dan Mongiardo a stronger candidate.

    He’s the only candidate to fight Frankfort’s homosexual agenda, he’s the only candidate still willing to stand up for our suffering coal companies and Kentucky NEEDS a senator who doesn’t want the job.

    Dan Mongiardo is right: *#@! Beshear and *#@! Kentucky! Dan’s the Man and he’ll win without any of you.

  17. John says:

    “My hypocrisy only goes so far. . “. a famous movie line from Tombstone comes to mind. After his blatant attacks on his own back yard, and now his insult to his running-mate and political ally, how can we ever think Lt. Dan will ever be loyal to us the voters of this Commonwealth. Not only should this galvanize voters for Conway, but it should lead to the resignation of Lt. Dan immediately.

  18. sameolesameole says:

    It is things like this that turn voters off and lead to apathy at the polls. Instead of focusing on the issues important to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Citizen, the campaigns and their “in the shadow” supporters resort to taking this election deeper into the muck and mire.

    The state of politics in this state and nation is truly saddening. All four major candidates for U.S. Senate should vow to stay focused on the issues and not sling mud. But of course it won’t happen. After all, that’s why “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” is and remains a fictional story.

  19. kygay says:

    I’m glad that frankfort has a homosexual agenda. it is needed. thank you jack conway for your continued support for gay rights. also thank you lex vice mayor jim gray and the other gay councilpeople for their support. We can always count on fellow democrats to support us and our issues.

  20. Bob says:

    Irony: the “anti-spam” word for me to comment is “toast”. After saying this, that is exactly what Mongiardo is. His office has said the recording was edited. That means they are admitting it was Mongiardo, but just saying it was edited.

    He is toast, and has only himself to blame.

  21. Roland says:

    Good to see the big ole nasty political machine is still well oiled and running…. hmmm maybe we need to make a change in the way we do elections in Kentucky… hell no on with the dirty tactics, in fighting, and mud slinging, the hell with real issues.

  22. Bill says:

    How about that Tough SOB we have running for Senate. You know, Jack Conway, the toughest guy in Kentucky that promised to fight prescription drug abuse but took a 50,000 check from one of the companies that push this stuff. Or the Jack Conway that has been supporting Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramsons crooked regime for the past several years. Why didn’t that Tough SOB stand up and ask why the Jefferson County Democratic establishment isn’t cleaning up its own act. Or how about the fact that so many people know where the bodies are hidden in the Louisville political machine yet Jack Conway doesn’t bring prosecution against those people. How one can tolerates such incompetence and corruption makes him unfit to be a Senator. Do you want another liberal Democrat with bad values who won’t even look into Louisville and its corrupt politicians because he has ties to them. What kind of wannabe Senator is that. Is that the tough SOB everyone wants or is it another pretty boy trying to play Senator

  23. Todd says:

    I’m surprised that a Louisville based writer named Flake or it may be Jake hasn’t been trying to organize the homosexual lobby since he seems to banter on it in one of the Louisville blogs.

    He seems to have a thing for Mongiardo and supposedly because he believes that the Lt. Governor is not gay friendly. These loons will stop at nothing.

  24. Halyn says:

    I think if Mongiardo and Conway keep making slip-ups, Darlene Price will win the nomination. I hope she does.

  25. unfair says:

    Hehehe. Bunch of morons running Frankfort. He is right on one thing. Beshear is a one and done Governor.

  26. […] trashes his political patron Kentucky Senate candidate Daniel Mongiardo can be heard lambasting his biggest political patron, Gov. Steve Beshear (D-Ky.), and spewing profanity in a tape recording leaked to a Kentucky […]

  27. ??? says:

    This is low and desperate by who ever created and edited this tape. It will be interesting to see who this gets traced back to. Shame on you H-L for helping spread such an obviously fake audio recording. As legitamate journalist, isn’t there an ethics code you must adhere to? This is something that TMZ or the National Enquirer would do. I am not sure which is worse the candidate who faked the tape or the publication that released it as real news.

  28. Buck Feshear says:

    Whether this tape is edited or not, Mongiardo has not gotten much love from Beshear. Mongiardo could not even get a political appointment for the husband of one of his medical practice employees, and the man was definitely qualified for the job. They brought a guy in out of Pikeville instead of the obvious candidate, and this was a slap in Mongiardo’s face by Beshear. Beshear’s “support” of Mongiardo is lip service, the announcement was quickly cobbled together and made the same day that Billy Gillispie was fired so it would be buried in the news cycle. Everyone knows that Beshear really supports Conway, and Beshear didn’t waste any time kicking Mongiardo off the ticket for 2011 instead of waiting to see what happens in the election next year, so Mongiardo has a right to lash out, if he really did.

  29. So when is Rand Paul a “liberal”, Richard? Compared to whom, Joachim von Ribbentrop?

  30. Bobalou says:

    Ky is in a world of hurt with a wagon load of lame candidates on both sides of the political fence. Incumbent snoozers and wannabe losers don’t offer much to choose.

  31. Penny Nickles says:

    Sufferin succotash. All this comedy for free? Wonder what that son of a bitch Jack Conway has to say about all this spittin and cussin and such?

  32. […] post it here. But it has been the subject of media reports on the Lexington Herald-Leader’s political blog, on, and on local TV news broadcasts across the […]

  33. PikeCoGOP says:

    You know it’s bad when the entire intellectual core of a major political campaign can be boiled down to one statement:
    “He said a worty dord [dirty word]!”

    PS: I have lived to see Ribbentrop mentioned in a political blog, my life is complete. Kudos to PhoenixWoman for the obscure historical reference.

  34. PikeCoGOP says:

    I meant “wirty dord.”

    As you know, I have been pulling for Rand Paul, so I am quite pleased and impressed with his haul thus far. I’m curious to see how the Paul v. Grayson match-up goes down when things start heating up. The Mongiardo v. Conway situation is pretty hot to say the least.

    Interesting to see where all this goes…

  35. Bart Sampson says:

    Mr. Burns and Doctor Dan have issues, it seems.

  36. […] Roiling the Kentucky Senate race today: […]

  37. LexDem says:

    I think I may have to switch my registration so that I can vote for Rand Paul instead of having to decide between these two. He actually has a shot of defeating Grayson without tripping over his own feet first.

  38. Mike says:

    I’m well aware of the meaning of the word socialist. Are you aware of the meaning of Ad hominem?

  39. Mike says:

    Sorry for any confusion. My comment was @ E. Actually, I should have said socialist pig.

  40. Jim Anderson Stivers says:

    Steve Beshear seems to be ungrateful for the help Mongiardo gave when the Governor and Dr. Dan, took the state bird and flew to Eastern Kentucky, hoping to elect a Senator that would support the Beshear Agenda.

    We all know what that is.

    Perhaps Crit Luallen has a hand in this. She seems to be mesmerized by Jack Conway.
    And Jack Conway, IMO, is an empty suit.
    Most of his work time is spent in Louisville. And to have the Mayor for Life as a running mate shows the desperation in the re election campaign of Steve Beshear.

    Steve Beshear’s loyalty is to STEVE BESHEAR. Anything other considerations, take a back seat.

    Fake or real . . . Dr. Dan was right to call the Governor’s hand. Why was it necessary for Beshear to open up early campaign contributions while Democratic candates for the Senate are trying to raise money.

    Dr. Dan is fortunate to have Joe Graviss as his manager for raising funds. Graviss is a stand up guy.

  41. First I am registered as a Republican, and I had the opportunity to film both the fancy farm tape of all the candidates and I spent five hours with Governor Beshear and Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo at the Northern Kentucky fund raiser and I can tell you that I never heard any curse words from either the Governor or the Lt. Governor. I was extremely pleased with their willingness to stand for hours and have their picture and video taken for hours with people from all walks of life. No one was turned down and I saw two men give of their time and listen to what many citizens wish to impart. It was a pleasant surprise. I am very impressed with Dr. Monigardo and as most folks know I do my films for history purposes. I filmed also Senator Jim Bunning when he ran for office, and when he was accused of saying some evil things I refused to sell or release the tapes because they were going to be used to attack Senator Bunning. I have never asked to be paid by either party. I also have never allowed a candiate to use my films to attack another candidate. This is my Christian philosophy. What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and loose his soul in the process. I can tell you as an expert in the field of editing that the tape and sound had been tampered with in many ways. I am sure most folks know this.
    John Stephenson
    Former Superintendent of Public Instruction
    Commonwealth of Kentucky

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