Web site promotes ‘fight’ to raise money for Paul

August 31, 2009 | | Comments 45
Rand Paul

Rand Paul

FRANKFORT – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul and a mysterious supporter are attempting to paint GOP front-runner Trey Grayson as a Washington D.C. insider.

Supporter Josh Manuel, whom Paul campaign manager David Adams said he doesn’t know, has launched a Web site promoting a “Kentucky Fight” between Paul and Grayson on Sept. 23.

The site, titled “Rand ‘We the People’ vs. Trey ‘The DC Insiders,’” notes that 23 Republican U.S. senators, including Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell, are to hold a $500-per-plate fundraiser for Grayson’s 2010 U.S. Senate campaign in Washington on Sept. 23.

“This deck stacking favoritism in a highly contested GOP primary is unacceptable,” said the site, It encourages donors to pledge $100 to Paul’s campaign in response.

“Our goal is to bring together 5,000 common people to donate $100 each creating a one-day donation total of $500,000.”

As of 2 p.m. Monday, the site said 278 people had pledged to donate $100 each.

The Web site states that the effort “is a grassroots effort and is not associated with the Official Rand Paul campaign.”

It initially did not identify the source of the Web site but a disclaimer noting that Josh Manuel paid for the site was added later, after the Louisville-based political blog Page One Kentucky questioned whether it met Federal Election Commission requirements.

Adams said he did not know Manuel, although Adams had said on his Facebook and Twitter pages that the fund-raiser would “be very successful.” Adams said the statement was only a prediction and that he had no involvement.

“It certainly wasn’t Dr. Paul’s idea,” Adams said.

The Web site comes on the heels of a recent online fund-raiser by Paul’s campaign that reaped about $433,000.

Meanwhile, Paul pledged Monday not to accept campaign contributions from any U.S. senator who voted for a bank-industry bailout last year.

He also challenged his opponents in the May 2010 Republican primary election to do likewise.

Paul said 17 senators who are co-sponsoring the Sept. 23 fundraiser for Grayson voted for the bailout.

“This isn’t about holding politicians to an impossibly high standard of agreeing with everything one’s supporters say or do,” Paul said. “But a primary focus of my campaign is that we need Republicans in office who will have the courage to say no to federal bailouts of big business.”

Grayson’s campaign manager, Nate Hodson, said Grayson opposes the bailouts but, rather than attacking Republicans, “has called for an exit plan” to stop the bailouts.

“If elected, Secretary Grayson will focus on solutions and will work to rally more Republicans to his position while working to build our party, not tear it down,” Hodson said.

Todd County businssman Bill Johnson also is a candidate in the 2010 GOP election for U.S. Senate.

–Jack Brammer

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  1. Steve Smith says:

    So in other words Grayson is going to keep the money from the Bailout Boys. And then he promises to un-bail the bailouts with some kind of “exit plan” if he gets elected. I’d be interested to hear how he plans to get all that bail money back from the banks and car companies. Maybe this bunch of horse hockey would make more sense to me if I was a lawyer.

  2. Jim says:

    HAHA! You say they are “Trying to paint” Grayson as a Washington Insider? There is no trying to it. Trey Grayson IS a Washington Insider. Rand isn’t the one having $500 plate dinners with Washington Aristocrats.

  3. nofirstam says:

    Hey, did anyone notice the article reporting that multi billion dollar PROFITS were received today for the Federal gov’t from the TARP money, what this news release and the Republican candidates call “bank bailout money”?

    Just wondered if that little fact, reported widely in the New York Times and all over the nation today, will make any difference with these two Republican candidates? Probably not. Facts seldom make any difference to Republican candidates, as we’ve seen in the lies they’ve used to encourage fear-mongering among their wild-eyed supporters regarding health care reform.

    The Far Right, a never-ending source of confusion and falsity. Doesn’t surprise me that both these guys don’t appear to have any trouble raising money from their well-situated business and right-wing supporters.

    They’ll try to buy this election next year by any means necessary, just like always.

    Query … what’s the difference between Clay County Republican officials in jail or facing jail for buying votes in Manchester and these two guys? Trick question. There is no difference.

  4. AuH2O Man says:

    Trey Grayson will “focus on solutions and will work to rally more Republicans to his position while working to build our party.”

    Yep, Grayson’s keeping that money.

  5. charlie says:

    We figured out where they are planning all these little insurgencies. I wouldn’t be too concerned about this KentuckyFight BS…it’s just a bunch of college kids with pent-up angst raging against “the man”.

    Some kids feel they need to upset the process instead of diligently working within the apparatus like the rest of us who’ve built this party into a 2 Republican Senator state.

    My prediction: They raise less than $75k and it is a dismal failure.

  6. Charlie Chan says:

    If a bunch of college kids can raise $440K in a day online, and a total of $36 million for Ron Paul’s bid, I certainly would want them on my side! All that diligently working within the party has hocked our entire country to China.

  7. Jacob Abramson says:

    Trey Grayson is nothing but a Washington insider and a big govt liberal who campaigned for Bill Clinton. We need a real conservative in Senate to take back this country. GOP is out of touch.

  8. James Chang says:

    Trey Grayson in Senate means disaster. We need to reform our country and it starts with Dr. Rand Paul! I have been a liberal democrat all my life but I have woken up to the lies of the two party leadership. What we need in this country is an outsider who will answer to the people and not special interests!
    That is why I have donated money to Dr. Rand Paul and I am glad to have committed to the money bomb on September 23rd.

  9. Tao Li says:

    Trey Grayson is ex democrat. Enough-said.
    He’s not a real conservative nor does he really care about Americans. He is nothing but a fake.

  10. Roman Rodriguez says:

    I sincerely believe that Dr. Rand Paul is the only candidate running for U.S Senate who will stand up for what he believes in.
    My family and I did not come to this country to ask for welfare or bailouts. I just want same freedom and opportunities that I had to go to my children and their children. This is a fight for freedom and America. I believe that we, the people will prevail against D.C insider like Trash Grayson.

  11. Lisa says:

    I just committed to the 9-23 moneybomb! =))

  12. Robert says:

    Charlie, you would consider $75k a failure for a one day fundraiser?

    The events that Rand has been hosting does not look like a bunch of “college kids.”

  13. Johnnie says:

    Go Rand Go!!!

  14. Matthew Israel says:

    Rand Paul seems to have integrity and honesty that is missing in today’s politics. I have yet to endorse the guy but I like what I am hearing from him so far. It would be an interesting battle between him and Tray.

    That said, I do think we need a drastic change in D.C politics. Someone like Trey Grayson who is a deep D.C insider and former Clinton supporter does not seem like a solution to problems that this nation is facing today..Maybe Rand Paul is that answer. Who knows? He does seem to articulate the message better than his father.

  15. David says:

    Rand Paul is crazy like his dad. Sound money? Fiscal responsibility? No nation building? Less taxes and regulation? What is wrong with them? they want us to be free and prosperous or something?

  16. The people of Kentucky need a real, honest citizen legislator representing them in the Senate. Not another career politician who will is only concerned with obtaining political power. I will be donating $100 to Rand Paul on September 23rd.

  17. tmetz says:

    charlie, when you are right you are right! How dare these overeducated college kids think they have have a right to participate in politics. At least they have given up on working outside the honest 2-party system and are working for the rightous cause of building up the GOP.

    BTW, what do you mean by “we” in “We figured out where they are planning all these little insurgencies”. Is there a club I can join where you investigate these meddlesome kids?

  18. The Truth says:

    Rand Paul by TKO in the 3rd quarter!

  19. me says:


    They’ve made money from loans that were paid back by strong banks like US Bancorp and BB&T. However the TARP has lost big on insolvent companies like Citi, Bank of America, and GM.

  20. Buck Feshear says:

    Kentucky would be better off with Trey Grayson in Washington as U.S. Senator than it would be with Trey Grayson in Frankfort as governor. We might want to pull for Trey to win the Senate seat, or at least the GOP nomination, so he won’t be elected governor. I consider the governor’s mansion to be more of a prize to be coveted and worked for by the Republicans than a Senate seat.

  21. danny says:

    He won’t get either the Governor’s office, or the Senate seat unless he’s smart enough to back out around Christmas time.

    He basically agrees with Rand so far from what he says, only he says it less convincingly because he is mainly being funded by lobbyists and political insiders.

    The old folks I know all like him. The young ones are the new Republican Party, so don’t make ’em too mad.

  22. Amy says:

    Having politicians who will actually represent the people is the first step in actual change, not the BS we got with Obama.

    Grayson is a status quo Republican. I want my country and my party back.

  23. RonPaulFanInGA says:

    “My prediction: They raise less than $75k and it is a dismal failure.”

    Even if that laughably low-ball estimate is correct: “only” $75,000? Even if that happens; $75,000 is a lot of money. It’s 12.5% of all the money Grayson has raised according to his last FEC filing. It’s probably more than any amount Grayson has raised in one day since his campaign started.

    $75,000 is a good haul.

  24. charlie says:

    I’ll guess we shall all see when the next polling data comes out. The first poll was most certainly a fluke.

    I am not against Rand Paul because he’s an ideaologue, I just don’t see him winning in the general election. Not to mention, Trey has been working hard for all of us in KY for the State. He’s put in the time, and 2010 will be his time to take it to the next level.

    Once he wins the primary, I hope you folks will be supportive as the Dems are going to raise a lot of dough.

  25. Nate Hodson says:

    These Rand Paul supporters are a lying, hopelessly naive bunch. The “establishment” as they call it is something that has been built through years of hard work and is a proven winner. Grayson does represent that dastardly D.C. establishment; and that is why he is the best candidate running.

  26. Aaron says:

    Go get ’em, Rand! – Go pledge, folks. Grayson is an ex-democrat, enough said.

  27. Common Man says:

    Go Rand! Tea Partyers, Town Hallers, unite against these big government politicians!

  28. charlie says:

    The guy posting with the handle “Nate Hodson” is a probably a 19yr Rand Paul supporter, being foolish, as we all expect.

    And you all wonder why Ron Paul got <1% of primary votes in 2008????

  29. Miles E. says:

    1%? paul received over 1.1 million primary votes nationwide and got double-digit percentages in multiple states in 2008.

  30. Miles E. says:

    picture of trey grayson and bill clinton. remember grayson admitted to voting for him in ’92. check out the pic. below!

  31. Taika says:

    I’m a lifelong Republican, but there hasn’t been much to cheer about for a long time. The facts are that current leadership SUPPORTED the bailouts. They ignored our platform, just as they ignore the Constitution.

    So how do we fix our party? Take money from the people who sold us out? Act like nothing happened? Who will the candidate owe his vote to then?

    It’s not tearing the party down to point out what needs fixing, it is strengthening it. Rand gets his money from the people, and will be beholden to us, not the special interests. He is our best chance to rebuild our party, and will do well in the general election because he defends the Constitution, which all of us have in common.

    Rand is a breath of fresh air I’ve waited a long time for.

  32. > it’s just a bunch of college kids

    We’re just a bunch of college kids, are we? Let me introduce myself. I’m 54 years old, and I graduated from college back in 1977. I am a successful small businessman.

    The Ron Paul movement attracts all kinds of people, young and old, rich and poor. About the only common denominator I can find is that they all seem to have their brains turned on.

  33. […] Learn more about the fundraiser at Read the Lexington-Herald story here. […]

  34. Scott says:

    PROFITS! TARP made PROFITS! Look at that greed, they can’t do that! We need to create a public option to keep the government program competitve and honest. To keep prices for TARP funds low so the bankers don’t get ripped off by those predatory lenders.

  35. Chino Moreno says:

    Grayson is the epitome of a milktoast republican.

  36. Alan A says:

    Just pledged for the 9-23 money bomb!!

    Thanks for the site and making me aware of it.

    Go Rand!

  37. Tom S. says:

    I wasn’t all that interested in the Senate race until Rand Paul announced he was running. Being a supporter of his father for the GOP Presidential nomination, I wanted to hear Rand’s take and his plans.

    Folks, it seems to me that this great Commonwealth, and the rest of this great Republic, needs Rand Paul in the U.S. Senate. I believe that Rand Paul will be a great statesman, not just another politician. If you want someone who is going to go along just to get along, then please vote for the other guy. However, if you want someone who is going to fight the good fight, and help us right our listing Republic, then I urge you to vote for Rand Paul!

  38. Transparency, please says:

    Dr. Paul is no doubt raising large sums of money through innovative online methods. However, Kentuckians will probably never now the identities of his financial backers as they will not be required to itemized on his election report to the FEC.

    If he is committed to being a “statesman” or not a “career politician” as many on this blog have described him, would he consider disclosing to the people the name,city,state and amount of all of his backers?

    This is probably going too far because we certainly can’t expect Paul’s supporters to hold him to they same standard they hold to everyone else?

    Can we?

  39. Larry West says:

    This is probably going too far because we certainly can’t expect Paul’s supporters to hold him to they same standard they hold to everyone else?

    Pot calling kettle.
    Have you been to both candidates’ websites? Go to both and then tell me who is the most transparent. Rand Paul lists his current campaign fundraising and the names of the latest contributors right on the front page. Trey hides his contribution numbers and names, and instead wastes valuable space asking people to RSVP for a “Campaign Tour” that is already over and was a failure. (I understand that in one stop, only 15 people showed up.)

    Yes, Rand Paul has raised a lot of his money from out-of-state people, but Trey Grayson, in my opinion, lost the right to complain about it when he scheduled that fund-raiser in Washington, DC co-sponsored by 22 senators that are NOT from Kentucky. If Trey is asking for out-of-state money, it would be very hypocritical for him (and his supporters) to complain when Rand does the same.

    Out-of-state people who donate to Trey Grayson’s campaign do so because they want a politician in the Senate that they can buy. Out-of-state people who donate to Rand Paul’s campaign do so because they want a person in the Senate that cannot be bought (and, most likely, their state doesn’t have one). This is a big difference.

  40. […] Learn more about the fundraiser at Read the Lexington-Herald story here. […]

  41. Kentucky Voter says:

    I am a Kentucky resident and registered Republican voter. I vote in every election. Not only have I donated money to Rand Paul, but every time I see RINO fund raising I throw away another Republican Party funding request. I will only donate directly to Rand Paul. If the DC Insider gets the nomination I will not vote for the Democrat, nor the Republican, but any third party. If no third party I will write in Daniel Boone. He may be dead, but he is against the bailouts. Thanks for running Dr. Rand Paul. I also have already convinced three people who were not registered to vote to register Republican, for the purpose of voting for Dr. Rand Paul in the primary. How are the DC insiders doing with registering voters?

  42. Kentucky Voter says:

    I forgot to mention, I donated in the last money bomb. I work hard for my money and this is money my child will not have. But we all have to give up something if we want to save our country. I am on my way to pledge to this new money bomb. Thank you for making me aware of it. Good Luck Dr. Rand Paul!

  43. Nick says:

    “I am not against Rand Paul because he’s an ideaologue, I just don’t see him winning in the general election.”

    #1 the polls say you’re wrong

    #2 Trash Grayson isn’t any better than a Democrat. Follow the money. Maybe you enjoy voting for and getting duped by Rockefeller Republicans ad nauseum, or maybe you just like the campaign paychecks. Regardless, I won’t get out of bed to vote for Trash and will certainly NOT give one dime to any Republicrat.

    “Not to mention, Trey has been working hard for all of us in KY for the State. He’s put in the time, and 2010 will be his time to take it to the next level.”

    You sound like a sniveling liberal glorifying so-called “public service”. Stop worshiping government.

  44. James says:

    The phrase “paint Trey Greyslum as in insider” is misleading. Trey Greyslum was a corporate lawyer and has a Harvard law degree. The Washingon DC fundraiser with 23 senators giving him favoritism while Rand Paul gets snubbed… of course he is a Washington DC insider. It does bother me a lot and thats why I’ll be donating to Rand Paul. I’m sick of corporate lawyers running things.

    Why the GOP didn’t throw Rand Paul the fundraiser instead of Greyslum is a big mystery… oh never mind it isn’t… because a goof chunk of my party are actually traitors to the Republicans in that they spend money like raving lunatics.

    The fact of the matter is that Rand Paul is a shift back to real Republican values and that means smaller government that lets states figure out how to deal with poverty and their economies individually, as our founding fathers (and all people with common sense) would have it be.

  45. […] can’t bother to put a single issue up on his site and finding him at something other than a lobbyist fundraiser is tough nut to crack. Even satirical Trey Grayson sites provide more information (though a bit […]