Hear the speeches from the 129th Fancy Farm Picnic

August 01, 2009 | | Comments 8

Listen to the Fancy Farm Picnic speeches of the three Democrats and three Republicans running for their parties’ nominations to the U.S. Senate in 2010. They’re listed here in the order they spoke to the crowd in Graves County on Saturday. (Click on the link to hear each candidate’s speech.)

Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo (Democrat)


Attorney Gen. Jack Conway (Democrat)

Secretary of State Trey Grayson (Republican)

Darlene Fitzgerald Price (Democrat)

Bill Johnson (Republican)

Maurice Sweeney (Democrat)

Rand Paul (Republican)

In addition to the 2010 Senate candidates, here are remarks from State Auditor Crit Luallen (Democrat)

Attorney Gen. Jack Conway, left, and Secretary of State Trey Grayson chat on the stage before the speaking began Saturday at the 129th annual Fancy Farm Picnic in Graves County. Conway, a Democrat, and Grayson, a Republican, are seeking their parties’ nominations for the U.S. Senate in 2010. Photo by Tom Eblen

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  1. Davis Reed says:

    Conway = Grayson, both liberals

  2. u12bravo says:

    A meeting of 2 good Dimocraps

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  4. kim says:

    The only one I would vote for is Rand Paul. The way our country is right now..we HAVE to get back to the Constitution or we are going to lose our country FOREVER.

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  6. CJ says:

    Draft Luallen for US Senate race in 2010

  7. ain't sayin' says:

    Here’s the real problem for Conway and for Grayson — you can’t tell them apart. They’re so similar that there’s no distinction. If they go head to head, the public is either going to be confused or stay home.

  8. Janie Lee, M.Ed. says:

    Like to keep this handy so sometime I might be able to listen to it?