Beshear selects Gabbert as ‘point man’ on gambling issue

May 26, 2009 | | Comments 4

FRANKFORT — Gov. Steve Beshear’s deputy chief of staff, Vince Gabbert, is the governor’s staff person on the issue of expanded gaming, press secretary Jay Blanton said Tuesday night.

“Vince has been the guy who is working closely with the governor on the issue, sitting in on various meetings and following up on the conversations,” Blanton said. “You can call him the ‘point man.'”

Gabbert, an attorney, was state Senate Caucus director from 1999 to 2002. In 2003, he managed Jonathan MIller’s successful 2003 re-election campaign for state treasurer. He also has served as political director for the state Democratic Party and worked three years for Ross, Sinclaire & Associates as manager of the Kentucky Local Government Division for Municipal Finance.

Beshear is considering whether to add casino-style gambling to the call of a possible special legislative session to address an expected state budget shortfall in the 2010 fiscal year that begins July 1.

An independent group of economists is to present to Beshear on Friday a revised revenue projection for the new year. Beshear has said it could be a shortfall of more than $1 billion.

Meanwhile, Kentucky’s horse industry is pushing proposed video lottery terminals at the track while opponents like Say No to Casinos maintains an expansion of gambling would increase social ills.

–Jack Brammer

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  1. Ken Harouff says:

    My parents moved from Toledo, Ohio to Las Vegas in 1979, I was 12 years old. I lived there until 1995, then moved to Reno, NV until 1999. 20 years I lived in gambling communities. With big money, comes big problems. When Detroit tried it, their crime went up in double digits. Having a Riverboat Casino 30 miles away is one thing, having a Casino Dowtown Louisville WILL BE DIFFERANT! If you have not lived in it, you can not tell me I am wrong. I challenge anyone who is for gambling to live in a gambling community for 30 days first. Go see Las Vegas now, several major casino’s have layed off 3,000-5,000 workers EACH! Unemployment is over 11%. Gambling is not substainable in hard times. Kentucky needs substainable industry to build, Go Green! LED lights, solar panels, wind turbines, etc…..

    Governor Beshears, I would love to sit and speak to you about this. Ken Harouff, Louisville, KY.

  2. […] Beshear announced today he has selected his deputy chief of staff Vince Gabbert to head up his offices campaign to convince Kentuckians […]

  3. Jim Anderson Stivers says:

    Ken Harouff

    Thank you for a most accurate description of HOME TOWN GAMBLING.

    The people involved in this issue are for the most part not gamblers. So, the mentality is . . . Its the problem of the person going to casinos. Yes, that is true but he lure of quick money and an occasional win eventually takes over.

    The people who own these casinos are not every day business people. Behind every Gambling Issue . . . Crime increases. Bankruptcy goes up and the suicide rate among children increases by three percent.

    There is a long list of the down side of HOMETOWN GAMBLING . . . but it seems the MAIN STREAM MEDIA never has much to print about the HUMAN SIDE of gambling addiction.

    Gambling addiction is huge problem all across America and it gaining momentum each year.

    Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do.

    There can be no courage unless you’re scared.”

    Edward Vernon Rickenbacker quotes (American Pilot, Businessman and Aviator. 1890-1973)

  4. Jim Anderson Stivers says:

    Gov. Beshear signals he’s about to go back on his word
    May 27, 2009 | Martin Cothran

    Support Say No To Casinos
    Tax Deductible 501(c)-3
    $ Steve Beshear announced today he has selected his deputy chief of staff Vince Gabbert to head up his offices campaign to convince Kentuckians they approved video slot machines in 1988 without knowing it.

    But wait! What’s this? Didn’t Beshear promise in his campaign he was going to make sure this issue made the ballot?

    It is time to put this question on the ballot and let the people of Kentucky decide. As Governor of this state, I will make sure that the people have an opportunity to make that choice.

    Broken promises on the spending of the Lottery money, broken promises on what voters were told they were voting on, and now broken campaign promises.

    Anyone notice a pattern developing here?