Tea Party protest draws big crowd in Lexington

March 23, 2009 | | Comments 37

There was a Tea Party Saturday afternoon in downtown Lexington, but not of the kind with rich gentry and fancy drinking cups.

It was a throng of people – estimated by organizers at 1,200 – on the lower plaza of the Robert F. Stephens Courthouse to protest government spending and taxation.

It was called a Tea Party in reference to the 1773 Boston Tea Party in which colonists boarded ships and destroyed taxed tea from Britain.

Saturday’s event, sponsored by News Radio 630 WLAP, Kentucky Club for Growth, Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions and, was one of hundreds of similar conservative, grassroots Tea Parties that have been taking place across the country in recent weeks.

Leland Conway, host of WLAP’s weekday “Pulse of Lexington” radio show, said the Tea Party Saturday was non-partisan.

Only two politicians spoke, he said. They were Lexington attorney Gatewood Galbraith, who has run for governor and other public offices, and state Rep. Stan Lee, R-Lexington, who voted against tax increases in this year’s legislative session.

The New American Tea Movement is growing in strength across the country, Conway said.

The Lexington event follows others held recently in Cincinnati, St. Louis, Los Angeles and other American cities, he said.

Conway said a Tea Party was held in Frankfort a few weeks ago but it did not attract a large crowd.

A Tea Party is planned for April 15 in Louisville, and a “Bluegrass Tax Liberation Day” free event will be held April 18 at Applebee’s Park in Lexington, Conway said.

–Jack Brammer

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  1. Amanda says:

    Thanks Herald-Misleader for FINALLY deciding to write about a throng of people on your front lawn…

  2. Jo says:

    We have a 2-day turn-around on news now? Impressive.

  3. MILLHOUSE says:

    What was said by Gatewood and Lee? No comments from organizers? 1,200 people and this is the measley story we get?

    I was in attendance, and am ashamed the Herald even carries the name Lexington. This is pathetic. Brammer should be absolutely ashamed by a 2 day turn around on this story and the lack of anything informative within his “story.”


  4. Free Air says:

    Maybe they can hold the next protest in Thoroughbred Park. Since it is across the street from the newspaper it would be hard for the good folks at the Herald Leader to miss it.

  5. save the world says:


    oops, it happened Saturday. It will be in the Tuesday Paper. That’s the one the LEAST number of people read.

  6. Part of the problem or solution? says:

    I would respect these complainers and their tea party a lot more if they offered some practical alternative solutions other than criticizing Pres. Obama and saying to cut taxes. Cutting taxes under Bush didn’t help us much, now did it? Do the morally stained Republicans offer any ideas? Will the Democrats begin putting some oversight into these gigantic stimulus bills?

  7. Linda says:

    Thanks Jack, but there is no excuse this wasn’t written sooner. I think the majority of Kentuckians, Democrats and Republicans, are concerned with how much our congress is spending,and so to not talk about it in the newspapers, and on the news stations, just validates our thoughts that the media is not doing their job. I can remember how the media was when I was younger. They gave you the facts, and let you draw your own conclusions. The media now only seems to give you what they want you to know. That is why so many people have quit taking the paper. The Herald Leader used to let us know all of the facts. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Thanks for this little article. Of course, if it is only online, then it really accomplishes nothing for us.

  8. GetReal says:

    Amanda – If there was a thousand people wearing thongs on their door step instead of a throng it would have made front page news.

    And everyone should give them a break, they didn’t know if they had jobs until this morning.

  9. Kysalon says:

    Leland Conway teabagging American. What a bunch of narcissist, nihilist Ayn Rand’s cult loving nutjob. .

  10. Bill Adkins says:

    I listened to Conway’s show today – attendees calling in to sing in Conway’s choir and he was whining because the Herald hadn’t covered his vanity event. Never mind he and the rest of them sat quietly and without protest while George W. Bush DOUBLED the national debt in 8 years, had year after year of annual deficit records, hit a $1.5 trillion deficit for FY 2009 in the first quarter of FY 2009, let the Fed, without requiring details, pi$$ through another $5 trillion in handouts to Wall Street – and Conway has a tea party. He should wear a skirt.

  11. Stan says:

    The country did great under President Bush for the first 6 years. It was only the last two when the democrats took over Congress that everything went to “hell”. Get your facts straight.

  12. Kysalon says:

    Leland is a whinnying narcissist little boy with an IQ of a gnat.

  13. Bill Adkins says:

    My facts are dead on accurate. Only an idiot would say something so idiotic as “The country did great under President Bush for the first 6 years.”

    George W., Bush and the Republicans delivered Idiocracy to America.

    Tea Party events are pointless, feel good events for a few who are unclear as to the real issues and their presence is seen as support by those who organized it. Where were you on ‘limited government’ when George W. Bush and his Republicans in congress destroyed this nation? I’d much prefer the stimulus package to the welfare for Wall Street bailouts. I was against the Bailout last year and I’d be against it forever, but when they handed out $700 billion plus another $5 trillion from the fed, the playing field was not just made not level, it was plowed under. All motivation for a market to correct in an environment that would force the correction was destroyed. Banks had capital – they didn’t have to negotiate with debtors in a tough circumsance from a position of being in a tough circumstance themselves. That’s what helped produce 3 million foreclosures last year.

    Brad Sherman for President.

  14. They've lost it says:

    These teabaggers need to get over themselves. Where were they last election day?

    Their main problem is, there’s just not that many of them. They supported Bush while he wrecked the country, so they shouldn’t expect anybody to buy their weak brew again.

  15. bob morgan says:

    oh yea election day???? you lost…remember???

  16. Linda says:

    FYI—-For the information of those reminding Republicans that they lost the election, and those making the tea party out to be a Republican thing, I was at the Tea Party and there were a LOT of Democrats, and people that voted for Obama. This is NOT just against Obama and it is NOT just against Democrats. This is more against Congress spending too much of our money that we don’t have.Anyone that is not concerned is not really paying attention.

  17. Bill Adkins says:

    Where were you, Linda, when Bush was doubling the national debt, delivering record national deficits,spending a trillion dollars on his Blunder in Iraq, dropping the ball at Walter Reed, not providing our soldiers with proper equipment, losing bin Laden? More important, did you wear a nice spring outfit to the tea party?

  18. DDay544 says:

    Who is it whining about “all these complainers”, saying the Bush tax cuts didn’t help us, and that they are not offering any solutions. Let’s see, 9-11 happened and the Bush economic policies kept our economy from nose-diving into recession? No, His tax cuts didn’t help one little bit. As for practical solutions, how about cutting or suspending the capital gains tax so that more money will be pumped into the financial system. How about removing the GOVERNMENT regulations on the lending market so that lenders will not be coerced, under threat of Justice Department investigation, into making home loans to people that cannot afford their house. What if we try letting a bankrupt business such as AIG suffer through bankruptcy court, get their act together, and reemerge as a viable business entity, instead of pouring Billions of dollars down a black hole.

  19. timmytantrum says:

    my first thought as i saw that this story was finally being reported…. wow, the herald leader has just laid off 53 people. Why, because numbers are down for the number of people who read this paper, because of their lack of coverage to all sides. Maybe, now, they will start to listen. There are alot of concerned individuals, with numbers, united, we have the power.

  20. Dave says:

    Firty-three folks laid off and wages cut for other and it took three days to report on an event that took place up the street from your offices? Don’t you see a psssible connection?

  21. tired says:

    I saw the people at the court house and some of the signs… I was disappointed in the gathering. We can’t come up with better issues to protest about… how about AIG, Wall Street, Gas Companies, come on the government is reacting to help us as if not unemployment, etc… will only get worse!

  22. Wes_Powell says:

    Leland Conway. More like Screaming Conway.

  23. Wes_Powell says:

    The real fraud of Screaming Conway is the religious angle, as it is with the rest of right wing talk radio. I am not religious, and don\’t claim to be an expert, but it seems to me that any legitimate spirituality or religion would be absolutely rooted in a deep sense of humility and humbleness. These guys are nothing but loud, pompous, bloated, know-it-all egos. Their shows are nothing but ridicule, put-downs, and fear.
    Their Jesus side is laughable.

  24. Wes_Powell says:

    It’s like when he goes on one of his abortion-murder sermons. Like some woman drving around in a car tuning in to the radio, or at home, who has gone through the personal turmoil of an abortion needs some gorilla screaming murderer. But there’s Screaming Conway for you. Stabbing at the heart of someone he doesn’t even know. A living human being.
    And there he is fighting for Romeo’s law, to provide stiffer punishment for animal abuse. There’s one thing you gotta remember about WASPs. They love animals. They hate people.

  25. jack squat says:

    Hey Bill. Loan me some money….oh wait, you’d rather give it to the government.

  26. jack squat says:

    Gee, Wes, so abortion is an example of loving life and people. I guess you support spaying and neutering people as well.

  27. Ed says:

    Amazing. A “journalist or reporter,” wrote: Tea Party growing-according to Leland.Could this guy possibly not know?no. All with internet look up HEGELIAN DIALECTIC. And, I say: It’s not about war, racism, abortion rights, homosexual rights, or Recession. It’s about Marxist Revolution! And VOLTAIRE on madness:”To hold an erroneous perception , and argue perfectly from it. Isnt the Herald Loser McClatchy owned? Aren’t they in financial trouble. Maybe they should go to work and cover some news events. Then, they would have “news” for their newspaper. Brilliant!……..ed

  28. R. Vice says:

    Thank you for finally reporting news. I would imagine you received 1199 other e-mails beside mine, raking you over the coals for non-coverage of such a deserving event. I had begun to think you may be \”short-staffed\”. This event was a most awesome, successful, exciting, hopeful, peaceful, enthusiastic, exhilarating event ever! I think each & every one of the 1200-1500 attendees enjoyed every minute and went home with a new hope for this United States of America. We will have change — REAL CHANGE!!

  29. Citizen says:

    Again, the people tend to be sheep acting.Repubs or Dems we all pay the same higher taxes while the money people make the same back door good ole boy decisions.I guess we maybe will wiseup when we may only keep 20% of our earned dollar thanks to the political leadership or lack of the we have placed for the will of the many(or so we are lead to believe)The blame game must stop and we must all wake up before it is to late to fix.Times have changed and greed is what we are paying the price for now.A producing populus is what creates growth and not a service economy.we need a blend of both but to remain strong we must actually produce many things well instead of offshore for profit greed.
    This is not a Dem or Repub thing anymore/nothing from nothing except in the US begats nothing.

  30. Bob says:

    The tardiness of this story and the lack of content are why this paper is struggling. You liberals crack me up when you go straight to name calling instead of debating facts.
    I challenge anyone to come up with an example of a country taxing and spending its way to prosperity. BTW, the gov’t doesn’t create wealth it can only transfer it from the producers to the nonproducers.

  31. GP says:

    Hey Citizen,

    What you say sounds wonderful. But I would have to respond that you need to get your head of of your a.. umm.. the sand!! We have a two party political system. It used to work pretty well when only the political parties were doing the mud slinging and the press just reported. Now we have a situation where the press has sided with one party and has effected politics in this country for 15 years.

    Where we are now is the culmination of 15 years of constant warfare against conservatives. From demonizing the so called “religious right” to inventing stuff to ruin the reputation of any consertive leader that pops up.

    We are told we must quit being so partisan and start being more bi-partisan and agreeable. But it’s not difficult to see that the dems only consider it bi-partisan if you completely cave in to their point of view.

    ENOUGH!! I say it again, ENOUGH!!!!

    Cry demogogary all you want. Attack us by calling us hicks and hayseeds. Attack George W, Dick Chaney, Rush Limbaugh and Sara Palin all you want. It will only make us more determined. You ARE going to hear from us now. It’s OUR turn!!

  32. GP says:

    Hey Bill,

    You are right, sort of. But then that’s the way with libs. You state half truths and bend facts just enough to support your point of view.

    Let’s review. George W inherited an economy that the liberal press says was the best in the history of the country. What they don’t state is that it was already well known that it was stagnating and headed into a moderate slow down. George W also inherited a failed Clinton foreign policy that resulted DIRECTLY in what happened on Sept 11. So George W was presented with a stagnating economy and a war. That is far from anything he caused or could have prevented.

    Considering the direction the economy was headed George W and the republicans did a pretty good job helping the economy to stabilize until the Dems took over in 2006. The bulk of the large deficits up to then was to fight the war.

    I keep hearing about the debacle of the Medicare Prescription program. Everyone seems to forget that it was John Kerry and the democrats that drove that into the top campaign issue of that election. To the point that it would have been impossible to win that year unless the candidate embraced that program. The difference was that George W had the integrity to actually implement it rather than just use it as a campaign promise to be discarded after winning.

    So get your facts straight before stating half truths to support invalid conclusions and unfair incriminations.

  33. Bill Adkins says:

    My facts are accurate and clear, GP – you should become more acquainted with reality. George W. Bush turned Clinton’s booming economy into Herbert Hoover’s Crash, complete with Bushvilles. You don’t even make it to half truth with your ‘stagnating economy’ and ‘moderate slowdown.’ It was the Republican policies that delivered this Great Recession, no more, no less. Do get your head out of your a$$.

  34. nonpartisan says:

    First off, let me say that I did not vote for Bush or Obama and quite frankly I am appalled that anyone would be so ignorant as to even bring Bush into this other than to say that his doubeling of the nation’s debt was wrong and that our current president is not doing the American people any favors by doubeling down on mistakes that Bush made and using him as a scapegoat. Really people, wake up. The American people have been asleep at the wheel for a long time now and the people who attended the tea party have gained my respect for finally deciding to no longer be the silent majority.

  35. nonpartisan says:

    My head is out of my “a$$” and let me tell you something. Bill Clinton did not do much to help this economy unless you believe that global trade and welfare reform help us. Neither of these are ideas that our current administration buys into, but for some reason you apparently do. This is why you yourself should not support Obama and his tax cheat panel. Fact; the economy grew in the 90’s due to the entrepreneurial expansion that low tax rates encouraged in the 80’s under Reagan. Anyone who does not know that to be the truth has truely been brain washed by the silver tongued devil’s that currently sit atop Capital Hill. Not a bad expansion of our economy when you look at how the country was left by Joe Biden’s buddy, Jimmy Carter.

  36. Bailey2004 says:

    Kysalon – TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE!!

  37. Katharyn says:

    Tea Party April 15, 2009 TAX DAY TEA PARTY Phoenix Park Downtown Lexington Noon-3 PM